When targeting Julio Jones this season Matt Ryan has more INTs (3) than TDs (2).

When targeting Julio Jones this season Matt Ryan has more INTs (3) than TDs (2).

Matt Ryan is just another example of the importance of coaching. People act like a QB can single handily dominate by himself but if his OC calling terrible plays and not putting his team in the position to succeed then it doesn't matter.

They miss Shanny, period.

People keep screaming to get Julio the ball, but this is what happens when you try and force it to him. You have to strike a balance. Atlanta had the best attack in the league last season, and they did it by getting EVERYBODY the ball. We don't want Ryan throwing it 600+ times a year or Julio getting 200+ targets anymore.

The offense is at its best when they stay balanced and spread the ball around. Julio is right on pace where he should be. 80+ receptions, 1,400+ yards. I'd take that every single year. He's capable of taking over a game when he has to, but this "when in doubt, throw it to Julio" crap can get you into trouble like it did tonight. Did you guys also see Dontari Poe and ATL's backup OL out there running routes in the endzone from the 2 yard line? And you wonder why year after year his TD totals are low. 3 shots from the 2 yard line and Julio never saw the field.

I mean he definitely deserved it last season

Both his ints tonight targeting Julio were on him though, just bad throws/decisions

I thought that was directed towards the refs. They had come out of a timeout and the refs were delaying the snap.

That's how I saw it.

But he was a borderline top 5-10 QB for most of his career up to his MVP season...

There was a clip in the game of Matt Ryan mouthing “What the fuck...... what are we doing?” When lined up under center. He misses Shanny so bad

It’s not all on Ryan though, Julio has had a pretty poor season by his standards

Sanu to QB confirmed.

Delete this, nephew


Yeah if anyone says otherwise that's complete bullshit


And let's not forget that one of those TDs would have been an INT if it weren't for Julio ripping it out of Butler's hands.

Zoop 👉😎👉

Sark is not an NFL coordinator. Fucking Cris Collinsworth figured out the counter to the Saints' man coverage a whole quarter before Sark did. Took him 3 1/2 quarters to put his guys in bunch formation and we started moving the ball immediately. Scored 10 in the 4th quarter off it.

And finding out bunch beats man isn't even an impressive thing. It's so fucking basic an average NFL OC would have countered with a bunch within the first few drives of the game. That's the way football works at this level, but Sark is so one dimensional guys like Zimmer just abuse the shit out of his schemes.

He has been top ten every season of his career and top five for about half of those. He's one of the most consistently great quarterbacks of his generation.

I said this about Stafford constantly throwing it up to Megatron. It held him back for years.


I always thought this was obvious and people recognized this until last year when people were acting like he had made some huge leap in his level of play

Sark sucks ass. UW, USC and now at Atlanta. Nothings changed.

You right. He’s better

I know he's the goat, but somebody has to get open and catch his passes. Can Matt Ryan line up as a wideout?

You'd be correct

Ah, the good old "05 Roethlisberger"

Sneaky athletic


He definitely did though. Never been seriously in the MVP conversation and then he crushed it, set career highs in nearly every category, and had a passer rating that was almost 25 points higher than his career average. He definitely took a big leap once he got up to speed with Shanahan’s system and now we’re seeing the regression to the mean.

He could be a slot guy for sure.

Our offensive is playing just as good as last year except in the red zone. We are 2nd in TOP and plays/drive. 3rd in yards per drive. We are 6th in points/drive and LAST in starting field position.

Having longer drives help keep our defense off the field because they are giving up the most plays/drive.

The defense isn't getting off the field on 3rd down so the other times drive last forever they don't get turnovers and our special teams is remarkably bad. The fact we are 6th in scoring /drive with the worst starting field position is pretty solid.

Tldr: we are having longer drives and so if the other team. This means our overall stats aren't as good but all of our effluence stats are still very good

Completely agree. The one before the half, lattimore locked him down. Don’t know what he’s thinking throwing passes like that

True, but isn't that kind of the logic behind "just throw it to Julio?" Because he'll do shit like that.

And Julio dropped one wide open vs Carolina.


Admittedly he has dropped way more passes this year than ever.

It was questioning why they were standing around waiting on the refs. Context is helpful in life. He wasn't under center, they had their thumbs up their arses.

Hes on pace for 80 or more catches for 1400+ yards. I think even by Julio standards that's pretty damn good. The only season with more yards will probably be the time he was closing in on 2000.

Julio is the perfect WR in Atlanta. Everyone knows he's probably getting the ball, so he draws the big assignment. Then he draws other defenders as well. Sanu's touchdown was an example of that.

A true NFL MVP.