What Trump is really saying in his tweets: I’m weak

What Trump is really saying in his tweets: I’m weak

It always seemed to me that he is like: Why does no one like me? I thought being president would make everyone like me.

We've made a huge mistake.

He is also saying that he knows how to control the media.

Look at yesterday. Instead of talking about why the GOP is ramming through 4 or 5 nominations in a day or how Jeff Sessions is even being considered for a position, the media spent the day talking about a Meryl Streep tweet.

I know its unpopular to say anything vaguely positive about trump, but he is a master at getting the press to do what he wants. If the press dont get a handle on that, we're screwed as a country as we'll spend the next 8 years talking about his tweets and not the state of the nation.

I forget who said it on Twitter but they referred to his thin-skinned tweets as the "Daily Insecurity Briefing" which was perfect.

Trump is essentially Gob from Arrested Development.

Stems from his life-long "daddy never loved me" syndrome

Instead of talking about why the GOP is ramming through 4 or 5 nominations

I was in transit yesterday and that's about all they were talking about on NPR, CNN and MSNBC.

If you have to take time at 3AM to convince people you're a popular alpha male, you aren't.

...meaning it is reaching precisely no Trump voters


...by crying about the mean things celebrities said about me. WAHHHH!!!!!!

He strikes me as someone who really, really wants to be liked and respected and seen as someone of great wealth and importance, particularly within NY social circles. He will never understand that he will always be an outsider because 1) he was born an outsider of the NY social community, and 2) he is a caricature of crass. And so all of his life, he has been on the outside, and he can't wrap his head around why everyone thinks he is a joke.

His daughter gets it. She is clearly the brains of the operation. Donny? Not so much.

My favorite Leo Buscaglia Quote. "Only the weak are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong."

How do you reach Trump voters? The right wing media will never counter him.

Edit: These are some great ideas guys. Love the outside-the-box thinking.

Bust out 4 years worth of Forget-Me-Nows

Pfft. Why donate to large sums to charity when you can just turn up at the kids with HIV charity event, take a seat on the stage reserved for a major do..., all without having given a single dime to the charity?

That's called being smart.

It's not that he's born an outsider, but he refuses to take part in many NY socialite conventions, even outside of the insults and the thin skin - the crassness, as you say.

Take philanthropy. It's a huge part of NY wealthy culture to be involved in handing out money in different ways. Trump has always refused to; his tightfistedness is so legendary he doesn't even pay his suppliers, let alone even his own charitable organizations. That's not even to get into how he's used his own charity as a personal piggy bank.

In his delusion he thinks he's better and won't get treated as the inferior turd he is. He's surrounded himself with sycophants who don't tell him the truth. Anyone not praising him is sent away.

He really doesn't realize most people dislike, hate, revile, disapprove, disregard, and have nothing better than disdain for him and would prefer to never have known that he existed.

If he is expecting that, then he is more of an idiot than I though, didn't he spend the last 8 years attacking the current president? Why would anyone that has spend 8 years attacking a sitting president expect anything other than attacks when he is president?

His skin is so thin I do believe you could see internal organs if his shirt was off (please God, no...).

We've known this for years, though. He's the best used car salesman on the lot. A bully and an internet troll. People like him usually get laughed at or pitied.

And yet, here we are...

...Along the same lines:

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but to truly test a man's character, give him power." - Lincoln

Honestly, I think among serious Trump supporters it's a fool's errand to try and reach them. You're talking about people who either liked his racist rhetoric, or Republicans who didn't like his rhetoric but have proven they would vote for Hitler as long as he has an R next to his name. Democrats would do better to focus on turning out their own voters, many of whom failed to show up.

Anyone who wants to be an alpha male isn't.

His patterns are established - He's up at 3am reading news about himself, then he cannot control his impulse to immediately retaliate before thinking. His vindictiveness overshadows any rational strategy.

