What Nico needs to do if he wants to win the 2015 title.

What Nico needs to do if he wants to win the 2015 title.

Isn't such magnificent mustache considered as an active aero though?

I think he should do it. Move himself away from the britney look.

Keke had the best stache in f1 and I'd hope Nico got those genes.

well he already tried winning half the amount of races as another driver and that didn't work.

Nice moustache as well, but more of a dad stache.

Only if he smiles.

The thing about Nigel's moustache was that, as Jeremy Clarkson noted, it was basically interchangeable with his eyebrows.

Graham Hill had a great tash

What about Mansell's stache?

F1 community should totally put some effort into making this concept viral.

Twitter hashtags, signs in the stands, no shaving when podium, etc.

What people often forget is that the most amount of wins by any driver in the 1982 season was 2. So yeah, he only won 1 race, but it's only 1 less than everyone else.


Shave costs*

Nico's only chance is to win the championship the way his father did

Wow. I've never thought he looked much like his dad at all but the stache changes everything...

Unfortunately facial hair development is frozen to save costs.

Yeah, that's incredible.

Now he just needs about 50 lbs...

So Ricciardo growing a mustache would be banned by the FIA immediately?


You must be fun at parties.