When you swap the wife for the dog

my nam is dog

an wen i ride

i stay rite ther

at ur left side

u go real fas

i sit real stil

but am no scare

i lik the thril

Dog is my copilot

I love how the car just sinks out of view

My dog is here

Right in my car

He ride wit me

Both ner an far

I like to keep him

Full an fed

We go to store

And by de bred

i see a car out for a drive ol man an wife look so alive but as i pass again look up is not a wife is shotgun pup


i am that man

you see in car

my dog and i

drive near and far

i love my dog

best friends for life

never complains

unlike my wife


Looks like Dick Van Dyke

/sub/accidentalcomedy For those disappointed...

And such easy answers!

Is this the end

Of this rhyme train

Is it my fate

To go insane

Lets travel back

To old word sounds

And pair pain with

A G A I N ⏰🔨

wife or dog!

Let's play

Peralta: "All right, we're doing this. Let's play 'wife or dog'. Hey, so Scully, what do you do at the park with Kelly?"

Scully: "Oh, we just walk around. She gets antsy if she doesn't get outside enough, and then it's just yap, yap, yap, all day long."

Boyle: "Hey, what's Kelly's favorite food?" Scully: "Peanut butter! She'll eat it right out of the jar!"

Terry: "How old is Kelly again?" Scully "Well, she's getting up there, but she's pretty spry for her age. Especially considering she got hit by that car a year ago."

Peralta: "Oh, that's so awful.. was she chasing something into the street, or..." Scully: "No, just getting me the newspaper."

Peralta: "All right, this is useless. Scully, is Kelly your wife or your dog?" Scully "How can you ask me that!" Peralta: "...I still don't know which it is."

Dammit, just because you saw this an hour before me. Now all the delicious Karma is yours? Chronological Discrimination!!!!

Nooo, definitely a poodle.

Probably a low key Google ad lol


So many questions!


That's the lowest percentage I've ever seen. Definitely a bot, then.

A post by gallowboob where the camera lingers on the Google billboard before focusing on the car, in a situation where it's not clear why they were originally filming.

I had the same thought.

Stop, hammer time?

Are you sure about that? Because I am 98.6077% sure that Failbot5000 is not a bot.

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Obviously this is a dog car. The dog is driving with its feet. The wheel is on the other side so human can correct any mistakes.

Get your sht together, OP.

Is that a Austin Healey 3000?

is that... is that Dick Van Dyke??

It fulfills my wishes of this being a spy movie, Mr. and Mr. Woof

I’d say it’s probably the UK given the Union Jack on the mirror.

Edit: I’m wrong. The sign says lane clove tunnel which is in Australia. Just a British guy in Australia I guess.

I love Reddit ♥️

...I also hate it sometimes

Actually I only discovered that sub BECAUSE someone linked it

She is fabulous!

This is in Australia. The steering wheel is on the right hand side here so the man is driving..

I am 101% sure that perrycohen is a bot.

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Good bot.

That bitch is pretty.

alright now i'm positive google is controlling this post.

Dewd is living the dream. Sweet Doggo. Sweet Car. all his hair.

Let's travel back To old school rhyme You can't touch this It's hammer time

I am te dog

See me as you pas

Rhyme train doesn't stop

You bet your ass

Our sports car is Blu

Whole kit-and-caboodle

"Is that the mans wife?"

Nah dats just his poodle.

Are you sure about that? Because I am 100.0% sure that ramon_snir is not a bot.

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The sky is too bright for it to be in the UK.

Source: Am in the UK

Look at the car's side mirror and tell me what you see my child

Good Bot

Nope, it's down under. Just look at the sign boards and the number plates.

Correct, 1961 AH 3000

I crash and burned it didnt i

I wanted to upvote this post but my Samsung S8+ battery died so I figured Id wait until I got home. But that's when I realised that I also had a Google Pixel 2, that still had 50% battery remaining despite me not charging it in 3 days! I was able to upvote AND comment thanks to the new Google Pixel 2. Contact your operator for more details.

(Psst, you have to link to the last time it happened)

Right? Me too. Some people just like to complain. Takes all kinds, I suppose.

Isn’t that Dick Van Dyke?

So you're telling me that there's a chance?

I didn't even notice the billboard until you mentioned this.

I love how the A-pillar comes into view right as you expect to see the face, making the reveal that much more dramatic.

The ol' failed Link-a-roo

!isbot perrycohen

Very clever but I won't be fooled google this was nothing but a ad

Da real mvp.

That car isn't American

Why did I view the dog as a driving instructor?

The "GB" sticker points in the same direction

The Lane Cove Tunnel sign points in an antipodean direction.

And better in the bed too!

Product placement bois

Finally a fucking scholar.

Stay classy Australia.

EDIT: Downvotes, I am Australian.

Gorgeous cars but Sebring Int do a modern bespoke kit car version. Modern finish, engine, chasis, basically a cannibalised BMW 3 series, but with old school looks.


That's made me chuckle!

The 'ol Reddit switch-a-roodle!