When this subreddit really thinks we will get an double album

When this subreddit really thinks we will get an double album

Imagine being Eminem and working on an album under the stress he’s been under to deliver to his fans and then you release the track list for this album and those same fans you’re trying to please largely bash the choices (without even hearing the album), then some rando on the internet makes a fake track list that someone you signed retweets, and it’s better received than the actual track list.

He took the fattest L of all, my friends. ———

Edit: I imagine Paul being very Jeff Green-esque from Curb Your Enthusiasm about it.

Paul: So something went down last night - I don’t want to get into specifics but, you need to make this a double album.

Em: What? The fuck are you talking about?

Paul: They think it’s two discs now. They think it’s a double album. Do you still have Reggie’s number? You think he’d fly out here if we asked him? Fly him out here like tomorrow morning?

Em: Who told them it was a double album??

Paul: Crooked.

Em: Crooked???

Paul: Yeah he tweeted a track list...look we’re wasting time. How do you feel about “Microwave” for a song title.

Em: So Joe Budden tells people the album is coming November 17th, and Crooked said it’s a double album? This is who I signed? This is who I fucking signed??

[Phone rings]

Em: Hello?

2 Chainz: Motherfucker we gotta talk!

[Curb Your Enthusiasm theme music plays]

Second Edit: Wow! Thanks for the love and the gold you guys! Glad I could make you laugh 😊

Be careful what you wish for Cause you just might get it And if you get it then you just might not know What to do with it, cause it might just Come back on you ten-fold

So instead of 2 albums, we'll get 20? Sweet.

Oh god this reminds me of when Kendrick dropped DAMN. i might get PTSD...


Everyone here got tired of not taking L’s anymore so they’re finding new ways to continue doing so

Except every song has a Lil Pump feature.

How do you feel about "Microwave" for a song title

My fucking sides, 10/10

You all honestly think he gives a shit? It’s a facade, a story. A character.

Look at all the shit he put out about his Mum and Kim. He knew he would blow up with that shit. So did Dre. Will Smith told him he’d be the biggest star ever or the biggest flop. Everybody knows Eminem’s ability.

He needs to go a different way, he’s matured and doing a different type of album. I hope it’s a concept album and I hope the second disc (it’s real but that tracklist might not be) out all the die hard hip hop fans to silence.

There is far too many people saying amazing things for it to be anything else. He doesn’t do things normally. Because he isn’t.


Not our fault that fucking Crooked retweeted it. x_x