He's shown his weaknesses - praise him, then stab his ego when you want to rattle him to get what you want. Dangle big prizes and admiration in his face and the opportunity at WINNING in his face and he caves.

World leaders and celebrities are going to attack his ego like sharks. He's not smart by any means. Our next President is an illiterate petulant child.

We're so fucked.

EDIT: forgot a letter.

Jason Kander tweeted "maybe if we all tweet at Trump every day that his father loved him and was proud of him he'll get better."

"We're going to whine so much. You're going to get tired of whining. You’re going to say, ‘Please Mr. President, I have a headache. Please, don't whine so much. This is getting terrible.’ "

Trump clearly can't resist responding to criticism from celebrities. This means he is highly trollable and Hollywood should troll him mercilessly in order to make him look like a fool.

The whole Russia thing is a good example of this.

It's a good example of the inability of Republicans to see anything other than through a partisan lens.

A foreign intelligence service hacked one of our political parties so they could help get someone elected with policies more favorable to their country. That's a huge deal. Much bigger than who won or lost this election. It would be an equally huge deal if Russia had intervened on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

Any patriotic American ought to be furious that Russia attacked the foundations of our democracy. If you cast that aside just because you don't like Hillary Clinton, you're a partisan first and an American second.

Ratings, ratings, ratings... People don't want to hear about actual politics, hence the situation we're currently in.

Yeah, what if Obama had 5 kids from 3 different baby's mommas?

The problem with these what if questions is we all the know the answers.

He probably thinks he will win them over by being the greatest president in history, which a brilliant genius like (he thinks) he is is destined to become. In is deluded mind he's going to make the best deals ever and out-smart all the terrorists and thus be admired by everyone when they see how great he is.

So many people complaining about this sub whenever Trump is criticized.

What do you think /sub/politics is? It's for political discussion.

The incoming president of the US's behavior, demeanor, words and actions are absolutely huge political news (both nationally, which is what /sub/politics is, as well as internationally).

Why are so many people upset (ashamed?) to discuss and dissect the behavior, cabinet picks, and other actions of our next president?

Every word Trump says and decision he makes is potentially critically important. A misstep can cause trillions is loss for the world economy, incite violence, even start wars.

Uncertainty or flightiness can cause investors to hold back or act in ways they otherwise wouldn't have. In delicate regiions a poor word choice that signifies a break from a current semi-stable peace can cause a ripple effect the destroys a peaceful stasis.

His demeanor and how he conducts himself is one of the largest stories in US politics. Why would it not be discussed and criticized on a US political discussion forum?

Perhaps if he wasn't acting like a petulant teenager embracing a know-nothing bravado you wouldn't see such criticism.

Are you suggesting managing the President like a temperamental 3 year old with a new baby in the house?

I love all my children equally

(earlier that day)

...I don't care for Donald

(earlier that day)

...I don't care for Donald

I bet people dismiss this as a smear job against Trump because no one could really be that awful. He is though. I really wish we could have way more level-headed political discussions without a lot of really strong accusations, but I also sincerely believe that Trump is an almost unequaled piece of shit human with pretty much no redeeming qualities.

No Beta! No Beta! You're the Beta!

Result: tons of people tweet at Trump every day "Your father never loved you, and you are still a disappointment to him."

Or who even thinks such a thing needs to be designated. No one cares outside those bubbles of people who define their entire identity on it.

For a smart man, i would say that you are right, but i truly believe trump is not a smart man. This is who he is.

He was demonstrating this very same behavior on Twitter long before he had anything to deflect from.

He really is that thin skinned and weak. A sad and pathetic little boy in a grown man's body.

Wow. TIL that he came by his hair honestly.

"Winning was easy, young man. Governing's harder."

-George Washington (in "Hamilton")

People like calling him a "blue collar billionaire" but the way I see it, he's a failed buisnessman (and father) who just so happens to be wildly successful. The fact is that some people get lucky. Yes, I know he was born into money, but this is a guy who has done the equivalent of walking into a casino, putting it all double double zero and having that work 10 times in a row.

