When culture vulturing goes to far. "way gwan mi nombre es Drizzy Drake ole chap. Straight up 🔥"

When culture vulturing goes to far. "way gwan mi nombre es Drizzy Drake ole chap. Straight up 🔥"

And Wheelchair Drake is still sitting in the van.

Ain't london drake and jamaican drake just Toronto drake? Toronto has similar slang to both roadman, both originating from Jamaica.

Drake fakes it tho. He wasn't talking like that when he first came out. There's more than one Toronto accent/slang and his wasnt like it is now. He used to talk like an African American from the South when he came into the spotlight with young money. Kids in Forest Hill don't talk like that even to this day. It's a hood thing, fam.

Honestly I've learned that unless you're from here, (Toronto) everyone won't get why Drake talks with a "fake patois." You've gotta come here to see how much slang we use here that comes from London, Jamaica, etc.

bruh we aren't talking about construction work, we're talkin about dialects.

it's patois, not patios lol

"i'm abooot it bros"

The Drake Clone arc.

he does


I saw someone say that you probably wouldn't want to show this "weird" accent when you're trying to make it big, and that now that he's #1 he can show his patois because he's on top and it won't risk anything, if that makes sense

So to me that explanation kind of made sense to me

Also a vid of him showing his patois in 2011

Oh he def does. lol Drake uses other artists and dumps them.

All we need is a Korea rap drake.

does he culture vulture? i just tend to stay away from him, but it wouldn't be hard to imagine him doing

Bruh he grew up in the west end, the patois is forced. You know how many white kids on Bathurst or indian kids in Brampton I know who try to speak like that? Almost never genuine just like Drake.

Rap game is a bad place to look for sincerity.

One dance and controlla. I like the guy but cmon he put on a Caribbean accent for the song. Iggy does it and people want her dead.

I think there was a Pigeons and Planes article that went into this in great detail. They didn't come out and call him a vulture or anything, but he's basically notorious at riding other artists waves and then drops them after their buzz has faded (Makkonnen for example).

Edit: Found it.

Who cares. I wouldn't be mad if Drake started rapping in French just because he's not from Trois-Rivieres.

It's cool that he's putting our city's slang on the map.

Drake but if he was the love child of a Bhangra singer and DJ Khaled who fled India for the UK in 1984 and popped in the studio once

LITTLE KNOWN FACT: he was dancing in that cell phone song

Calabasas Drake is at home reading a Nicholas Sparks novel

Lmao that tag Black Akon is killing me for some reason

Feels a bit insincere to take elements of different cultures then water them down for mainstream consumption.

Makkonnen actually signed to OVO (I think?), so I'm not sure if Drake/OVO fucked up not promoting him.

But it's pretty ridiculous the way people criticize him for collaborating with smaller artists even as it benefits them hugely. What is he, a charity worker? Why is it his obligation to work with anyone after they're no longer relevant?

Exactly. This dude waits 3 mixtape and 4 albums to show his jamaican accent? Gtfo

Norweigan folk Drake

Has Drake profited from other cultures? I guess but at least Jamaican and London Drake use Similar slang as Toronto Drake, and for anything he has done with the Grime scene he'd promoted them quite positively.

Drake likes grime, the first time I remember him saying that was in a DJ Semtex interview a long time ago. Grime is mainly a London scene but Drake has been influenced by it in his musical career.

London Drake? BPT explain!

I blame Gboard 😤

Love Swipe typing too much to type regularly and have less mistakes lol

He rapped a lot about Houston and did some chopped and screwed stuff in his first mixtape but I haven't really heard much about it since then.

The difference between him and drake is that Sean Paul was actually born in Jamaica. Kingston, Jamaica. I don't know what crazy accent you're talking about. He actually sounded a bit similar to Super Cat.

Middle eastern crunk core drake

Rocky doesn't ride on other people's hype then dump them

Houston Drake is actually getting jerked off by Somalian Drake. He's the one that's all about it.

I mean there's a difference between featuring them and taking half of their album like he did with the weeknd.

Good thing abel is a pretty good artist and can do his own thing.

Meanwhile Toronto drake is at the raptors game

I mean that's essentially art in general. The first time my friend saw van gohs starry night it was some sort of family guy or such show and he had to Google the original image to get it. At worst someone listens to the song and gives drake patronage, and at best it could possibly lead to someone researching the culture and music.

And Drake-Gwen

Stop being a hipster. Grime and Dancehall don't have to stay small, let it thrive. The more that know this shit the better and who are u to say they don't need the attn? You buggin, more attn is what all musicians want whether they say it or not. That's the whole point of music, to reach and touch as many ppl as possible as best they can

Why does anybody care? If anything he has led way more people to music genres like dancehall and grime.

And then years later one of the Drake's will come back pretending to be Meek.

Yea but Toronto is very Jamaican influenced, so many artists from there talk just like that.

The amazing drakeverse

Does he have any songs from that era where he incorporates that slang into it? Not including those skits in between songs where someone else is talking like that.

You sure about that?

2011 was Thank Me Later era, his first album.


Just wait till the playoffs bruv. He'll be there, front row with a Stoudamire jersey still with the tags on.

Yes, that's what art is. Taking elements from other cultures and watering them down for mainstream consumption...

aint that the truth

I think he got signed while he was down here. Claimed Houston for awhile and even has the Astros logo tatted on him.

Yeah I had a teacher from the south hide her accent until like our second semester with her.

Only if you ignore that 2011 was actually the Take Care era.

Drake rode Migos to the ground by jumping on Versace, and they were lucky to get an underground following afterwards. The Weeknd for similar treatment, but he survived it because he's a very great artist. Then there's guys like Makkonnen and PND who have a following but never release anything because they're not getting any decent exposure or anything (read: all their hits have drake on it). The grime scene is old and massive - it's been around for a while, and there's been American influence in it for at least 3 years now (see: A$AP Mob), but drake is slowly becoming the face of the Grime scene, and that's gross IMO

My point is: it's not wrong to co-sign young artists and help them ride the wave to bigger heights. What's wrong is to co-sign all artists and ride their waves at their expense. I'd wager the Hip Hop industry would be a lot better if Drake stopped doing that, but alas, here we are; in a world where DJ Khaled is more subtle with his co-signs than Drake

Hasn't shown up to a single one since November :-/

Dude. He was in Jamaica addressing a Jamaican crowd in that video. Awful awful example

drake always does jamaican accents in his newer songs and takes cues from UK grim and southern trap