When my boyfriend jokingly yells "surprise buttsex" and I turn around with my strap-on

Watching Taylor Swift try to be badass is like being barked at by a Chihuahua

I’m scaroused.


Curtesy of /u/hero0fwar

Hey, a fear boner is still a boner.

You know what to do.

Yeah but I’d still let her touch me

I would let Taylor Swift peg me anytime she wants

I dont like snakes 🐍

"I thought he was the one. I really had him pegged as the right guy."

This new dark Taylor Swift is the lamest thing I've ever seen. Her music sucks more than ever as well.

Oh wow, a pop star is at the top of the charts?

With the strap on

Just know that there will be a break up song with your name in it.

I hate that stupid lip curl she does. She's trying to look cool & badass but comes off as cringy.

Good trigger discipline on the doggo

not something i've ever wanted to try, but with her i'd give it a shot

🌊 🌊 🌊 W A V Y 🌊 🌊 🌊

She is toping the charts yet again. I wonder what’s up with Reddit hating tay lately.

Inside my anus

no fucking question id eat tswift ass

Where the fuck is LCpl Doggo's hemlet! Because of his failure to secure his hemlet, he's jeopardized EVERY DOGGO SERVING TODAY!! I was considering NJPing all their asses! This is what happens when you don't enforce the grooming standards. The puppers gets all lax, and then other standards fall. Devil doge here stops using his chinstrap, goes on patrol, Kevlar goes flying off his head, and our protective posture is weakened.

TL;DR: Police that moostach!

so she eats my ass? goddamn the day just gets better and better

you called?

I'll let her know

Meanwhile I really love it. To each his own.

Unrelated, but this $50 staples gift card is burning a hole in my pocket

“anything can be a dildo if you’re not a little bitch.”

Abraham Lincoln

I find the lack of Frank/Sheila gifs in this thread disappointing.

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I don't mind her new album at all... It's a little strange that she's like trying to rap and claiming that the "old Taylor" is dead, but really it's all the same as the music she's been putting out. She's still singing about beefs with her friends and whining about boys, the only thing that changed is now she thinks she's edgy

Yeaaaaah, that's it, "because she's popular." Sure, we'll go with that.

Surely because of the quality and not aesthetics


Even /sub/buttsharpies is thinking this is getting out of hand.

I'd let Taylor do it


Her new phase is entirely...expected.

You start as the wide eyed peppy girl who makes all the cute songs. Then you have the rebellious phase after a few albums screaming, "the happy young girl you knew was dead, long live the new mature me!" In 2 more years she will go bonkers and do some stupid shit pissing everyone off trying to push norms, only to have a comeback back to a more traditional phase.

Because Taylor Swift is anything but original and has the exact same phases as any canned popstar.

"Welcome to Juarez"

This pissed me off so much that I broke a pencil.

Look what you made me do.

I never had to pluralize “dildo” before.

I don’t know if that’s right, it looks like ‘dil does’.

And I hope I never have to again— like in a deposition or something.

“How many dildoes were there?”

I don’t know, but I’m sore, and I want to go home.

We're all scaroused, friend.. we're all scaroused..


She looks hot though

There is reason to doubt the validity of Taylor Swift's chart success re whether it's actually good music: https://www.popjustice.com/briefing/taylor-swift-shat-in-a-yellow-bucket-and-canada-took-it-to-nu...

Well she's changed her image again and a lot of people don't like the new image change. I don't buy the whole "the old Taylor is dead" shtick and find the whole badass getup absolutely laughable.

The shtick is just a reaction to all the backlash she received from the Kanye and Katy Perry fiasco instead of being genuine anyway; it's something her label and managers came up with in their "how to make Taylor likable again" meeting. No thanks, there's better pop music out there without all the petty drama.

I’d let her do ass to mouth with me

I am so disappointed.

relevant username

OP better provide proof! and possible more...? im open is all im saying...?

It's very Scott Pilgrim, for some reason. This whole clip is Scott Pilgrim.

I dont think that is what he means in this situation. Remember, SHE is the one that will be going from ass to mouth.

Maybe 584 will be the one.

I always keep watching that until the end even though I know how it will end but it makes me happy everytime


I actually don’t mind her music most of the time. Her singles in the past have been catchy but overall it’s really not my thing. Her new single is pretty terrible though imo...

You went in there hard and ready huh?

Goddamn she is the least intimidating person I’ve ever seen.

Fun fact her daddy created a record label so she could release music.

I'm not sure if I believe you...

(Sees user name)

Ahhhh, my apologies. I've no doubt now

A Chihuahua with a strap on

Where all the signage is in Arabic.

Ugh. Now I can't unsee that lip curl.

This is the formula for young girls starting as pop/country artists in the mainstream:

Genuine quality music from the roots of the intended genre. Decent heartfelt country songs or catchy honest and well written pop songs

Uh, oh relationship drama/coming of age song.

Damn another one?

Uhmm ok.. haha. We get it! 😒

Back to the old style. Until people realize that they're bored with you.

Change style or genre completely.

Same cookie cutter songs back to back. Until people are once again losing interest with you.


Source: Madonna, Brittany Spears, Christina, Miley Cyrus, Arianna Grande, Lady Gaga, Christina Milian, Rihanna, Beyonce, Cher, Beiber, Janet. The list goes on and on and on and on and on and on

If I can count the frames, it aint a real gif

And scared

My regret is that I only have butt one upvote to give your pun

Nah, especially lately because her newest hits are just god awful.

Came here for Shameless gifs and sadly disappointed. I'd even settle for Broad City! Or that one scene from Deadpool!

I wonder what Demetri Martin is up to. I miss him

i love pegging and im not gay either. i just like to get pegged by hot chicks, taylor falls into the hot chick category

She's topping the charts because she's topping the charts because she's topping the charts because she's topping the charts

4 years

I don't care, my penis really enjoys the video.

Holy shit that is smooth

I mean, it's not like pop stars have legions of rabid fans who would buy their newest song even if it was literally just 8 seconds of silence...

You mean "I'm too sexy" but with different lyrics?

im open

Wiiiiide open