Yup. Democrats lost to the least qualified candidate in history in what should have been a landslide. It's time to stop blaming others and maybe take a moment to look at their own party's faults and how to fix them. The whole Russia thing is a good example of this. Democrats are so busy blaming Russia that they haven't taken a moment to look at the actual information revealed by the leaks and how their own actions caused them to lose.

Love that. I hope it becomes a thing!!!

Any man who has to say "I am the king" is no true king.

"Delicious and nutritious meals begin with rice." - Uncle Ben

At this point, I'm willing to bet that being President is his own personal hell.

I like when he gets stabbed by white power bill in prison and as he falls: "but..I'm...white.."

Shout out to Will Arnett for playing the best flawed characters.

Even if it is, it doesn't make me feel better about the country. He is going to bring hell to all of us.

Which is, coincidentally, the suspected cause of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

but but but race had nothing to do with anything. It's a Republican vs Democrat issue


This is something that will be said often over the next few years, but: what if Obama had done that?

More like BoJack Horseman; constantly trying to do bigger and bigger things to get people to like him. At least BoJack is self-aware enough to see how destructive his personality is. And yes, I know they're both portrayed by Will Arnett

I think of him as more of a poor man's rich man. Gawdy, gold, "made it all himself" etc. What the "soon to haves" Romney talked about aspire to be like.

The Dems need to play good cop/bad cop with Trump.


All the Democratic senators should get together and choose from among themselves say six or seven senators who will never criticise Trump. That group should very gradually work its way into his good graces. Complimenting him at dinners and other socialite events saying "I can't really say this aloud, but I really like the way you are handling ABC legislation. I thikn that shows good insight and I'll be backig you behind the scenes."

Foreign leaders, too, need to understand this it would seem. If Putin is the only one praising him, he'll get all the attention. Merkel and some of the top diplomats in Brussels need to coddle Trump to get their way with him. The presient's of the Baltic states, too and Poland.

Those are entertainment shows.

I don't want the news to be entertaining. I want it to simply be the news. There are news shows that don't focus on ratings. I watch the PBS NewsHour via Youtube. I download the segments I want to watch. And watch them in the order I want.

They should change the name "Newshour". Does anybody under 70 sit there and watch the whole thing?

More like trigger condition. As far as I've read in recent research, it is believed that all axis II (cluster b) personality disorders arise from a genetic predisposition coupled with chronic environmental triggers. I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder long ago (successfully in treatment and remission), and try to keep up on the topic.

By running the Hunger Games?

Trump seems to have more time for his "enemies" than he does for the people that voted for him. He craves attention, weak or not, he feels empowered by the attention he gets from his fans liking and retweeting his tweets. So we know he is weak and pretty much a big coward too, but he will keep tweeting about his "enemies" and reacting to every perceived slight and he will feel vindicated by the amount of attention the tweets get.

I completely disagree that Trump is a master manipulator. He's a reactionary who doesn't think before acting. That's why he repeatedly finds himself in lashing out fiercely against anyone that criticized him. A master manipulator wouldn't blacklist well established media outlets because they printed something critical. Nor would a master manipulator make fun of a disabled reporter.

The Republicans' scheme to overload Wednesday's news to cover up their vote to proceed with repealing the ACA is media manipulation. Trump could never devise something like that on his most lucid day.

Like the guy with the thirty six hundred dollar tie would do something like that.

Puffer fish puff themselves up with water.

He won't quit he will just cry about it on twitter and blame everyone else like he always does. It is the true trait of a narcissist, take all the credit and none of the blame. When thing are going great is is ALL because of him. When things start to go to shit it isn't because of decisions he made (those were great, the best decisions, nobody has better decisions) it is because of everyone else.

The new apprentice doing badly? It isn't because people don't want to watch washed up B-list celebs doing stupid shit, it is because Gov. Schwarzenegger isn't as good of a host as he is.

