When Dad says "No more internet."

When Dad says "No more internet."
When Dad says "No more internet."

honestly feelsbadman shes probably going through some rough development and the stream is her friend right now

Tbh if she's getting A's at school and working two jobs then she deserves a little downtime.

Guess either the parents are horrible or she's bratty off(on?) camera.

What kind of scumbag parent(s) isn't proud of their kid for getting straight A's and working two jobs?


When you watch this video and realise that you don't have a job and have shit grades in school PepeHands


FeelsBadMan is literally in the URL of the clip lol

Well, she also said she suffers from depression, goes to college and works two jobs.

I don't know anything about this streamer and neither do I really care much, but her case doesn't seem to be the "typical millennial having a fit".

She said A's. I didnt hear A+'s UNACCEPTABLE! Wasting time on league when you could be turning those A's to A+'s

Twitch has fucked me up, I burst out laughing "hehe what a fail she cried, imma check the reddit comments to see my fellow homies laugh, oh wait this is a real thing" FeelsBadMan

You would probably be x10 worse if your parents took away your ability to make dumb comments online

I thought this was going to be another whiny bitch, but damn I feel bad now.

league of legends + streaming will do that to you

I remember back in WoW Classic when my dad threatened to "cut the Internet", he went down stairs and cut the TV Cable line. No more Andy Griffith for him, plenty of WoW for me. LUL parents.

I didn't know her dad had a reddit account.

Same thing

I know people call each other autistic a lot but if that's what you got from that laugh you're probably autistic.

my parents are proud of me for doing trash LUL

Having stuff doesnt gaurentee you an easy life dude. Theres more than just being poor to having a hard life. Sometimes college drives people this fucking insane. I think anyone who looks at someones material things and thinks (she never has any reason to complain or any valid complaints of hardship) has problems of his own. Maybe even some jealousy.


wow thats a zesty meme right there

remember what sub you're posting to; the average age here is probably hovering around 13

haHAA children in africa are starving therefore nobody is allowed to have problems haHAA

yo that's mr newton's girl

loved the guy just going GUCCI GANG GUCCI GANG in chat. Was so funny.

Is this seriously how the Twitch audience is? Seems like a bunch of kids.

Well that doesn't sound like a healthy relationship. dismissing your child when they tell you they are depressed and stressed is a shitty move.

you sound like a typical boomer who's had life handed to him on a silver platter and yet you still act like you've had to work for everything. If studying and working two jobs isn't hard, what is? Having nice things doesn't have a lot of bearing on one's mental state.

TIL having stuff means ez life.

average gamer isnt really a kid tho, quite the opposite

and then your mother started clapping, right?

r u me

My dude Gengar, wit dem high quality PNGs. :ok_hand:

This is not true. Sorry about your parents though.

I once tutored an asian girl from china that was an international student at college. Not sure if this could be related but international student parents are strict as fuck.

This clip brought back memories of the girl I tutored when she had a melt down about her failing grade in our CSE class.

midda moton

Know that feeling FeelsBadMan

r u 50% of this subreddit?

Obvious troll is obvious.

This comment is just sad. I feel bad for you.

I reckon she is exaggerating a bit. Parents want their kids to do the best they can and reach their potential.

People often mistake parents being mean with trying to show they care. If they didn't give a shit/weren't proud, they would let her do whatever she wants.

I thought incels got banned :)

best advice in that situation, finish college and get the fuck out of that house.

Some parents expresses that in a shitty way however

Boo fucking who