When you want to be dope, but you’re actually a pedo.

When you want to be dope, but you’re actually a pedo.


Dope Pedo Pope

Reminds me of those stupid sandals

Reminds me of those

If you cross your legs though...

I also see PEE and POOP.

that's why you wear them on the other foot before crossing your legs!

Pedo Pepe, I can see whats happening look on the bottom right you can see an R followed by EEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Going Diagonally down and to the left, it also reads "Op Peed." I can also find "PEPE" and "Dooped"

No i think she put her feet on wrong

Why is this shirt the world's worst word search?


Don’t look in the toilet mid job

The person in the very picture you’re looking at didn’t switch the sandals to the opposite feet. She simply crossed her legs to demonstrate how stupid these are. Go ahead and take another look at that pic.

Da Ba Dee Da Ba Daa!

then why did you ruin this one. You dope

God damn it rolls on the tongue so well

There's a poop in there somewhere.

"Peter File, is here someone who's name is Peter File?"

"I am Peter File"

Getting karma

Oooohhhhh, I see it now.

I love these comment chains.

This was sold by the catholic church. Pedo pope.

That isn't as bad though, no one will put them on the wrong way.

Pope pepe