When you see your ex and stunt a little

Yea bitch you see these in-lines...

Oh God please let roller blading catch on again...

I'm ready to break out of my shell!

He was so smooth. I bet this mf could crip-walk in roller blades

Am I watching a gif of a gif rn

We must go deeper

Move to Canada it's called the offseason

I love the 👌 at the end

Now there's something I haven't heard in like 10 years

I spent the last 2 summers roller blading again, my friends crack jokes at me for it but I love being outdoors and hate running. Can’t wait for summer to come back around, plus they make your ass and legs look amazing 😉


15 years


oh excuse me, i didnt see you there

This fucker is god. Guarantee he can walk on water.

you'll need a stick

above the waist, doesn't count

Feels old man

I'll never ever be this cool

Gonna need before and after pictures for scientific purposes

Know what's the hardest part about rollerblading?

Telling your parents that you're gay.

They see me Rollin’, they hatin, patrolling, they tryna catch me ridin dirty..

here you go, friend

Anybody remember soap shoes lol..?

I roller bladed at skateparks all the time as a kid. I got really good. But when I was 15 or 16 I switched to skateboarding to look cooler. I don't think I'll ever get good at skateboarding. It's so hard.



People will still just call you a fruit booter and roll on, though.

There’s a guy in my town who rollerblades everywhere in the summer with ruby red skates and a ink tank top. He always looks like he’s having the time of his life. I love that guy.

Let's break it down!

Was he even trying to do that? Thought he was just doing the classic OK symbol?

They see me rollinnn. They hatinnn.

Being really good at rollerblading is more uncommon imo so that makes it more cool and interesting

Prolly shouldn’t be callin him a “fucker” then lmao

Dude got me good


What's the hardest part of Redditing?

Giving up your dreams of being a comedian.

You crawl.

Julian thought it was hilarious.

Am I the only one noticing the freaky looking twins he skates between? Same balding pattern and same outfit?

Went to the skate park with my cousin who was almost a professional roller blader. We get there, he's putting on his elbow pads, knee pads, helmet all that. The skaters are calling him tons of names, but he just sits there putting his gear on.

First run he hits the halfpipe and does like a 720 backflip and everyone shut the fuck up real quick lmao

Term of endearment.

Chamillionaire PepeHands

That's debatable

Get me that Brink reboot shit quick

I believe god walks skates us

It's just, like, this really convenient subspace highway happens to go through your head. It's like three miles in fifteen seconds...

He was but other dude said dude got him good but he didn't


It sucks

Blew that dude's mind. He's questioning his whole life right now


Proud fruitbooter here! Miss my k2s

Them shits was legit!

If you couldn’t skate

How do you go uphill

Jet Set Radio irl

That’s how you get tinnitus!


Dude was struggling to walk down those steps

There were like 10 of us that would do that every recess in elementary school on the stone benches around the playground. Then one of the kids I didn't really know fell back and hit his head pretty bad and his mom raised so much hell about it that they got banned at our school. Fuckin kid.

General hooliganism.

Running sucks. Roller/ice blading/skating is awesome. Fuck the haters.

C walk homie

Sonic Adventure 2

this inspires me to rollerblade around my town

That's ok, this is like 'I can yo-yo real good and impress my friends' cool, not 'sexy motherfucker' cool

Yo dawg I heard you like gifs...

The reverse of this gif

Swerve right outa there

And I could not, but I could grind on shit with soaps.


Not deep enough

They make fun of you? No bullshit I don't see what's funny about roller blading. What's the difference between that and biking?

Bitch ass mom

Plus, you get all the guys.

Not nearly as quickly but it's no worse than jogging.

I also played Sonic adventure 2

They look like Ferengi

Killed It!

Bad bot.

Check out /sub/rollerblading, bunch of people have been coming back into it that used to skate as kids.

So she's pretty satisfied then?

I went to an all white school. We would crip walk all over the place. So embarrassing.

mans all in your girl's snaps

This made me wanna play Jet Grind/Set Radio all over again

Lol there's a obviously a lot of differences between roller blading and biking but i agree neither is worthy of ridicule.

Amen to that. Picked it up again about 5 summers ago after not doing it since I was a kid.

Can't run anymore due to knee pain but I can fly on blades, plus it's fun. You can practice crossovers and when a good song comes on and you can kinda dance skate to it or speed through.

We don't have those in Canada.

Man I was sure he was going to fall when he got off those steps

2011 video with a real dick in it. Gold.

Videos removed now :(


Yes, yes he did.

I feel like if he's all knowing. He'll know what I mean.

I don't know, I just know we used to call them "Fruit-Booters" and make fun of them at the skate parks while we were busting out sick kickflips on flat ground.

Right! For science!!

We reserve fruit booters for roller bladers who don't understand skate-etiquite.

Hogging up the mini trying to roll around? Fruit booter. Taking your turn and waiting? roller blader.

Wowwwowow I think I speak for all of /sub/blackpeopletwitter when I say that’s super extremely impressive.