"when I text you, you are to answer"

"when I text you, you are to answer"


Aw hell yeah!! B^)

Holy insecurity, Batman

have never gone to a party

You don't say.

I really hope she broke up with him.

she hasn't but she has sucked 37 dicks.

My ex told me not to get raped at a work function. Fucking really?? He turned out to be a physically abusive dickwad.

Bonus cringe: not taking a screenshot.

Bonus bonus cringe: "hot stud muffin"

"Have fun and don't get raped, m'kay? Love you."

Hey, he's a tremendously good guy.

He made her do that.

This is sew-our-skin-together levels of clingy.

Dude she literally fucked everyone at that party that night because of that text.

Story of my life homie.

Gee I dunno why

Darn. I've been the with anxiety riddled paranoid boyfriend, but nothing this extreme. I feel for his girlfriend, because she might think he'll get over it: unless he gets help, he probably won't.

In a row?

At the same time.

I choose to accept your reality

One might even say, the goodest

All anyone would do is call it fake if it was a screenshot

Aww, your mom is so concerned for your safety.

Went something like that tbh.... but in an essay, not one sentence.

This is a repost. The original post was updated to say that she did in fact break up with him a little after this text

Edit: this is the original post http://www.reddit.com/sub/cringepics/comments/3q5n75/college_freshman_goes_to_first_party/cwcnmxs


No, she did it because she's a rancid swine.

me irl

At least you tried your best to not get raped, though. Gotta be positive in a negative situation.

This will be the title of my memoir.

Id done just fine not being raped until he showed up. Fucking douche.


She had a mouth once. Now it's a dick parking lot.

Really? Why?

Yeah because if you got raped he'd have to abandon you because you'd be damaged goods. I bet that was his train of thought.

Must be nice having three parents.

theyre back together

You say that as a joke...but my first real boyfriend had just that opinion and when I did get raped, he dumped me, told all out friends and my coworkers I had cheated on him and then 'graciously' took me back 2 weeks later but insisted I apologize to him, publicly, for all the damage I had done. He never apologized. Never asked if I was ok. Just asked if I was clean. A year later he raped me twice and when I confronted him he got violent and threw me into a wall. I never did get help after what happened, I was 18 and cause of how he acted I don't think I've ever come to terms with it, I can laugh while telling people my story cause deep down I feel like I was a whore and I deserved it or some how wanted it. It creeps people out when I can just casually say oh yea I've been raped twice. Fuck you Jarvis. Fuck you.

Iirc she broke up with him.

"Try not to suck any dicks in the parking lot!"

No, one mightn't.

I haven't heard this much cling since I dropped a bunch of silverware on my hardwood floor.

Fuck you, Jarvis. You even have a stupid name you stupid fuck.

Yeah if it was one sentence i would've assumed it was a joke.


Here is the original thread & here is the part where they break up

Jesus, cheating at what, Pinochle?

I dont know if he intentionally put that, But that would be my outcome from this discussion. Who wants boys anyway? Pass me a man and a stiff drink anyday.


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"I'm trusting you for now, but If you get raped, it's over between us! I will not stand for that kind of betrayal!"

Unless this is a repost as well then... No? https://www.reddit.com/sub/cringepics/comments/3q5n75/college_freshman_goes_to_first_party/

parties, man... not even once


A good guy like this would never force a girl to do anything. He just allows her to do certain things and doesn't allow her to do others.


I think this was originally posted in cringepics in November 2015 here: https://www.reddit.com/sub/cringepics/comments/3q5n75/college_freshman_goes_to_first_party/

According to OP they broke up after this but now they're back together.

Is it no drinking or mo drinking?

parties are for bad people only.

It helps when they elicit some kind of light amusement

The weird thing is that it's a repost and the original was a screenshot.

She still wanted her vagina penised by HOT STUD MUFFIN.

Secret lesbian

mo bitches mo drinking

never no bitches no drinking

Allegedly George Harrison said it in regards to avant garde music and Yoko.

It's not fake, just a dusty old repost

My mind refused your sentence and substituted it with mine, which read "Cheating, with who, Pinocchio!?"

If any of you faggots here made any of those

lel reading old threads

comments you are cancer.

Found the boyfriend.

Oh I can't do "blah blah blah" because of my boyfriend. "Wow he sounds like he needs to grow up a bit. You seem cool though"

Just setting other guys up for an easy line on your SO

I'm here, when does the drinking start?


A frat party =/= work party. If you are getting passing out drunk at work parties, I want to work where you work.

I dunno if he's the type to get over it with help. The "I'm allowing this" bit says volumes on why a woman shouldn't be allowed out of the house according to him.

I couldnt even guess what that nut was thinking. He ripped my pants off once and accused me of cheating when i went to visit my grandmother.

Hates nice guys

Lie to me, puppet boy.

Just a little?

>Please don't do anything to ruin us


1 1/2 years of ouch. Meh. Im doing well now

I don't believe you

I bet it was just flatware

and those floors probably aren't mahogany


not taking a screenshot.

Some guy at the party used his phone to take the pic.


He's the betterest of the bunch.


We are truly blessed by Cringe Anarchy, Insha'Allah

Looks like they got back together.


Looks like they got back together.

Don't worry one day Jordan will come back. Then you'll have Mo Boys and Mo Drinking!

Found the boyfriend.

Try not to suck any dicks on your way through the parkinglot

At first I thought the cringe was that she had her dad in contacts as "hot stud muffin" then I got halfway into reading and thought, this really isn't that much better.

Just continue your thrilling life on Reddit with us

Reading comprehension not exactly your strong suit, bud?


0 to 100 real quick

Holy shit I just put together that it's a dude. I genuinely thought it was OP's over-protective mom..

The guy probably checks her phone to see what she sends to other people so she had her friend take a picture with their phone.

EDIT: Clarity


[ ](One time I sucked 6 in a row)

OP tried to post it in cringe and it was removed lol: https://www.reddit.com/sub/cringepics/comments/4d5bk2/when_i_text_you_you_are_to_answer/

possibly the guy asked if he could say something first and she said "ok'?

Being fake is def. very possible though, I cannot deny that.

Lesbian flings and shooting up heroin is fine, though.