When Kevin goes through Buzz’s things, he finds a picture of his girlfriend. He says “woof,” implying that she’s a dog. Director, Chris Columbus, thought it would be too mean to ask a real young girl to be in the photograph so he asked the film’s art director to have his son dress up as a girl.

When Kevin goes through Buzz’s things, he finds a picture of his girlfriend. He says “woof,” implying that she’s a dog. Director, Chris Columbus, thought it would be too mean to ask a real young girl to be in the photograph so he asked the film’s art director to have his son dress up as a girl.

I always wonder how they cast the "ugly girl" in movies and TV shows without making them feel bad.

call me the ugliest mofo on the planet as long as i’m getting that hollywood $$$

It's fine for adults but I've always felt bad about kids getting being the ugly kid in movies.

Hey your son is ugly, he’d be even uglier as a girl!

The kid that played as Chunk in the Goonies used to sit on his front porch and ask his mother "where are they all?", meaning his fans. He was let down that being in a movie brought no fame to his life.

"Ya, I'm ugly, but I own every game system and game and can go to amusement parks any time I want so have fun with your sex losers, I'm gonna be living the good life."

I feel like people would be even more upset about that now.

Jeff Cohen, the young actor who played Chunk in the film, has taken great pains to explain that being the “fat kid” of the gang was not all it was cracked up to be. Outside of being the butt of every joke in the script, Cohen made the point that kids in his position are often expected to eat throughout films, which was awful in practice. Citing the scene where Chunk sprays whipped cream into his mouth directly from the can as an example: “Say you do fifty takes, that’s fifty hits of the whipped cream.” Furthering the irony, it turns out that when Cohen hit high school, he started doing sports and slimmed down considerably. (Check out his headshot on his IMDb profile page — whoa.) He doesn’t act anymore, but he is an entertainment lawyer, a partner of a firm he founded himself. He and Sloth eventually settled down and now have 5 kids.

Google tells he’s an attorney now and he definitely isn’t ugly

He and Sloth eventually settled down and now have 5 kids.

Wait whut

I thought that they dressed up Buzz, not another guy

Easy. Go the Ugly Betty route where you take a normal actress, and then make her ugly with makeup and clothes that don't fit.

Aside from that option, ugly character actresses know where they stand. They might not be happy about it, but they probably gets steady work since so few actresses would want to play "ugly" characters.

What is a sex loser, it sounds like a weapon you'd use against Orgazmo.

"Dude, has anyone ever told you, that you look like a girl who looks like a guy..."

That would have been smarter to have the girlfriend be buzz but with longer hair

That's actually a pretty good solution

Futuresight is 20/20.

Fun fact: there are talent agencies specialized in "unusual" roles. They are the ones you go to when you need someone ugly, or fat, or old, or plain, everyone who doesn't fit into Hollywood's standards of beauty. I think that once you get over the realization that you'll never be Scarlet Johansson, and you're just decidedly not beautiful by Hollywood standards, and that's okay, you can just sit back and appreciate the things you do have (hopefully talent).

Sloth was grill this whole time.

What is a sex loser

It’s me, whenever I’m the wingman.

ugly character actresses know where they stand.

Translation: Bitch, you know you ugly.

Nah, it's just colloquial speech for an unattractive person.

it’s me, whenever


Is it that boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend that he had in February of last year?

"Implying that's she's a dog" sounds weird doesn't it?

That girl's name? Albert Einstein.

Example: UGLY which is London-based. They have a bunch of regular Janes and Joes, but also a category for twins, one for thugs, one called "x-files" which is pretty much the weirdos and the people covered in tattoos, and a "wee folks" category.

Hey, im here to talk about our lord and saviour Danny DeVito.

He and Sloth eventually settled down and now have 5 kids.


He and Sloth eventually settled down and now have 5 kids.

Offendedsight is 20/20

I wanna say a while back there was a fat-child actor who posted here about his experience. IIRC he found it more obnoxious that the casting calls said things like husky, full, etc instead of something like "we're looking to cast a character named 'Tubs', y'all need to be a fat fuck."


I always thought the person in the picture looked like Tim Heidecker

There was probably some little girl out there who happened to look just like that and this scene crushed her spirits but because of her supportive family she rose above the superficial and focused on academics, eventually graduating as valedictorian with a full ride to any ivy league university of her choice, from where she went on to pursue a terminal degree, gained international recognition for her contributions to her field of study and launched a wildly successful Internet startup which recently moved into its new, ultra-modern Silicon Valley mega-campus with free, company-provided healthy lunch options for all employees and access to a state-of-the-art fitness center where she finally decided to focus on her own health and wellness, shedding the extra body weight and revealing her true beauty that was within her all along, and now she's in her mid-30s and she is smart, rich and hot.

Jorah Mormont's description in the book makes him sound like Danny Devito. In the show he's Westeros' Sexiest man alive 7 time chanpion.

DC's solution would be to create an innocuous CGI human being.

A small minority would feel offended. They would make posts on Facebook and twitter. Some news organizations would pick it up talking about the "controversy" and how people are offended. And within a week no one would give a shit anymore.

For the lazy

I know this is just a joke, but attractive people aren't the only ones who are sexually harassed.

Even when people are meant to be ugly on tv they’re still very much just ‘TV ugly’ and at the very worst only average looking.

well, are there even any ugly people in TV and Movies nowadays? compare the TV shows that were on the air like 20-30 years ago, they were like leper colonies compared to what we see now.

http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0711864/ for the lazy

Speaking of the guy that played Buzz, he seems to be getting steady work these days, which is good.

Yeah, Game of Thrones has multiple characters that are ugly or even deformed (in the books) like Tyrion Lannister or Brienne of Tarth.

