What's wrong with these people? (Traffic rage)

What's wrong with these people? (Traffic rage)

For context: http://www.reddit.com/sub/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu/comments/l7dz3/me_having_fun_with_douchebags_in_tra...

Do people actually believe this works?

I understand the relevance!

Pull over sir!

me too!

Happy Birthday!!


I saw that post and thought it was stupid... Upvote for pointing that out!

Dammit Jackie Chan, keep your hands at 10 and 2! I know you're trying to hold all that fuck in your brain, but drive safely

No, I didn't think the sideways toaster would work either but I upvoted on the hopes somewhere someone would make an ass of themself on my suggestion.

I one time saw a person devouring chicken wings at a stop light as a child. He seriously shoved them in his mouth, sucked them clean, and then licked all over the bone like it was the best thing he's ever had. His face and shirt were smothered in sauce and I could just imagine the sounds he was making.

It was a revolting but highly magical sight.

It's a red light though sir.

1 person. 4 accounts. New record.

Nuh uh bro

have you tried it? people can be pretty stupid... i can definitely see it working. this still made me laugh though

uh. he did rinse it off; the other side of the soap bar was just ice

Dammit MaximumBob, stop using logic!

if the shaver looked like that, I'm not surprised it didn't work. Other driver clearly didn't understand the "old" in "old shaver"


That wasn't a rinsing; it was a rubbing with ice that did nothing more but spread the soap around.

Why not 5?

Thank you kind redditor, I just wish I could share the wonderful experience with you. All in all, he looked to be the happiest man on the planet at that split moment in time.

You need an old electric shaver for it to work.

It's like ice soap... creative, but completely stupid.