When you bring up actual facts in a debate with a rightwinger.

When you bring up actual facts in a debate with a rightwinger.

Um, only people who whine about CNN are rightwingers.

Look at my comment history. I was just saying that to a rightwinger. An hour ago.

πŸ˜† 😝 πŸ˜‚

Fact: trump is the least popular president in modern history.

Fact: his administration denies that global warming is caused by human activity (also a fact) and actively undermines research put into stop it.

Fact: He is destroying the EPA from the inside out, allowing companies to prioritize short term gain over the sustainability of communities.

Fact: he is eroding workers rights

Fact: the national debt is exploding under him

Fact: he has the highest turnover rate of any modern president (you would think the great jobs president would understand how turnover affect productivity?).

Fact: he is involved in more scandals than any modern president

Fact: the us is more divided than ever because of him

And, mr right winger, what opinions have you changed?

You just whatabouted.

where are our Thor !!

When do hear the phrase 'so much for the tolerant right'?

You don't. No one thinks the right is tolerant.

More people watch SpongeBob SquarePants reruns every week than watch all the cable news combined.

Trump wants you to have that boogeyman since he is a crook.

The Republicans want you to think the media is the enemy because their shit policies have only hurt those rural, conservative, blue collar, working class areas throughout the country.

Devastated those areas with no hope of recovery.

When the world hates you and is out to get you, it's straight paranoia.

The odds that ALL universities, CNN, ap, BBC, npr, bbc, abc, CBS, Reuters ect. Are all biased and out to get you is just irrational and illogical.

And you lie to yourself and say "evereything is biased some" to playcate your denial and refusal to he an adult that lives in reality.

You're just picking and choosing and making up excuses to lie to yourself.

Making up shit to make you feel better isn't TRUTH.

Go outside and get off reddit. You're wrong. The world doesn't fit your lies.

That was pure poetry. Just strapped the bomb vest on and blew yourself up, huh?

These snowflakes love their whataboutism.

That's cuz it's true. If you think Fox news is credible and CNN isnt, you're a right winger and I don't trust anything you say.

Here is new Thor

fact: None of this will ever change his opinion

A gop Congress investigated those ideas under obama for 5 years? Over seven different investigations...

Where are the charges?

Is the gop Congress in on it too?

And fbi?

Lol, yes...i know...EVERYONE is agaisnt you and the world is a huge conspiracy.

You've made your choice and you're wrong and all you can do is repeat totally unproven lies t hat you can't back up and you have zero evidence of.

LOL @ the fragile right wingers popping up to say "nuh uh!"

The ones we pull from various news sources and universities.

Don't sell them short! They tolerate oligarchies, slavery, sexism, reducing social services and increasing military, the slow decline of workers rights and escalation of surveillance... More than what I can take, that's for sure.

You kinda proved the point of the OP.

Downvote me if you want. It will just show your lack of patriotism and will show that you are a troll. No concern for this country what so ever.

Every T_D vagrant says the exact same thing when they get downvoted for spewing hate. Every.single.one. They always blame the sub, the community, the rules, the mods, the country, the non-white neighbors around the corner, everyone but themselves.

It’s a meme. It will be okay.

I was just trying to annihilate your race, it's my opinion, fascist leftists

I love how nazis take 'be tolerant' and run to 'you must tolerate me wanting to kill entire religions/races' then literally cry that its intolerant to point out they are evil.

You said you'd change your opinion if shown facts then ignored the list of facts. I mean why even say it in the first place? Just so in your mind the thing can be true even though it so clearly isn't?

Only people who obsess over either usually know jackshit about facts and just want a monolith to whine about.

You done with your Stupid Liberal Rant? Your Lying to yourself! 90% negative coverage on Trump but he is still raising in popularity. Obama only had 20% negative coverage with his long list of scandals and lies here are a few State Department email,Operation Fast and Furious,IRS abuses,Benghazi,Hacking,Veterans Affairs. You Liberals go crazy cause Trump supposedly slept with a Porn Star. News Flash we knew this before he was elected! Then a year long Collusion Investigation that still has no evidence. To add where Judges are starting to look into how far out of line the Mueller Investigations has gone. So go watch your Porn Obsession at those other news outlets. When History is being made monthly!

This is inaccurate, I am a β€œright winger β€œ and when someone from the left brings up actual facts, if i find them to be true, i change my viewpoint, in my opinion, the best part about politics is being able to be in someone elses shoes. And i (and no one else) would never say β€œso much for the tolerant left” and thanks representing us with a swastika, thats not generalizing at all