When HDDs become a historical relic... it could be youres for a whapping $1,008.97 + 25.85 shipping

When HDDs become a historical relic... it could be youres for a whapping $1,008.97 + 25.85 shipping

Correct me if im wrong but isnt the 7200 one around 50$?

Se for your selfs:


Well it’s 20 so the price is actually just about right

and its not even 7200rpm i would pay only 500$ for 5400rpm

WD10EZRZ = model

20PK = 20 of those in package

Im amazed noone is buying old HDDs and scribbling "10btc" on them, then making an account of some little old lady who is selling off her dead husband's computer bits, auction starts at 99p, then see what happens.

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Ether the pricing algorithm has a screw loose or its an ad for a butt load of drives.

Given the shipping weight of 28.4 pounds, its a butt load of drives, about 20 or so.

Shop had 2TB drives for 20€ (~23USD). I placed 6 in my shopping cart because why not. On Checkout they suddenly were 999€ each.