When NPCs die their replacement should move into the same home.

When NPCs die their replacement should move into the same home.

I've spent long enough making prison cells lovely themed rooms for my NPCs, only to have someone (definitely not me!) bring a wyvern or the destroyer home to kill them all. Then when they come back they all move into the wrong houses and you just know Ryan the Guide will be in the house outside the dungeon.

When you designate their accommodation it should remain their accommodation until you change it yourself or the housing is no longer valid.

This along with item locking my equipment on a medium-core character are two of my favorite QoL changes that could be made. There's nothing more annoying than running to pick up all your gear after you die and having to go through and micromanage equipping all your gear and slotting it properly.

Unrelated, but I would love an invalid or locked room flag that way when/if a new npc comes it won't take over the room that just so happens to be valid housing.

Yeah man. I'm sick of NPCs treating my sweet ass wizard's tower like a Hotel!

"Update: As per popular demand, Moon lord now crashes your computer instantly if you die during the fight"

I also want to add waiting several seconds to respawn outside of events and after bosses have already escaped to the list "Oh you died? Here, let us rub it in your face some more"

Especially when I try to rage quit.

"You can leave when I'm goddamn good and ready to let you leave."

Yeah, I dont get why the assignment deletes, there is a huge chance that the NPC will return anyway.

steve is dead, you killed him to fight wall of flesh. just because andy has the same job...

player, i'm worried about your mental health, you seem to consider all these new citizens to be the same people. i know you feel responsible but you need to face reality, your "friends" are all dead.

I think the frustration of the loooooong death timer would be alleviated if they just added a countdown timer.

i liked the suggestion that the least they could do is let you write your epitaph while you wait

If there's one thing that I absolutely hate about this game, it is this. Makes expert nearly unplayable sometimes, with all the dying and stuff.

Nah, he means when you die and drop all of your items, upon retrieving them nothing goes back to where it was before (so like, I have a sword in 1, a pickaxe in 2, a hamaxe in 3, etc, but when I die and retrieve it I'll have random things in those slots).

He wants your items to return to exactly where they were before you died when you pick them all back up again.

Thousands of gravestones that say 'fuck this game.'

I think he want the equipment to go back in their previous slot, not prevent them to drop.

"hi! you're the guide? welcome to your new home. it's just over there. just kick the smoldering corpse of the man you're replacing into a corner, i'm sure it'll decompose with time."

i on the other hand consider myself to be some shitbag lord who imports new serfs to replace the old ones when they die without a care in the world ;)

It would be nice if the dedicated server hosting software allowed you to force a gamemode.

Out of the 5-6 people playing on our expert server, there's one guy that plays medium core. "WHO HAS MY STUFF" "Someone please come help me get my stuff back" "Don't go there, you'll pick up my stuff" "Who has my X?" "I'm missing an Y".

It is so awful to deal with. Worst feature in game.

I have houses make specifically for specific NPCS, like a treehouse for dryad, a ship for the pirate, and such...I need this.

what do you mean locking my equipment on a mediumcore character?

I don't even know their names. Oh Tyler? Yeah whatever, let's see what your name is tomorrow after you 'leave' during this solar eclipse

No, I think he means locking it's "place" so that when you go retrieve the dropped equipment it auto-places into the same inventory slot it was in prior to death.

Thousands of gravestones would say "fuck Medusa."

For sure, it wouldn't be hard. You just have a 'no npc' flag, like the individual NPC flags, that you hang in rooms that you don't want occupied. I'd bet on them implementing it.

ya I feel like this would be an easy thing to implement because it uses the same logic as all the other npc's.

I hope something like this will happen:

All NPCs in housing tab will be shown (with gray background? to know which aren't alive) and you will be able to put it to a house, where the icon will stay permanently

Unless the house went invalid, the npc will always spawn where the icon is.

If a NPC comes before the player decide the house for that npc, it will choose a random house to put the icon.

yup. sometime my npc get killed and i find him spawn in sky island, or dungeon safe house, or anywhere you wouldnt expect them to be. i wish they can at least make the new npc stay in the nearest available house near spawn point lol

Yeah, but he comes to fulfill a role. Like when the mayor leaves the office, the new one goes to the same building.

We have talked about this a lot. There are some messy details involed but it is something I definitely want to look into for 1.3.1. :)

Each NPC just have a unique roomID parameter added to it that doesn't reset when it's killed. Bingo bango.

When NPC's die it should say who left by profession rather then name.

What's the point of medium core if you're not actually losing anything? He should be willing to accept that when he dies, his stuff is up for grabs.

What if they make it where you only see the gray background when you had them before?

You guys still let him play medium core? After a while I know me personally would have either made him make a new character, or accept that the rest of the people are keeping his items.

And deletes your world.

it makes sense in multiplayer, but in single they just despawn when you're gone so the death clock seems trollish so keep it in multi but not single