When Imgur pays Reddit a visit

TIL Imgur has red downvotes.

you were specifically designed as a reddit storage device. We fucking made you!

And green upvotes. Disgusting

Apologies for low quality, it's a poke at usual imgur posts

If anything imgur is like Rick's car battery.

Shit, Imgur better not come up with a separate image host for itself.

A couple of months ago I dated a girl who was an avid imgur user. When I asked her why she didn't just browse reddit instead, she just told me it was a shittier version of imgur. Mfw


I find it hilarious that this is the top comment on reddit and imgur but with different coloured upvotes.

Nice gif bud, those arrows look great. Make sure to line up the shadows though, that sign in the first shit have some conflicting ones

edit: should have refreshed before posting, but fuck ^ that guy's tiny gif

Yes, a laptop screen

Imgur really is the underworld sewer people of reddit. Only experiencing the world as it filters down from the storm drains and toilets above...

What if they do?

I didn't even know people just browsed Imgur. That's like browsing tinypic

Time as we know it will fold in on itself creating a one-way portal materializing on Earth billions of creatures formed from the digital images themselves found on imgur, all sharing a common goal.

coloured upvotes.

That's just pure racism

Shaun of the Dead. "Go to mum's. Kill Phil 'Sorry!', grab Liz, go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over."

Isn't that just slavery with extra steps?

I get reminded every time i post anything....

Yes but dont they have their own little community now? .... somewhere in a storage locker...?

Yeah I have two friends that do also. They said Reddit is hard to navigate and they just want to look at pictures.

On reddit you can follow high quality subreddits and actually get positive benefits from the experience. AskHistorians, PersonalFinance, RealEstate, etc. Delete most of the default subs and your experience will be a completely different thing. Also, go out of your way to try and post useful comments as opposed to bottom feeding for karma (edit: this sentence wasn't toward you at all).

Imgur is as deep and insightful as /sub/funny gets. It's a nice quick trip down goofy image lane but there's nothing of substance beyond that 90% of the time (apart from GoFundMe requests, etc).

edit:Should have made the gif larger, but fuck 👇 that guy is slow.

It has a pretty big community. It's just a community of tweens who regurgitate the same jokes. For instance, post a picture of your 24" monitor and $500 gaming computer and you'll get "woa look at mr richy pants," sort of shit over and over.

Thanks for the advice!

Eek-Barbah-Durkle, someone's gonna get laid in college

Isn't that what we do?



Imgur is hepatitis, middle school trolls, and back alley hookers.

Instagram is 2meIRL4u dressed in hipster clothes and has classy or wannabe escorts.

London has Fallen I think.

It's alright if you like those type of movies.

Jesus, that got an Intense reaction out of me. What movie is this?

My roommate still uses ifunny even though I've attempted to introduce him to reddit numerous times.

Hahaha hey buddy!

Lol. Is she looking at what I think she's looking at?

the first shit

It wasn't that bad sheesh..

No it's actually kind of sad, really. We need to let them out of there. I mean, they need to know that the world is bigger than that.


Nah m8, take Pete's car, we drive over to Mum's, we go in, take care of Philip, I'm so sorry Phillip, then we grab Mum, we go over to Liz's place, hole up, have a cup of tea and wait for this whole thing to blow over.

Which is?

You mean ex-roommate?

The gif is from Judge Judy and I think it's just a vandalized, destroyed laptop. Nothing too exciting really.

Zombieland and thanks! :)

It's upvotes of color!

Beware! The jif is coming!

TIL Reddit has blue downvotes.

I know that's Simon Pegg but I can't tell which movie that's from. Like, they all have a scene like that.

Nah fuck all that. No one is more special than another here. We're all shitposters

That's a pretty fucked up ooh la la.

If we're gunna go somewhere I wanna go somewhere familiar, I wanna know where the exits are, and I wanna be allowed to smoke

My man!

Bold and brash!

That grocery store is my old high school bus stop and I worked at the theme park they filmed at during the summers at my grandparents, irrelevant but cool to me

Here, have some more!

More like, Belongs in the Trash!

Like all those crabs and worms at the bottom of the ocean, living off the waste and dead stuff that floats down from above.

TIL Imgur has a voting system.

They are periwinkle!

Of course

Thanks! Yeah it's one of those lazy Sunday Netflix movies I think.

It might as well not have it, considering how it works and what is usually upovted.

This whole thing was spectacular. I lost it at /sub/highqualityjifs. Excellent job, mate.


Isn't this the guy who gave his cat a stern look for each of 11k upvotes?


bottom feeding for karma

Ah, yes, my favorite sport

So what's the difference between the Imgur community and the Instagram community?

classy or wannabe escorts.

Oh, yes. The "models" that love traveling and "the finer things in life".

The ocean everything eventually floods in.

He's so beautiful in the wild

Quality flick, you should watch it.

Kick ass job dude. Really solid editing choices too.

"You have subscribed to television judge facts. New York City Mayor Ed Koch appointed Judith Sheindlin to the bench in 1982, and to celebrate she and her husband Jerry—both civil servants at the time—took a $399 package trip to Greece for two weeks."


Fuck yer periwinkle. TEAM ORANGERED!!

Oh damn another explosion, alright *munch* *munch*

Hi OP,

I loved your GIF! I have a recommendation – not related to GIF-making, but to grammar. You used some ellipses in your GIF but you only typed two periods like "Hi..". I wanted to let you know that ellipses are always three periods, regardless of how you choose to space them out. Most common uses by today's standards are:



Hi ... who are you?

Hope this doesn't bother you. It's something I'm seeing more and more each day and I loved the GIF, so I thought I'd give you the tip.


Imgur is a miniverse

I just realized I've been pronouncing Orangered wrong this whole time. It's orange-red, not oran-gered.

What now

Imgur is mainly a image hosting site for reddit users. Imgur has its own community as reddit and all similar forum sites do. If I'm not mistaken.

Yo but seriously wtf is she looking at

But they think they are their own little community. The don't realize they are just reddits filing cabinet



MIB3 was great

In an octopus's garden, in the shade.

What's this movie called? By the way nice gif

Nah, you're good. The main problem with the gif is not a missing period, but that you somehow think imgur is more than an

I think that hqg verified posters should be able to give special upvotes, to differentiate their votes from those of the masses. Tbh i upvote almosy every hqg gif I see, even the Seinfeld ones :/ but getting an updoot from u/usmarty or any of the other legends on this sub should have some other connotation. Just sayin.

You shut it last night with porn still playing.

Did you know Judge Judy makes $47M a year?

How'd you do the dickbutt running?

"Say no more fam"... classic.

Very nicely done!

We will have to go inside and fuck up their teenyhost.

Not a single Rampart reference? He was only here to discuss Rampart, people!


Actually I think someone from imgur did make this one, and posted it here because someone previously stole one of their gifs and posted it here as OC.