When the world becomes high definition

There's nothing like a small child's happiness. 106% genuine. Made me smile.

I remember the first time I put on my glasses. I was taken aback to see that trees aren't a green blob but actually have individual leaves.

He was like, "woah dude" for like 10 seconds

Bubbles gets his first glasses 1987 colorised

This is exactly what I looked at for the first time I put on glasses too! I was in third grade and I’ll never forget it.

Because in Minecraft if armor reduces damage by 100% you still take some damage. To have armor reduces all damage, it gas to actually reduce by 106%.

Not why the OP said 106%, but my comment is totally true.

While not as precise (and subjectively fine tuned) as the traditional "which is better, one or two" phoropter, there are devices that you look into where a computer checks your refractive error. They are called autorefractors.

This is seriously the best.

How do you figure out that a child that young needs glasses? How do you get the right prescription if they can't give feedback?

I agree with you but I just want to ask, why 106%? That's an oddly specific number.

Yeah science! Yeah Mr. White!!

More like /sub/mademecry amirite?

Sixth grade here. It was no wonder that I had a hard time staying focused in school....

oh my gosh this is so amazing, that reaction made my day

“I can see... I CAN FIGHT!”

Yes!! I remember the amazing leaves moment!

Little dude just teleported to the future! He's friggin cute too