Russians influenced our elections and made him look better and Hillary look worse? Nah, Hillary is just a low energy loser that deserved to lose.

Exactly. He is the walking stereotype of what the Republican party convinces its voters they can be.

The problem with that logic is that Drumpf doesn't give a shit what the commoners have to say, even the ones that elected him. They mean nothing to him. Pay attention to what riles up the right-wing talking heads the most, because they understand what drives Trump just as well as their counterparts on the left. We need more celebrities like Meryl Streep to stand up, more socialites, more business leaders, more prominent journalists, writers and thought leaders, etc.

Unfortunately, that's not going to happen right away because aside from celebrities, these are people that stand to personally lose a lot by butting heads with an aspiring autocrat like Drumpf. It's going to take brave people standing up first, so the less-brave are able to follow.

He's like a puffer fish. Tries to act big when he is intimidated, but its all just air.

Out of genuine curiosity, why does everyone think Ivanka "gets it" or that she's above it, somehow? I'll even admit that I used to feel similarly, perhaps because she comes across, by comparison, as a little more calculated and not as reactive--classier, more poised.

But she's stood beside him through all of this--even through the pussy-grabbing comments that we all thought would surely put the nail in this coffin. Honestly, what has she done to be considered the brains?

Nailed it! I think he might quit or get even more crazy if after a certain period of time his polls get even lower.

"With great power comes great responsibility" - Uncle Ben

It's going to take brave people standing up first, so the less-brave are able to follow.

Thanks Bernie Sanders

found it: https://twitter.com/geoffgarin/status/815200027538767876?lang=en

You can be a multi-billionaire AND a babbling racist idiot!

I think we make a mistake by assuming most of Trump voters are the Breitbart-reading neocons who buy into anything Alex Jones feeds them. The people this stuff needs to reach are the right-leaning-but-still-mostly-centrist voters in places like Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio... the kinds of people who do get most of their news from CNN, or maybe the local nightly news.

Of course CNN is one of the worst when it comes to getting distracted by Trump tweets. Gotta make that shit entertaining, yo! GOP nominations are not entertaining. -_-

EDIT: Also Fox News. But even Fox comes across as even-handed when compared to the yahoos over at Breitbart or some of the alt-right rags.

And somewhat paradoxically, only the strong are comfortable appearing weak. For example, insecure people like Trump seem to hate admitting that they don't know something, whereas the truly confident (and intelligent) have no trouble confessing gaps in their knowledge or abilities.

He was incredible as Lego Batman. Legendary performance.

Come on!

You say fuck Trump voters and reach out to the people who are on the fence. Which, given his approval ratings, is most of them.

The man has the social intelligence of a child and further more that of a bully. Bullies aren't good at being nice so nobody likes them. Then they notice that they can bully people and other people will be nice to them. They are actually afraid and being nice to the bully keeps them out of trouble. The bully however thinks people actually like him and keeps on bullying. Most bullies will see their error when they grow up and change their ways especially when it gets harder to bully people because the other people grow up and won't stand for it anymore. Trump however has created a bubble around him with yes-sayers (because you can easily bully people with wealth and power) and has never changed his ways. If there was a moment in his life where he would have hit rock bottom and had to rely on other people to help him he would have realized he never really had any friends. But the man got a small loan from his father so...

But Trump won. They don't understand. There was supposed to be unity by now, with both sides giving up their old divisive ways and proclaiming unwavering adoration to our god-emperor Trump!


Not at all. I am suggesting managing the president like a silly (but big!*) dog that loves the people who give it treats, but sometimes needs to be sent to the doghouse.

*He is going to be POTUS after all, hence "big"...

Yep. Making politics interesting is difficult but still John Stewart, John Oliver etc have done it so we know its possible.


This isn't fun anymore, get me the fuck off this ride.

That was my thought after he got the electoral votes. He has put himself in the one single place where he can't do what he wants. His own hell.

