When they bring you back your girlfriend after a girl's night out

Can’t tell you how many of my friends I have delivered to their significant others in a state similar to this after a long night out. But I at least had the common decency to drop them off holding a bag of fast food (softens the blow of having to deal with a drunk girlfriend when you at least get a cheeseburger and fries out of it)

You're a good friend

Shes practically falling for him

Keys in the door, that's "making it home safe" in my book

The trick is to get them to the door, ring the bell and then quickly run back to your car and watch from there. That way you make sure they get inside, but you can drive off before the recipient of Drunky McDrunkerpants can yell at you.

"Nice. I don't even know this chick!"

No that would be cheese, meat, and wine night at a girlfriend's house gossiping attire

She puts her hands out to break her fall, for what it's worth.

Head over heels

Her attire doesn't scream 'night out'. I'm thinking it was leg day at the gym.

Drunky McDrunkerpants

I like that. I’m going to start calling my friends that when they’re drunk. Thank you.

"She wasn't concussed before she crossed the threshold, i swear!"

So that is how girls hit their eyes on door knobs

softens the blow of having to deal with a drunk girlfriend when you at least get a cheeseburger and fries out of it

“I had a great time with your girlfriend, bro. Anyway here’s a cheeseburger.”

I like that his main concern seems to be to glare at the person videoing instead of helping the gf. Perhaps this is a common occurrence?

That bag of fast food is what separates decency from absolute barbarity.

If there is a god, he will note your fast food offerings and give you a fast track into Heaven. You deserve it.

She may have broken her fall a little but her dignity fell on its face.

"Make yourself at home."

Ah yes, the classic recipe for sex-repelling farts the next day

Get off Reddit, you have to work today, NFL.

I'm willing to bet the people filming are the people who dropped her off--and this has happened before. And he's like, "you're really shitty friends, you know that?" And he's right.

Eh, it's definitely a nice touch but having to be the person that delivers drunk people from door to door is already not a very glamorous job and I think makes you a good friend too. That being said I would have at least walked her to the door.

You can fit keys into locks and still not be able to unlock them, you know.

Are you proud of yourself?

~what is personal responsibility~

My sister actually literally ended up in the hospital because she walked into a doorknob. Everybody thought she was lying. I would have thought she was lying. However, her boyfriend (who is the most gentle thing you'll ever meet btw) was out of town and she was alone in the flat.

That said, my sister has a track record of getting hurt in the most idiotic ways, poor girl never catches a break (unless it's her leg).

It screams wine and vodka at a friend's house with a lot of not watching the movie (probably horror) we got together and more scrolling through facebook pics from ten years ago together and impromptu group karaoke.

Or she threw up on her clothes so she's wearing a friends gym clothes.


And fries.

🎵Because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you...🎵

I get the feeling he doesn't actually know either of these people. Between her drunkenness and him opening the door for her, I'd say she's at the wrong house

fuck off and take care of yourself

Hell yes. My ex had a friend who would do this and I loved it. I'd try to talk my ex into hanging with that girl over any of the others simply because I knew Id atleast get some decent food outta the deal.

Np, I came up with the name myself.

I thought you were going to say it softens the blow when they fall face first into the house.

Oh i bet he’s happy. Having to baby a drunk person is never, ever a fun time, no matter who or what kinda drunk they are

I want to say a stupid hollywood joke here, but I won´t.

Hey wait, you arent OP

IDK man. It's her fault she got that drunk, getting her home is hardly a shitty friend thing to do.

Keys in the door

But how do you get the right camera angle for the big door opening if you walk them to the door?

Don't forget the fries motherfucker

The only thing worse than red wine farts are scotch farts.

Haha, it's "walked into a door" i think you are thinking of. I've actually almost done this several times. Turn around real fast and face first into the short edge of an open door.

Technically the reddit iOS app after I've clicked on comments.

Sickness and in Health baby.

But it depends on your age and how often this happens. Once in awhile after a birthday or bachelorette party is eh, every weekend is just not good.

