When people in Hollywood are asked to point out any sexual predators they’ve encountered

Not so fast on accusing others there, Mr. Travolta. Why don't you have a seat.

EDIT: The current number is 5. Five people with nearly identical responses about the people behind Travolta pointing at him. Not good enough; let's go for 10, people.

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It looks like everyone’s taking turns pointing at Travolta…

this version

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"You want to see my greased lightning?" - some Hollywood producer probably

this is what it looks like when everyone is well committed to a cause.

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I'm glad people are speaking out. I hope no one is wrongly accused.

I hope this lightens the load for the victims who have kept this a secret out of fear or guilt.

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Me too!

Well its not really shocking that so many sexual predators and sexual harassment happens in hollywood when you take into consideration the rest of the US.

1 out of 3 Women & 1 out of 32 Men experience one or more incidents of sexual harassment in the workforce in the US.

2 out of 3 Women experience one or more incidents of sexual harassment on the street in the US.

1 out of 4 Women & 1 out of 16 Men experience one or more incidents of sexual assault in the US.

1 out of 6 Women & 1 out of 33 Men experience attempted or completed Rape in their lifetime in the US.

Out of the 25% of women and 6,3% of Men who experience sexual assault only 20-30% of them report the assault to the authorities.

Out of the cases of sexual assault that are reported to the police, only ,on average, 20% are arrested, while only around 5% are prosecuted and only on average 3% are incarcerated.

Out of every 1000 Rapes, 994 Perpetrators will walk free.

So this isn't a Hollywood centric issue. Its a world-wide issue in regards to sexual boundaries, respect, victim-shaming and simple concept of consent and ethics. Luckily the amount of rapes in the US has dropped since 1980s by 60%, but the amount of rapes still happening are too high for any society that wants to move forward to a better future.

And This recent examination of the sexual abuse in Hollywood will be a great catalyst towards that future, as per usual a society in which we idolize celebrities, only by humanizing them and seeing them acknowledge the problem, and work to change to fix that problem, will push the society be more open to even accepting that there is a problem that needs to be discussed in the first place.



Blue grass Rape Crisis Center



US Dep of Justice


I prefer to interpret this as "did she play hard to get?"

Tell me more, tell me more

Ah.. rape. I get it.

lol does anyone remember that reddit post where the OP met travolta cruising for dudes at a 24 hour gym at like 3 in the morning and got a selfie

John Travolta tried to blow me in a gym at 3 in the morning, but I wasn't at the gym in the first place so he couldn't.

I am disappointed at how much Fox wants to paint this as a partisan issue. As if they themselves aren't haven't enabled perpetrators.

A simple misplaced dance move by back-right-man causes mayhem...

That's what it means isn't it?

You get a trauma! You get a trauma! You get a trauma! Everyone gets a trauma!

If they had just painted it white like the all the others we may not have even seen it. Crazy how now I have totally lost the purpose of this post.

Military life generally is. 60% bored as shit, 30% busy doing pointless shit, 8% scared as shit, 2% doing interesting shit.

Yes, but it gets more internet chuckles if you think of it as a rape joke.

Not sure Travolta is the best person to point out creepy sexual predators...

That was the worst kind of mesmerizing.

So glad I just watched that. Thanks!

Tell me more, tell me more, did she put up a fight?

And the guy just in front of that can't dance.

“Tell me more tell me more did she put up a fight?”


Also tried to get them into scientology. idk which is worse.

Or if you're Air Force: 60% complaining about Outlook being slow, 30% complaining about the AC being too high or low, 8% scared as shit you'll fail your PT test, 2% exercises.

There is a not so uncommon belief amongst conspiracy theorists that Hollywood is a propaganda machine used for spreading liberal ideology. This is likely a misconception due to the personal views of many writers/directors influencing their work, and the general left leaning of the whole region. Fox is trying to build on that belief, which is pretty despicable.

There are sexual predators like this in positions of power in every region, in every industry, in alarming rates. It turns out that people who enjoy having power over others seek positions of power in order to exploit them. The causes, the solutions, and assigning blame shouldn't be political at all.

Man it must be boring as shit to be in the marines if they have that much time to make a production like that



Grease Weinstein

I knew this would happen, so can we please just get back to talking about Rampart?

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That’s how they get you...


I mean, who do you think the guys standing behind him are pointing to?

Out of every 1000 Rapes, 994 Perpetrators will walk free.

Man... Out of all the statistics you listed, this one was the most depressing for me.

People should be speaking out, but it should not be publicized the way it is. I work in the industry and people are NOT reserving judgement until all the facts are out. People are losing their credibility left, right and center and it's destroying lives. It's the same thing as false rape accusations.. even if the person didn't commit the crime, their name is completely tarnished.

Or they accidentally draft a persuasive theater major.

This is my favorite version


There's at least 5 people pointing at Travolta here


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That's not entirely accurate. I spent at least 40% of my time bitching about the AC

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Maybe this isn't what you intended, but what I got from your post is that though this was a carefully sourced post full of valuable evidence about a crisis that we as a nation face, the one thing you chose to highlight was something to undermine the efficacy of an important message.

And the

Username checks out

No problemo my dude!



The pic.

Coincidentally, almost a thousand Swedish actresses and singers on stage and screen came out recently talking about sexual abuse.

Why was it even over there?

I'll take having my shit pushed in by a famous stranger over buying into Dianetics.