when max verstappen was mad at charles leclerc. 2012

when max verstappen was mad at charles leclerc. 2012

Pretty standard then

I now remember reading that Max once said that in karting, the only one that seriously challenged him was Leclerc

The salt has already started on this sub regarding these two and leclerc hasen't even made his f1 debut yet. Well, time to grab a decade's worth of popcorn for this one lads.

everytime i watch these kind of videos i find it amazing that today's drivers all raced each other at one point in the past. their rivalries started a long time ago. vettel vs hamilton. ocon vs verstappen. this. and many others.

verstappen of the day: leclerc

When you find out that this is only from 2012.... jeez

Max actually recommended him to Van Amersfoort Racing as his replacement in F3 because of this reason.

I can feel a rivalry coming up in the future of F1.

Stroll and... oh wait.

His dad bought him friends to race against.

You could equally say that Max said Leclerc did something illegal and then Leclerc denied it. We don't know what exactly happened, so it's unfair to say he's bitching without further context.

Jos looks about ready to chokeslam someone.

You'll have diabetes by the time they both won a championship

Really? It's amazing how they all end up in f1. It's almost like it's meant to be that way

and strong cash.

Damn, I saw the video and was thinking mid 2000s maybe. Leclerc looks like a 12 year old there.


And then dropped after being "underwhelming"

It'll be interesting to see a replay of this in about 3 years time when LecLerc in Ferrari vs Verstappen in RB

Leclerc seems like a cool kid.

Only Ferrari helping him, poor little fella.

It's too bad Leclerc will be stuck as a backmarker in a Sauber for '18

Strong talent pool.

What about Ferrari being Ferrari?

He would have been 14/15 which is kinda the same really

Uh, you clearly haven't watched that F3 season, or you have a serious memory issue.

First of all, Ocon proved he could match Max, it was just that with Max total lack of car experience his performance was so much more impressive.

Second, most races where pretty much about Max vs Ocon, with plenty of wheel to wheel racing and two collisions (Pau and Austria).

The main reason Max couldn't really compete for the championship was because VAR had major reliability issues at the beginning of the season.

But the Max-Ocon rivalry was so prominent that it completely overshadowed the presence of the actual #2 in the championship, Rosenqvist.


"He hit me" was the first thing out of his mouth.

Lol, and you're asking me if I actually watched the video. Because that's not the first thing he says. If you want to argue that Max is bitching, at least use the actual words he said.

Max bitches about Leclerc, right?

Well that's you interpretation of it. Not an actual fact.

I didn't say who's right or who's wrong.

Neither did I, we don't know who is right or wrong. But context does matter. If one driver hits another on purpose that driver has every right to complain, and it would be completely wrong to say that he's bitching.

So Max punched either Gasly or Stroll.

I believe they already knew each other from karting before that.

So he really is Richie Rich.

So it's fine to just say someone is bitching, but when you disagree with that it's insufferable and pedantic?

Edit: Also I'm one guy, I don't represent a whole fan base.

He said "Max bitches", and I disagreed with that wording. And if he tries to prove me wrong with false arguments, I don't see what's wrong with responding to that.

What does that have to do with this?

Absolutely. It will get very interesting when leclerc gets that Ferrari seat.

Max bitches and Leclerc shrugs it off. We'll see this again.

So by 2020?

Me too. Since I started watching him in f2 I started liking him more and more. Now he even is my fav driver. There's just something I like about his personality. Without counting the tremendous skill in his driving.

small details

What small details? You mean the small detail of you making up a quote to prove your point?

Max has a history of driving dirty in karting

and strong dads.

Wasn't that F3?

Haha, cool cat. Can't wait to see him in F1, having only really caught on to him this year in F2.

You're welcome to do that, but I'm not very prone to saying that any driver is bitching.

it was just that with Max total lack of car experience his performance was so much more impressive.

On top of that Prema is a better team. 5 out of 6 seasons the F3 champion was a Prema driver.

Idk I’ve had silly fights too when I was younger.

Wut? Drama? What the hell are you on about? I recon you might be exaggerating a tiny bit. We had a disagreement over the internet. Stop making it more than it really is.