When the hopes were high and the car looked mean af.

When the hopes were high and the car looked mean af.

I'm pretty sure it took like 3 laps before everyone realised.

But I really love this car, I think it's one of the best looking of the 2009-2016 period.

High rear wings look so awful now, ugh.

Back then everyone hated that livery

Also loved that Sky outro where the car is rolling out of the garage for the first time and there are cameras all over it.

Imagine this beauty being a frontrunner, really wished for that 3rd title for Alonso.

It really does doesnt it. Glad we are over that period.

I always think looking back, that Ron's proclamations of 'we'll win X races in year 1, have the best engine by whenever' give insight into what Honda must be telling McLaren.

holy crap, that rear wing looks so much worse after this year, I mean they were always shit but after many years you just got use to them, going back to the lower and wider rear wings this year was one of the best decisions F1 has ever made.

One of the few times a team has changed livery in actual response to outrage. I suppose the moral is: wait it out.

Ooh yea. That was cool. Do you have a youtube link for that?

High wings I can dig, it's the narrowness of it that really spoils it.

Still a great looking car regardless.

I agree, high wings aren't always bad

I agree,

wait it out. it gets worse

I miss the silver Vodafone liveries but this year's seems to be a step in the right direction

I disagree mate. That was the most boring livery of that period. I remember that before the car was officially announced everyone was excited to see how the McLaren/Honda would look. McLaren was even teasing that they would take inspiration from late 80s cars. At the end of the day all we got was a livery that was a hybrid between West and Vodafone liveries.

This year's looks like the 2010 Virgin imo

This year's looks like the

Wow. Thank you for taking the time though, mate. Really decent. Thanks.

Many YouTube intros and outros later, I have nothing. Sorry :(

I also checked Catch Up videos on my Sky subscription and they don't put it on them. Must only be on the live feeds.

Saying Magnussen "raced" is a bit a stretch, poor dude got a DNS because the car couldn't even do a warm-up lap to get to the grid.

The thing is, Ron seemed genuinely smug. Like, not "well this is the best move since we're losing Merc" but more like "our guys know what sort of power Mercades can make, and I'm going to enjoy stopping them to bits" type smug.

I loved those moments, brief as they were.

I personally preferred last season's livery, but this nose sorta looked better than the stub

I remember hearing that they were better for leaving less disturbed air for he car behind, but I recently read that that’s not really true.

100% agree. Such a tight package. This thing looks tiny compared to 2017 cars. Almost the size of GP2 car... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Astetically, yes, for racing quite the opposite. The high wings were the result of the work F1 conducted to aid overtaking opportunities and it was successful. Now they reversed it and cars can't overtake as much anymore.