When I think back on my teenage years.

When I think back on my teenage years.

Thinking about what I did last night

i'd guess your mom


What you did?


Looking back at all the cringey teenage Facebook posts

Browing throught your history, I think you're really not milking karma as much as you could with that username!

Love him!!!!💕💕💕💕

"Man, she was hitting on you and you were oblivious! Have some damned confidence young me, you fool!"

When I think back on every weekend since I turned 21

This speaks to me on an ancestral level

Start drinking during the week. That way youll be able to control yourself better when youre drunk! If you really want to gain control, drink at work, too!

You mean /sub/meow_irl


Ha! Only when I happen to stumble upon it. I don't actively look. I've been using that username since the early days of death matches.

Shame... shame... shame...

My kitty nuzzles her head into/under my arm like that when shes feeling really affectionate. Its really nice.