When somebody tells me i should attend gospel doctrine instead of gospel principles.

When somebody tells me i should attend gospel doctrine instead of gospel principles.

The foolish man built his house upon the sand. The wise man knew that sand is course and rough and it gets everywhere.

Me when there are still 25 minutes left and we are already talking about the constitution hanging by a thread

How do you feel about sand?

Me when I'm teaching the class and the High Priest in the back shares his belief in young earth creationism...

The builder's son knew sandy soil was a lot better for putting homes on due to improved drainage, compared to soil with lots of clay and similar things, and was confused entirely by the parable.

Yes. This was last Sunday, lesson 5 in gospel principles. Here is a very rough quote, "Some of the brethren have given lip service to a vague compatibility of evolution with the gospel, but none have endorsed evolution, and none have explained how they could be compatible. Many of the brethren have come out firmly against evolution. I will let you make of that what you will, but there is only one belief about the creation that has firm apostolic sanction."


The fool bought a McMansion in a floodplain below sea level behind a poorly maintained Levee. After about 20 floods he realized that yearly insurance claims and rebuilding is not normal and moved elsewhere.

The wise man bought a reasonably sized house in a low risk area close to where the jobs are, and made sure to spend a little extra in order to get a house that was built to last and had a low energy budget. He then proceeded to spend the next twenty years doing other things with his life since he didn't have to spend all his time fighting insurance companies and repairing his house after yearly floods.

Not to worry, we're still flying half a constitution.

It sounds like you could have called him on it.

lol, yup! I couldn't do church history last year. I know too much church history, and correlated church history glosses over and whitewashes too much. I just couldn't do it. So I tried gospel doctrine again this year, and darned if the teacher wasn't literally teaching that jesus was the devil, and while there were some gaping mouths, no one said a word. I didn't go back, and am doing another year in principles/essentials.

(This was lesson 2, and it was referencing Abraham 3:24-28. He stated that when it says "like unto God" and "one answered like unto the Son of Man", that disqualifies Jesus as being who he was talking about, because Jesus is God and Jesus is the Son of Man, and then he brought in another scripture that compared satan to God, I don't remember where. He wasn't trying to be evil or malicious, he was just wrong, but no one could call him on it because he was speaking so authoritatively.)

Elders, you're out of your element.

Another happy conference

With a few minor tweaks i'm sure we can fit that to the tune of the primary song.