When he came in a few weeks ago, he wouldn't make eye-contact. Now look at this handsome little guy!

When he came in a few weeks ago, he wouldn't make eye-contact. Now look at this handsome little guy!

That right there is the power of love

My mum met this dog in Mexico last month, and I've been pestering her for progress photos ever since she showed him to me. Even though I'm far far away from this pup, and the people that have helped him, I'm so grateful for all their hard work. Edit: typos

That before picture is heartbreaking. WTF!

So, I'm one of those weird people who doesn't like dogs, but I don't understand people who hurt them. I mean, as far as animals go, they are cool. I don't wanna have one because I don't wanna take care of it, but I'd never let one of them get hurt like that.

Make one man weep, make another man sing

Poor baby! I'm so happy he's doing well!

I had a Huey Lewis playlist on at work yesterday, and I had to bite my tongue to not comment something similar!

I feel the same way about dogs as I do about babies; they're cute in small doses. I don't want either, but I enjoy other people's

He looked on the brink of death before

I am the same. Used to have dogs. But wasn't really taking the best care of them. Not abuse, but, needed more play time and walks n such. So I gave them up to better homes. Never really liked owning dogs. I like my cat. He's chill.

I love how you can tell what people are like by looking at their dogs - you’re obviously good people.

A couple of years ago I saw a short documentary about him living a simple life on a ranch, as an older man. He seemed like such a lovable curmudgeon, but I couldn't imagine the man I saw touring - even with his hearing.

Huey just cancelled all their shows for the year, he is going deaf and can't keep pitch anymore to sing.

I used to think that too, until me and my fiancee got a dog, and now she's my best friend and I love her so much :)

What part of mexico? I will send some dog food

seriously, wtf is wrong with people.

Poor poor guy. He looks 1000% better and happier!

Heckin handsome boy.

So much loves to him!