What League of Legends Looks Like to Colorblind Players

What League of Legends Looks Like to Colorblind Players

I'm not colorblind. It's the 92% of the population that's colorblind.


This Blitz Esports channel is just killing it lately.

I don't understand, it looks the same as it always does

I'm not colorblind but I always play with this mode on. Am I missing something?

I think I have some bad news for you..

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Who's to say my purple is not the right purple?!

As a colorblind player, this makes me happy that a content creator is raising awareness and knowledge about this.

Great video and sharing it around because it illustrates the issue really well. Every new champion and update now has color blind reviews before we release. We started this in earnest after Tahm Kench. We still mess up (Kled had quite a few challenges to solve even after release) but we do make it a priority. Keep giving us feedback - as you can see from the video it's really variable so we can miss something and not know it until you tell us.

Same. The only reason I have colorblind mode on is the yellow hp bar. I like it a lot lol

This is one of those videos where I had no idea how much I wanted to see it until I saw it, very cool video.

I did the same. The yellow personal health bar helps me follow my champ better. Never looked back.

philosophical question

This is actually a deeply

The colorblind mode. And I'm definitely not colorblind.

I started switching to on when I played Singed and I prefered the blue smoke over the green one. This was a few years ago. Now I can't go back because I just like these color pallets more.

Yeah it is. All the abilities and particle effects they mention i struggle with. The biggest one was when TK first came out.

Heyy vHere Michael sauce

That was everyone's problem.

The biggest problem for me IMO was the release of the heart seeker ashe skin


Relevant user for sure.

Fun fact 1:

Genetic red/green colorblindness is super rare in females, but not so rare in males. This is because what causes the colorblindness is located in the X chromosome.

Because females have 2 X chromosomes, if one is defective, the other one compensates for it. In order for a female to be colorblind, BOTH X chromosomes would have to be defective.

Because males have one X chromosome, they're out of luck if it's defective. This is how woman can pass on the colorblind defect without actually experiencing it themselves.

I got a Y from my father and X from my mother. Men can only pass on the colorblindness to their daughters, who can then pass it on to their sons (I.E. Men can pass on the colorblindess to their grandsons). This is what is actually happening when people talk about a trait "skipping a generation."

Fun Fact 2:

They can measure the severity of the colorblindness.

This might be a little hard to put into words, but....

You get like 20 circles of colors that slide into a clear bar.

You start with one already in the bar, and the goal is to add the circle that is the closest to the color in there. Repeat until finished.

You should end up with a nice gradient.

The evaluation is the numbers 1-20 in a circle. Imagine a clock with 20 numbers instead of 12. The doctor starts at 1, and the colored circles all have numbers on the back.

If they are correctly ordered, they will be in numerical order.

So the doctor starts at one and draws lines connecting the numbers in the order you arranged them.

If the patient has perfect color vision, the evaluation page will have a single line in the form of a circle. Imagine drawing a line around a clock.

If you don't have perfect color vision, lines will cross through the face of the "clock." The amount of crossed lines indicate the severity of the colorblindness. How neat is that?

Slightly Annoying Fact:

Telling anyone you are colorblind has a 100% chance to cause that person to quiz on the colors of every nearby object.

my biggest problem was invisible nidallee spears. Glad they fixed them

Though I guess those who have it probably wouldn't know any better.

We do, most of the time. I have sever deuteranomaly (I only recently discovered that there are degrees of color deficiency). -deuteromaly is deficiency, deuteranopia is absence. My doctor says I'm just about in deuteranopia in a practical sense.

I think I typed something out here and deleted like 15 times. It's difficult to word, but most of us can see certain shades and know what color it is. Like...hm...I can see that limes are green. Probably not the same green you see, but green for sure. However, most of the trees/bushes/foliage/etc near me all blend together as the same fade brownish color. Pure greens and pure reds we can see. The difficult comes when shades and tints are added in. Once you start adding white, black, or grey, it gets tricky.

I cannot pick out "fresh" leafy greens from the supermarket because I cannot tell when they are starting to turn brown. But I do know they're supposed to be green because it's common knowledge. So in a sense, we do know better in some cases. But I guess that only really applies to things that have universally known colors. I cannot count the times I've blue clothing/accessories/notebooks/etc only to find out they are actually purple.

