When friends are getting married and you're there to drink

When friends are getting married and you're there to drink

That is the bridesmaid you want to ask to dance at the reception.

And anal.


Yes. This girl is looking to have a fun evening.

And brunch.

Holy crap those women are beautiful.

Married woman do anal too bro


I bartend for an upscale Atlanta catering company. Let me tell you 95% of the people at a wedding are far more concerned about jamming food down their gullets and assaulting their livers than they do about the blissful nuptials. I'm happily married and not trying to sound cynical about the big day but guests are mostly there for the feed and to get fucked up! You should probably avoid being in the middle of bride and groom shots while guzzling the champagne though. But on the flip side it makes for a colorful pic for years to come!

Gorgeous bride.

It's practically the only reason I got married.

Must have been a pain in the ass.

This looks planned ... probably having a laugh with the BoH

Or it's a very odd framing choice on the photog and who chugs wine while perfectly holding flowers. Not the drunks I know at least

Edit: Yup, I'm dumb. Meant MoH or, like u/Tbklstkat26 guessed, Back Up Hole


Only if she isn't married yet.

That chick in the back has a rockin set of bubs.

How I met your mother/always sunny in philadelphia crossover

Don't know, but probably also don't care.

Sounds like she did her job and you quit drinking early.

And bride-groom attractiveness ratio is exactly the same as the tux-gown attractiveness ratio. It's like the rental place took one look at him and gave him the 'pimps and hoes party' special.

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a white man in possession of a good fortune, can marry way up if he looks outside of his race.”

― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

That is the bridesmaid that will refuse to have sex with me

Seriously, she looks like a Barbie doll.

Right, the one. The one bridesmaid..

There's one at every wedding. Sometimes several, and then it's really fun.

I just see a giant bird

I have a secret to tell all of you.

My wife's best friend is an INSANELY successful wedding photographer, booked out a year and a half in advance. She shot our wedding and walked us through the catalog of bullshit poses that dead-eyed twenty-somethings think are cute.

This is one of them. I guarantee that whoever shot this wedding has staged this exact same shot dozens if not hundreds of times, and each blissfully ignorant happy couple doesn't know they're paying top dollar for a script of photos.

Ugh that tux...

That poor woman...

Exactly. The couple who hired a wedding photographer to shoot their wedding hardly think this is the first one the photographer has done. Why the hell would they hire someone who doesn't know what gets the best results?

What a beautiful bride.

Your moment has come. Shine on "PainInTheAssInternet"

Definitely planned. Why else would she be holding the bouquet like that?

It's pretty obvious that this is staged. Still a cute and funny photo, so who cares if a bunch of other strangers you will never meet have a similar one?

I saw sweet dee as well

That.... doesn't sound right, but it was quoted on Reddit, so who am I to argue

I was the Best Man at my friends wedding. The Maid of Honer got plastered (literally walking around with a bottle). After all was done, my friends and I went to a nearby hotel to crash and watch TV. In a room full of people she started crawling on top of me. Mind you she was a wasted, ugly, 200 girl. I'm 5'10 and 135ln. This sort of ruined the evening.

Do you know if she's seeing anyone?

She is my spirit animal. Between the more flattering dress, the sweater (because you know it's super cold in that room), and the drink while the bouquet is being thrown, I want to be her

"I don't believe in marriage but I know alcohol is real."

Plus she's hot and stacked.

This guy weddings.

I'm deeply in love with that girl

I made out with my brother in law's mother's boss on the dance floor...

The last wedding I went to, the photographer brought empty bottles of champagne as props for the bridesmaids to take exactly these kinds of pictures. It's definitely staged.

LPT: Don't let her order the strap on.

She looks like the mighty Cece (from New Girl).

Reddit is so cynical. It's like none of you have ever heard of attraction outside of physical looks. There doesn't always have to be some shallow underlying reason for these two being married. Sometimes people get married because they like their SO deep down as a human being, not what their bank account says.

Source: fell in love with a girl way out of my league

The one on the right? I think that is a man.

He is seriously punching above his weight class! She's a stunner

Haha this was my first thought as well. Looks like hes headed to the junior prom or something.

But the woman in the back is like 20 pixels

20 amazing pixels.

They know.. that's why want those pics !

Yeah, well... something needs to fill the void where blowjobs used to be.

Also why else would the photographer include her in the photo?

In fact, they probably prefer that their photographer is experienced!

Yeah... weddings have color themes. She picked that color.

I'm confused. Does that usually come with brunch?

What a bunch of suckers! They're paying for an experienced photographer, and they're getting exactly what they've paid for!

BoH- Bride of Honor? Did you mean Maid of Honor?

Found said "Maid of Honer"

Huh? I'm not sure I understand the issue here? Why wouldn't the happy couple know this, and why is it an issue if 1000 other couples have staged the exact same shot?


I like her. Can I have one??

I mean he looks like he's a tall guy with a sweet beard that's built like a linebacker. I don't have the gay but I'm sure he's considered a catch himself.

I know it's a funny pic but the bride is absolutely stunning. What a lucky chap.

I mean.. You do know why women are always smiling in their wedding photos, right?

It's not just because they are happy. They know that they never have to give another blowjob.

The gal drinking is a redditor. I remember there was a photoshop battle with that image because she submitted it

Reddit founder married Serena Williams.

She looks more like a Christie to me.

What is he wearing? Bride looks beautiful, dress perfect, bouquet nice, groom hair and beard nice and neat, even the bridesmaid got a nice looking dress. And the groom is dressed like pinstriped grimace.

I can confirm this, my wife is black she's much prettier than me.

You can't serve bottomless margaritas and expect me to just have a normal, human night.

Yeah, how the fuck did he pull that one off?

Jane Austen dishing out truth bombs.


Yeah, ideal girl already owns one.

Robins aren't very big birds

I hope he rented that tuxedo

I figure if people are at the bar, eating loads of good chow, dancing up a storm, the event is a success. That's what the bride and groom are aiming for.


That's pretty much any party where booze is available. If you want to take pictures of people who are miserable in a wedding look for the ones constantly judging the decor, food, etc. or take pictures of the ones leaving early.

Did you just assume their gender?

Are you assuming his gender??

Exactly what was I thinking especially her silhouette!

You are the 1%

Unless you list BJs in the prenump.

I feel the same way about orgasms.

c'mon bro it's 2017, everyone has the right to enjoy a little butt-reaming

Link to original post: https://www.reddit.com/sub/pics/comments/2rkt7c/you_can_tell_where_my_priorities_lie/

Here's the link to the PS Battle:


I have a secret to tell all of you.

Also, water is wet.


Serena Williams > reddit founder

Lmao, you seem you like thought you uncovered a great conspiracy but in reality, that's exactly what the bride and groom ordered.

shitty beards are in


Austin 3:16

He must be fighting with his right hand again.

Back of House?

He looks fat, not built.

I thought Robin immediately.

I dunno. If she's too drunk anal gets risky.

I don't think this was particularly secret.

The way she's chugging that champagne, maybe not. Either way, grow a pair and ask.