In the show Brienne is still an attractive woman, only with short hair.

People think he had some insane transformation, but they put fake teeth and ears on him for the early films. The actor was never actually as awkward looking as he looked in the films.

Well when I was 7 I thought it was about letting dogs run rampant and being more than a little curious about who did it.

It's not confidential, he's got potential.

all the hollywood money and none of the hollywood rape. being the ugly kid in movies is the best gig

Or British shows.

As Jim Gaffigan says "if these are the people making it on to TV how ugly are the regular people in England??"

Thanks, /u/iRidePigs

They ain't got no alibi.

He looks like someone who'd end up in a small role for always sunny.

Haha scrolling through the 'thugs' list and sure enough, lots of thuggish dudes looking hardcore.

Then there's George the accountant and Jordan the failed Artist Formerly Know As Prince impersonator

When I was a fat child, without being an actor, I found the euphemisms annoying. The husky section in the Sear’s catalog (yes, I’m old, but let’s stay on topic) was what finally made me snap. “Let’s just say it’s clothing for overweight kids. Or large kids. This husky shit is insulting.”

Now as a fat adult, I am still amused when people are afraid to use fat or overweight as a descriptor. Bitch, it’s just a description, like tall or blonde. Don’t bring your own baggage about overweight being an insult. I don’t need it, and it’s actually more insulting that you’re afraid to use neutral descriptors like fat or overweight. Oops. I said amused when I apparently meant annoyed as fuck.


so 2?

Yeah, but the point was that apparently Pratt looks like a douchebro so he only got cast as "the asshole friend" and such.

Chris Pratt said he couldn't get roles until he put on weight. Then he landed parks and rec. The guy had serious talent prior, but wasn't taken seriously until he wasn't pretty.

The number of genders is 40/20

You're calling me ugly with that anteater nose?

I always thought Tim Heidecker modeled his entire look and existence as a real life human on this specific photo.

"everybody's freaking out about X blah blah blah" with like three tweets in it by two people.


Nah, "dog" means "ugly girl". That's what this song "Who let the dogs out" is about.

Are you surprised? Sloth LOVE Chunk!

My dad uses the phrase “dog ugly” to describe unattractive people, but it’s also used for attractive people with ugly personalities.

Not baaaaaad

Shit, son, I'm an adult and $5,000 would be life-changing money. As a kid, having $5 was living the high life.

What kind of gold-plated spoon are you sucking on?

Husky was the one I actually liked a lot. But then again, as a child I wanted nothing more than to own a husky, so maybe those were related.

Not true. Plenty of couples have hooked up thanks to me. Often when one breaks in and saves the other from a boring/awkward conversation I’ve trapped them in.

Huh, turns out I am a good wingman. Albeit, unintentionally.

My nose was chiseled by the gods them selves frank. 😌

So the art director is the guy who gets to decide which photos and paintings are shown in a film, am I right?

But Andy isn't ugly, he's just fat

Example: UGLY

at first i thought it was an ironically unsubtle way to advertise the kinds of roles they target, but now im pretty sure it refers to their webpage design taken straight from the late 90s


There's an episode of Always Sunny with a really ugly actor in it. They credited him as "Toad Man". Nowhere in the episode is he referenced as a toad. He's just incredibly ugly and sort of resembles a toad. That would ruin my day if I was him and saw that lol

A rushing, rushing aroooooound

Am I crazy, or does he bear a slight resemblance to John Candy in that first photo? That'd be an interesting biopic casting choice ...

Rhea Perlman

That’s what I said on here a few days ago, apparently I was wrong. It’s supposed to be about guys who act like dogs mistreating women. I’ve always heard it being about ugly women. But according to Reddit and Google it’s not.

Neville turned out more than okay. And he was never the ‘ugly’ kid. Maybe the hapless schmuck, but only in the early books really.

Post-ACOK Tyrion is even more hideous. Show's response? Give him a beard.

He also wore a fat suit

Defense Lawyer: I have irrefutable proof that my client wasn't even in the same country at the time of this murder.

Prosecutor: Your client is ugly and therefore has no alibi.

Jury Foreman: HE'S GUILTY! HANG HIM!

Judge: Please wait until after deliberation to announce your verdict.

British TV has always had "regular people" on it, usually films also. There aren't too many shows that insist upon glamour even when it doesn't suit the setting.

Hot Shots part Deux. One of my favorite comedies of all time.

uh, mmm I think the joke is that you're, um, cough not getting laid at any time, even when you are not wingmanning

Then he transitions to "Human Puppydog" in the second season, and the rest is history.

fuck outta here, he's an Adonis.

Neville turned out OK

If only you could go back and tell him that when he was an overweight, sad child. I'm sure he'd be so excited to know his life was only going to be sad for another couple of decades.

I always pictured Jorah as more like Dan Severn or Tank Abbott. Like, an obviously strong and intimidating looking man who is just simply not very attractive.

One of the few actors/actresses I'd pay money to spend time with, and she happens to be married to another one.

Saved you a search

Yeah, before he was a hideously deformed creature with mismatching eyes. Now he's a hideously deformed creature with mismatching eyes and no nose.

In the show they also gave Tyrion a faint line across the face. They even referenced the nose thing when Shae (I think it was her), said something like "there were rumours that you lost your nose".

And now you know ...

The rest of the story! Paul Harvey ...

Good day!


The couple later separated again for a second time in March 2017 on amicable terms.

Goddamn it.

He used that little doggy door to blast Harry & Marv in the nuts with his BB gun!

If someone told him that, he probably would have never worked hard enough to become what he is today

That was probably done mostly for practical reasons. It's easy to write that a major character lost his nose. A lot harder to make it look like he is missing it with makeup or CGI every time he is on screen.

I believe it's called having a "character face".

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