When you are running from your problems and it finally works

Aww look the bears made a play.

An amazing display of bad ideas that worked out in the end.

I used to pull this move in Tecmo Bowl all the time.

And the 49ers won the game. Proof that running away from your problems does not solve the problem

Punting and kickoff return crew has LOTS of experience, unfortunately.

Credit should go to Tarik the Freak.

9ers won that game. Lesson being: Your problems will get you in the end...

Actually, the announcer said they were the best in the league for special teams and only gave up a couple yards per return on average.

Watch #19. He was right there and got juked into another congressional district.

49ers special teams is more of a joke than a problem

The 49ers kicker looks like hes just pretending to run


The oldest play in the Madden playbook