How about you stop drinking before you hit the point of nausea/spins and drunken emotional neediness...

You must not have noticed that username.

Fuckin dicks these days. A night out can't stay a great memory of a night out. Have to keep it for blackmail later now

It appears that some people need a designated babysitter.

"Have my daughter back at the front door by 11pm"


NSFL warning. Noped out of that gif the split second the first frame loaded.

I'm sure he was sleeping, he hears someone struggling to get in to his front door, he opens the door, a human falls through likely with people outside laughing.

Give the dude a second to process what the hell is going on.

Np, I came up with the name myself.

clearly not a first timer xx

poor girl never catches a break (unless it's her leg).

ayyyyyyyyy lmao

What’s this dig…nitty you speak of

"There's a creampie somewhere in there too bro."

I believe he was referencing the spousal abuse cover-up story women tend to go with to explain their black eye, "I fell on a door knob".

Yea I always hear it as "I walked into a door" no knob mentioned around these parts. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Woman_Who_Walked_into_Doors

Concussion Protocol is a dope bandname

Did you ever wonder how bending your knee the other way looks like?

Oy thanks mate. I'm going outside for the rest of the day.

I'm feeling a lot like louis ck right about now

I know I wouldn’t be able to stand after leg day at the gym NSFL

bitch get me a chicken sandwich, and some waffle fries, FOR FREE!

I bet they didn’t even have the decency to help them move into that apartment.

The look on his face says he knows her all to well.

She would have slept soundly against the door had he not opened it.

and not film it.

Good point

Holy high school batsman I haven't heard that song in forever

...you had to point it out...

Fuck you for agreeing with me apparently.

Idk, I've been absolutely obliterated probably more times than is healthy, and I never make myself a problem for other people. It's pretty easy. Don't start fights, don't put yourself in danger, if you feel sick find a toilet, don't create drama.

I have never understood why people act like they've got imposter syndrome while wasted. Is it really that fucking hard to be a sloppy version of yourself?

So if you're having friends over you just stay in your boxers the whole time? That is a bit weird.

oh my god

Doesn't have dad reflexes yet

I'm assuming it was a girl's night out unless you were with his grill bro

Actually, it’s Drinky McDrinkerton and I’ll thank you fuckers not to besmirch my good name 🍻

let's put it this way, they don't have to worry about dumping anyone reality.

They did. Their wouldn't be video if they had walked away

Bad bot

Not gonna lie, I love looking after my SOs when theyre that smashed. It's super fucking hilarious.

I was thinking her friends are probably laughing their asses off which is why

Almost any time she goes out with her friends I fully expect her to be at the door with Taco Bell.

Got White Castle a few times, one of our close friends will forgive anything if there’s White Castle.

I hit myself in the eye with a car door once, I’d say it’s easily done, but I’m just an idiot.

My goodness, I have never even heard of people so awesome. Spectacular

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't answer the door in my boxers if I thought it was a stranger.

A guy of lesser morals could have done anything to her


I place some open pages of a newspaper on her lap just so there's less 'temptation'

Do you tell people IRL how you totally could have raped a girl, but didn't, cause you're such a nice guy?

I probably watched this about 20 times before it even crossed my mind that the person dropping her off had time to film her but didn't have time to help her get inside safely smdh

My buddy who I've been friends with since second grade has literally told me a more than a hundred times over the years to throw some pants on. It's my house, I can wear whatever the fuck I want. Also, some people are just more comfortable in their skin than others.

I think you both have a point. You shouldnt get to this drunk state alot, but if you do its good to have friends thatll have your back

is this the one with the leg press?

Yeah that's a good point

All the doors on the street probably have locks from the same model/manufacturer. Which means the key will go in on any of them, but wont turn around.

Be careful there bud.


I’m honestly glad I’ve seen this gif and another one like it so I know what to NEVER do

Locked his knees to pull the lever and one bent the wrong way. Like allllll the way