When his Twitter rants are driving you crazy, just remember this.

When his Twitter rants are driving you crazy, just remember this.

Content over quantity. Sense over nonsense.

Source (April 2018)

I think the only way Trump could get a top tweet is by tweeting "fuck this I'm done. I hereby resign the presidency"

Also, one thing of Obama's, that trump will never be able to match, or do away with

lol even Hillary is on the list...that must drive Trump insane

If Trump sees this, he'll want to shut down Twitter.

Just wanted to jump in here and ask a question. Where did this "God-Emperor" shit term originate? It doesn't sound American, nothing close to that has been used to describe POTUS before. Russia, was that you again?

Warhammer 40K... don't know why it's applied to Trump though.

It's the rest of the world pulling you guys out of the fire on this one.

And Trump tweets a lot more.

Lmao even the Lebron tweet saying "U bum" to Trump is there

"Guys we need to come up with an excuse to nuke Mars."

It became a thing on 4chan about 9 to 12 months before the election. The God Emperor in 40k was picked probably because of three things:

1) The emperor is xebophobic and genocidal (against aliens)

2) He is incredibly powerful and mighty (the irony was real)

3) This was during the period of divinity when Kek the God was popularized (thus the God theme)

This actually restores some of my faith in the country.

Followed closely by "Pence died of 'natural causes"."

a lot

nonono, it's more like:

a lot

Nobody is letting him near that list. He undoubtedly believes he's singlehandedly saving Twitter by making the platform relevant.


How many people would have to die before we got to someone acceptable?

Warning, if we go too far we end up with President Ben Carson

Edit: to the secret service, this is in no way a threat

Agreed but he's popular because he's great.

The Emergency Broadcast System

You know his "I Quit" rant might make that list when it comes

Does Obama actually have more than half of the best tweets of all time? I would've thought there'd be a good few celebrities ahead of him

Then how will he inform the world of his new policies?!

Yeah that's the origin. Now it's the name of the god of meme magic and kekistan and all that other autistic 4chan shit that surrounds trump fans.

Alex Jones: "Haven't I provided enough facts?! Martians!"

The list of the most retweeted submissions is more diverse, with more celebs. (And with the same result for Trump)

I admit, however, that it would be interesting to see more than just the top #40.

I always thought "kek" was a World of Warcraft thing, didn't saying "lol" in orcish come out to alliance players as "kek"? Is that a coincidence? I never played 40k.

Don't worry comrade, Russia help

Obama’s tweets tend to be heartfelt and egalitarian, fraternal. But it’s a dangerous game to start saying ‘this guy’s great because he’s popular’.

Alternatively, Dune.

Rename this sub to AntiTrumpPropaganda


Even prior to Trump there were some of the "Dark Enlightenment" types who got REALLY into the whole Fascist theocracy vibe from the Imperium of Man in 40k.

I think it has a lot to do with the 40k video games.

Dune is too long, too environmentalist, and too Muslim for the Trumpites to really get into.

But 40k gives them all sorts of cool stuff to quote and official to photoshop Trump's face into, and wikkid kewl space marines to lust after.

There's only so many bots out there that can retweet Trumps narcissistic bullshit.

Hey, I know we helped in WWII, now we need some help. Send help!!!!

I fucking lost it at this. 😂 Can you imagine his twitter rants in that robot voice?


Why are you judging presidents over top tweets


I think it's just a case of basement dwelling meme-lords being basement dwelling meme-lords and thinking that they are cool by calling him God Emperor.

Chalking Trump's influence solely up to bots and shadowy agents is what got you into this mess. Consider that a substantial chunk of your country voted for him to be president.

Retweets are far from an endorsement, and not necessarily a positive thing either though- I can retweet something and quote it with "this is shit", whereas a like is a like.

What a great joke hahahahaha.

I’m not a fan of trump but this seems infantile and stupid.

Even Trump supporters know he's unhinged.

Trump judges his own job performance based on twitter feedback, so maybe it's fitting to apply the standard comparatively.

It's nobody's fault that your boy is a laughing stock but his own. he doesn't help his case by demanding so loudly to be taken seriously.

Really, he hasn't attended a single correspondence dinner and his ilk even kicked up a stink over the comic they hired and, ask yourself, have you ever heard him laugh about a joke at his expense? I haven't.

I've heard him laugh when someone called him slick willy at a rally but an actual joke at his expense puts you on his black list, picture trump at obama's correspondence dinner, silently fuming.

meanwhile obama embraced 'thanks obama' with actual good humor.

Kind of sad, because I bet the average Russian citizen would totally be on board with helping the average American citizen, and vice versa.

Our governments are driving a wedge between us.

Trump supporter here and I would die laughing at that. If someone can set that up on like a YouTube channel, bet they would make millions of views.





the atmosphere on mars turns the fucking frogs gay!1!1

Two of my favourite scifi IP's, and Trump's tainted them like hooker's piss on a bedsheet.

Trump is dismantling Obama's legacy piece by piece but hey at least Obama got some likes!

I’d like the shit out of that one

Funny is one way to describe Trump's tweets. Horrifying is another.

4chan, then

Number of North Korean crisis’ solved:

Obama 0

Trump 1

I think most find it the other way around. Obama is popular because he is great.

I honestly thought it was going to be the pic of Obama coming out of the ocean, shirtless, with a flat stomach.