You're getting a glimpse into how a racist mind functions. Racists don't stop for a second and self-reflect on their hypocrisy and double standards, their brains simply tell them, "This president is black, he's illegitimate and worthy of constant disrespect and derision. I'm white and p̶e̶o̶p̶l̶e̶ ̶b̶e̶l̶i̶e̶v̶e̶ ̶I̶'̶m̶ rich, so I will be respected by all and hailed as a savior of the country," and they charge ahead with that belief without a moment's hesitation. They simply believe that's how the rules of the world are supposed to work.

Did that and will do daily for the next four years.

Well, they both came by their hair in an equally dishonest fashion, maybe

Give Franklin a kiss!

Who knew a spoiled rich kid could turn out badly?

And a small inheritance of more than 100 million.

People with Borderline Personality Disorder (if that is still a label) have had success with Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder simply isn't ever going to go into therapy, and knows better than the therapist anyway.

My guess is as brain imaging gets better, there will be more effective treatments of various sorts.

Because she's a 35-year old blonde woman who is poised and attractive enough for TV, and by comparison she doesn't offend the public. If people accept her, it gives the impression that they aren't "just"/fundamentally anti-TrumpTM and thus lends their criticism of DJT more weight, esp. among Republicans or other/reluctant supporters.

Big paws, huge paws, nothing wrong with the size of his paws.

"Hey momma, can a blathering idiot narcasist like me ever be president?" tears in eyes "You can now Jimmy!"

Gotta love how he denies mocking the disabled New York times reporter, even though there is clear video evidence that has even been archived by news networks and the internet. Now that's post truth!

Frankly dems should still be writing policy and submitting it directly to the people. Massive media blitz.

GOP has no replacement for ACA? Fine, here you go and here's why it's better.

Want to create jobs? Screw coal, here's an alternative energy program designed to retrain workers and boost jobs.

Show people you're the responsible, progressive party full of real ideas to help real communities - and watch what happens in 2020.

So far, he still seems to think he can do whatever he wants. Absolutely no effort to absolve his many conflicts of interest besides his standard lip service distractions and hope that people will just forget or stop paying attention. When someone finally tells him "no" on something, then I'll believe he's not having a great time power tripping on the world. Right now I can only assume he's on cloud nine thinking he just became king of the world.

we're going to look really fucking dumb as a nation

I think that ship has sailed.

But he knows he's at the top of the pyramid.

He was certain that all of us (not just Trumpsters) would look at him in awe. We'd think of him as though he was the leader-priest at the top of a Mayan pyramid cutting out the hearts from living victims one after another with a stone dagger.

Well, the Mayan stuff is my projection. I doubt Trump even knows what the word "Mayan" means. He probably thinks it's a version of the girl's name Maya.

Recently I watched the documentary "Évocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie (2012)". In one segment the word "populism" was discussed among a few of his producers. They could have been talking about Trump himself. I'll paraphrase what they said:

He played "the angry populist." "Populism" is actually about envy. All cultures are basically pyramids and there are very few people on the top. And all the people on the bottom are kind of angry. "Why am I not a star? Why am I not such-and-such? The reason is that the system screwed me." It's the system. It's not me. It's the man that held me down. He tapped into that.

He was given a "loan" of 1 million in 1975, and by 1985 owed about 14 million to his dad / dad's companies

1 million in 1975 is about $4,557,321.77 today adjusted for inflation

My favorite one of Gob behind bars: "I've made a huge mistake"

I read the emails from both the DNC leak and the FBI case and I got to be honest, there is not really much there. Clinton writes emails like a 11 year old ("pls print", "handle this") but besides that I actually came to appreciate her more after reading them. The DNC inside baseball stuff sucks, but Bernie was never really on team Democrat and this is politics for the highest office of the most powerful country in the world. Some leaked debate questions? That's the best they could do?

The real damage of the Russian leak was that it reminded the American people of the word "email" and was how it slowed down further communication by the DNC (more in person meetings, etc) not that it exposed this deeply corrupt party.