when you post in other subs.

when you post in other subs.

Ridiculous how accurate this is.

*Makes a point.*

"The_Donald is leaking again." Without addressing any of the points made.


I think it's Shariablue. They prowl the subs and send their bots.

Lmao as you are sitting at 0. Restored!

Not Shariablue. It's a Reddit-wide and serious (-ly sad) case of pack mentality. Funny how I get lynched even on Twin Peaks subreddit now and then when someone goes digging into my post history for dirt when they don't like what I say.

Its interesting to post on redacted and agree with them. They are so confused they do not know what to do. Normally the comment rests at 1 or goes to perhaps -2 from Dom association.

e.g., the Trump chicken - posted how cute and clever it was - confused 'em severely.

This is fake.

No one posts in T_D once. Once you post, you can't stop!

Today I got a comment from someone saying "you sound rural and useless". It's pretty funny because someone else said the same thing to me word for word a week ago. Bot? Talking point?

I'm not saying all those cases aren't bots. But the cases I've had are not run by bots. They're regular users ganging up on T_D posters just because they've been indoctrinated to hate everything related to it.

Im on a list, youre prob on a list. Everyone is on a list

I don't agree. Most of us are tagged through RES with a "Trump supporter" highlight which then gets the bots to downvote you.

I said I didn't like Rogue One in movies yesterday and they went back and saw I'm a T_D poster and said I obviously have problems with women. Because I didn't like a fucking movie.

I guess they still think rural America doesn't provide anything. They missed out the fact that it was rural America that voted for trump and got him elected. Big cities couldn't help

My favorite new past time.

"But avoidance allows you to believe that you're making all kinds of strides when you're not."

Liz Murray

Reddit votes mean absolutely nothing. I think it's funny that they think it's effective. Do they just LARP their way through life?

They are obsessed with controlling the narrative. It's their only method of obscuring reality and keep people in the dark to their crimes. It is their last line of defense and if/when that finally falls apart, you wouldn't believe how many people will go directly to jail for their crimes.

I have an alt account to post in other subs (which I rarely do) to avoid this. I was in the Game of Thrones sub seeing what people thought of the new episode, and someone called out a guy for posting on The Donald, the post had nothing political attached to it (even in-universe politics let alone IRL ones) a whole shit-storm started of liberal cucks acting like his opinion was irrelevant due to it, and some others telling them (summerized) "wtf? his politics have nothing to do with GoT" it's sad.

It's possible, but Sharebitch buys accounts, farms karma in stupid subs and pretends to be "real people." So, what you think are regular users could really be paid slaves. Food for thought.

I'd love to see rural "fly over country" just say "fuck it" and completely cut off the urban elitists. See how useless they think those red necks are when their grocery store shelves are empty and their gas stations are dry in a matter of days.

#DayWithoutWomen? Let's have a #DayWithoutFarmers.

This list? https://paste.ee/p/PoQRk https://i.imgur.com/LrHekPW.png

This list? https://paste.ee/p/PoQRk

Farmer here. Can confirm, motherfuckers have no idea where their food comes from.

Try something to confuse them. We know muh Russia was a hoax, and it is dead, but they still beat the dead horse. When I see mention of "Trump colluded with Russia" I chime in to encourage them that it is very valid and will aid their election hopes (it won't)

Lol, let me entertain you with a response... Okay, tell us how we're a cult? We cite concrete evidence for our claims about the deep state, corruption in our government, assassination calls for the POTUS, silencing of dissenting opinion (wrong-think i.e. Google), and wanting to change all of that.

How the fuck is that a cult? We're literally fighting for our rights not only as Americans, but as a country, and doing so despite cucks like you hating us for it.

There is an actual power struggle going on in the government right now and the globalist cunts and you're just too ignorant to even bother to look up and check your surroundings for once.

As you're posting and roaming here. Just admit it, you like The_D.

Have had this happen in various sports subs. One guy was at least smart enough to delete his post before I relayed it here.

I can confirm that this is 10000000% accurate. Also, I love this meme.

Shit, I usually get like -40

"The_Donald is leaking again."

"Good counterargument."

Reddit "intellectuals"

Why are we talking like it's not both?

I don't care about the downvotes. Reddit Karma is just a way to psychologically mold people into agreeing with whatever group they choose to make contact with.

If you are punished for speaking the wrong opinions, you will speak those opinions less often. You will filter the "bad" parts out of your opinion. If you lie enough, you'll eventually convince yourself to believe it.

Post outside the domreddit. Let your opinion be heard, and think of every downvote as a whiny tear from a fat guy who can't properly articulate his counter-argument.

I've been pretty much shadow banned from reddit because of my post history.

Feels not that bad man.

You know it, I know, everyone knows it

I like to say wow so what laws were broken? I'd love to see Trump and his kids behind bars and am wondering how many years they are going to get.

LOL You are right feeding their delusion is what we need to be doing.

The tools they use to fight speak volumes about how confused they are in real life. Tears, downvotes, and repeating nonsense doesn't work to subvert reality..

This is how you guys debate. Smug one liners, making no points. Point your finger, name call, shame, move on. I guess it's the effect of having comedians run your shit

I usually respond that they need mental help for running background checks on anonymous people online. Must be really sad people. I CBA even tapping a link and request TL;DR's, they actually take the time to run background checks on people for confirmation bias. It's so sad. Maybe they never leave their homes

It's like the lord of the flies out there.

They see us as piggy...

But really we're the adults. They just don't realize it yet.

It's the RES script some liberals have (ShareBlue included). It highlights users off a list of known The_Donald posters so they can go straight to the ad hominem arguments

Cucks are downvoting you, the pics are just proof of that.... discussion of putting T_D users on a list.

Yep. I've been on all the lists that I've seen created. Fuchsia, red, etc.

It's totally both because the human robot is designed to respond positively to praise, and the computer robot is designed to incessantly dole out praise to individuals of certain ideology. This is why you can see so many jerk-circle snowflake threads about how scary Trump is under every one of his tweets.

Spez: I've never been called a robot more times than recently, it's like #theresistance actually believes that they aren't being controlled by content robots and abusive server admins and that Donald Trump is doing "all that stuff" instead of their Overseer Grand Censure