When hoe is life

When hoe is life

Girl on the left is questioning her friendship decisions

“I should’ve made her use her own damn phone”

Is this a new way to unlock your phone?

“Damn, if that black mirror shit comes true, this hoe gonna bring me down to a 1.7”

Yes, it has that new tonsil recognition software.

Deep Throat Authentication

The thottery knows no bounds

It’s because she’s deep throating a dick pic.

Now there's a couple of people I wouldn't mind hanging out with

Nice dick tho

I guess it just depends on your sense of humor

I foresee a new South Park episode.

My face right now

Well, given the average dick has a high likelihood of having been in her mouth at least once and so has her cell phone, I'm gonna have to go with dick.

What has more bacteria on it: the average dick or a cell phone?