When Mia wants pets, she bleps.

When Mia wants pets, she bleps.

Great blep, beautiful cat

What a gorgeous cat! Her eyes are amazing. Like is it normal to be jealous of a cat's natural eyeliner? Because I am.

Thank you! She is quite the lady.

"Thuse me, but I need thome tenchums pleath."

It's terminal

It's terminal

I love that adorable black spot on her face! She looks like someone was painting her and they accidentally tapped her face with the brush. Such a gorgeous kitty <3

Your cat kinda looks like my cat! https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CA57EGXXIAAbzyD.jpg:large

Very cute

...butter bell?

Pls deliver 20 ccs of tenchums to dis kittums stat.