When my post finally gets an upvote after 3 hours

When you get a few more upvotes they can break out into a spontaneous game of shirtless volleyball

made by/u/USMarty

Y’all got anymore of them Top Gun gifs?

Your gifs write a check your upvotes can't cash!


Hey u/OfficialValKilmer, you need to use this whenever possible!

Saving this as a reminder that even when my post performance is underachieving, I can still laugh at my own mediocrity.

They have.

All I hear is that high pitched Nedry squeal.

This is fucking genius. Why has nobody done this before now?




Haha it was my first ever try at 3D. I started it and gave up, then came back to our like three months later

Leave it to /u/matt01ss to already make a gif and do it better years before mine.

User who made the other gif made tutorials that taught me almost everything I know. I have respect either way.


My posts and comments usually follow the rules of gravity.

Causing Goose to pay the ultimate price.

Uh-oh. You may have tinnitus.

Gif’n. Gif’n with the boys!


Reminds me of this

Ah, there it is.

You are right.

So they have. This one looks better (apologies if that other one is yours).

Top Gun theme next please!