I honestly thought it was going to be the pic of Obama coming out of the ocean, shirtless, with a flat stomach.

Definitely Mattis. 5 people need to lapse into comas for this to happen.

Keep in mind that a large majority of everyone on twitter/reddit is a liberal or democrat. Not many Trump supporters have Twitter so this comparison isn't necessarily stating anything. On top of that, its much easier to tweet things that are politically correct that speak to peoples empathy to generate positive feedback, than it is to state an unpopular opinion, which while true, most people will disagree with because they don't want to believe it.

Mattis, I guess...

whenever you're feeling sad trump is the leader of the most powerful country in the world, just remember his tweets don't get that many likes lmao

Calling them rants makes it sound like something an adult would do, these are tantrums.

Unfortunately, he'll never find out about it, because it'll never be mentioned on Fox News.

As a former wow-aholic, it makes me sad to see kek morphed in such a way. I fondly remember hunting for alliance in STV and yelling "LOL" every time I killed someone. Top kek in STV.


alernate theory, trump is massively unpopular especially among younger people of which a disproportionately large amount participate in reddit relative to the us population.

Ooh, or maybe it's all a conspiracy by (((them))).

They would be more funny if he was just a delusional man who believed he's president, as opposed to being a delusional man who is president.

He does , also Obama is a celebrity

I'm not sure that's relevant to my point

From weird immature man-children who feel they need to worship a big fat orange emasculated idiot?

More like

South Korea:1


Trump:-1 for insulting Kim Jung un over twitter

Lol. You eat that propaganda right up.

Is it solved yet? You guys really don't know stuff do you?

Number 15 is LeBron calling him a bum.

Because a number of them sincerely want him to be a dictatorial figure.

Even pre-Trump there was a movement in the right calling itself the "Dark Enlightenment" that was centered around rejecting Enlightenment values such as equality, democracy, representative government, and civil rights. The Dark Enlightenment people were/are explicitly in favor of establishing America as a white, Christian, ethnostate under a dictator or monarch. They argue that this will make us more free and that freedom and democracy are inherently incompatible.

To such people the 40k Imperium of Man is seen not as the dark comedy over the top dystopia it was written as, but as a good model going forward.

Also they just really like photoshopping Trump's face into art of the God Emperor of Man because it makes him look all big and macho. If you've got the stomach for it, do a google image search for God Emperor Trump and you'll find plenty of examples.

Which is ironic since per official Warhammer 40k lore the Emperor is explicitly Middle Eastern, born in Turkey, and is always depicted in the official art as looking very stereotypically Middle Eastern. He's got light tan skin, dark brown eyes, straight black hair, and a strong nose.

How do you do that?

Only 6 murders deaths before getting to Mattis, who actually seems to like the country.

Of course, I know hardly anything about Orrin Hatch, but I'll just assume

Or because reddit is a huge anti Trump circle jerk, surely that has nothing to do with it!

Or Dems win in November. I think a President Pelosi would cause more commotion than when we elected the black guy.

glad you kids have your priorities straight.

Not that the low unemployment rate, Nkorea events, hostages coming back are important.

Popularity contest is the more important part.

And I promise you that this irritates Donald to no end.


Well, everytime I want to see something funny I either go on reddit or on Trumps twitter...

Remember that time Obama memed so well we had to retire a sub?

Thanks, Obama.

TBH I don't care how many retweets/likes/replies either of them get.

The point is that this bowl of porridge is the president of the United States, and his rants are our leader's rants. You can almost hide behind dictatorship in some countries with a crazy leader, but he was elected by over 60mil Americans, so in a way he is us. When he starts jabbering on Twitter and being a big baby, that's our nation's head on the world stage throwing tantrums for our allies and enemies to see.

That's why it bothers me.

Are you talking about Trump. Because fuck him.

this is probably how you start 90% of your conversations

What kind of a loser do you have to be to take any solace in this?

By you and your echo chamber yes.

"But sir...there is no Atmosphere on Mars"

"That's just what the government wants you to believe!"

"Sir, you ARE the government..."

political.... humor

Think of the demographics of Twitter users. The older/rural Trump voters probably don't have Twitter accounts. This is about as fair a comparison as Obama vs Trump shirts at a gun show

Yeah wait till the stupid fat fuck is gone. You want to see a legacy torn down? Trumps bullshit is not going to live long. His theft by congress of the supreme court will be the only thing left. And we'll get him as well...

How is this funny?

It's not necessarily that. It's that tweeting is Trump's shtick and yet he still sucks at it.

And somehow everything is fine with that.

So how people like a tweet makes you a better president now?

Orrin? Isn't that the creepy guy on Parks and Rec?

Why do you think trump wants a spaceforce? He's gonna blow up mars and everything on it.

The irony is that liberals hate that Trump uses Twitter

No, liberals hate the fact that Trump's Tweets make him look like a illiterate, incoherent adolescent, emotional 15-year-old girl. We got used to having a grown-up in charge.

This doesn't say anything about the state of the nation though, just Twitter.

It is possible those who are Trump supporters don't use Twitter, or don't feel the need to like the president's posts as much as Obama supporters.

Hillary has the 30th most popular tweet on the list

So he should have 3 already if he were to keep peace.

Sucess over a failing legacy