I agree. Their interviews with the pros and casters have been top notch as well

There is software that reviews it, Photoshop modes that compare, but the biggest find is usually through lots of playtests. We have quite a few color blind folks who playtest every day and suggest changes.

Man colorblindness looks pretty bleak, Though I guess those who have it probably wouldn't know any better.

Also it must being super difficult to manage solutions since there are so many different forms of it.

He probably needs some infowars water purifier.

I cannot see Taliyah's worked ground on half of her skins


So... on a single skin?

I cannot see Taliyah's worked ground on half of her skins

So... on a single skin?

Is it accurate?

What mode? If it's just the League colourblind mode, the video shows the changes. If it looks like when the video is showing colourblind versions of SR, you might be colourblind.

But if someone is colorblind, did they really see the video? :thinking:

My screen's grey 90% of the time anyway

Found the colorblind player.

This is... an odd thing to try be elitist about...?

Thanks for the support! Let us know anything we could improve on that front. :)

I always have more of a problem with her tankiness than the spears tbh.

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A lot of people like the more vibrant colors of colorblind mode. I use colorblind mode cause I have protanopia, I forgot Singed has green smoke until I saw this video

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TIL I was actually colorblind.

I mean, having a green hp bar on a mainly green map isn't exactly the easiest to see.

I really wished this type of video for so long. Really interesting.

This is why I did it as well

I mean the topic is pretty philosophical. Just because balding sauce man made a video on it doesn't make it less philisophical.

Rip Sneaky

Can you elaborate what that color blind review looks like? Do you just ask a color blind person if it looks fine, or is it more scientific than that?

Don't need to check HP if you don't loose HP.

As a colorblind, you expressed it well. Shades are a bitch. Fuck'em.

tell riot, vsauce, michael here

Well if your HP is loose you better make sure it doesn't run away!

There are two big ones that they didn't call out that I feel like definitely need to be addressed even in colorblind mode:

1) I cannot see Taliyah's worked ground on half of her skins. Often with colorblindness, things are hard to see. On a few skins the circles are actually invisible to me.

2) Lux ult is very terrain dependent...especially some of the elementalist ults.

The Taliyah one is honestly game breaking for me.


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Probably sometime soon, but first: what is time?

Even Sneaky eyes are bugged. Poor guy.

I also play with colorblind mode on despite not being colorblind, and I honestly forgot that Singed's smoke was green until this video.

Yes, just a little bit differently from what others see.

Their app is really good for following esports too.

I have been thinking about this topic for the longest time but never did try to find a video talking about it lol. Thanks for linking it.

If you count her original skin, she has 2.

This is super interesting, thanks for the share! As a developer - even if not directly on visuals of League, it's really insightful to see what kinds of things to be mindful of when it comes to accessibility.

Well then I leave

found xpeke's alt.

Yeah I always thought he was blue since I've had it changed for years.

I'd assume that both versions would look the same to the person with that particular type of color blindness.

We don't even need colors to run the Gauntlet!

I always wonder if everyone see's a color their own way. Like, Two people see a flower, they both see that it's red because we were taught that the color they see is red. How do we know that we both aren't seeing the color in completely different ways?


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Oh man I feel that annoying fact.

"I'm colorblind."

"Oh yeah what color is my shirt?!"


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You used to be able to customize the color of your health bar in the config settings. You might still be able to.

In a much more crude sense, I asked this same question in 9th grade biology. The teacher ignored me and I got laughed at. I'm glad that I have follow up 15 years later.

That was fun to watch.

i second this, their mobile app is excellent

Thank riot for fixing it

I think how do I know that you and me see the same colors the same way when you and me see. Is my red blue for you, or my green your green too? Could it be true we see differing hues? And say we do- then how would we discover this fact? And even if we did, would there even be any impact? I don't think this would affect us personally, but I think it would have ripple effects through the interior design industry.

Like, does it look the same as he sees it? Or does this version look even different for colorblind people? Lmao

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I always hate seeing the first images as a colorblind person because they look the same to me :( its quite upsetting

You can simulate the most severe versions of colorblindness pretty accurately just by manipulating/transforming the colorspace of an image. For example, here are two images comparing the effects of colorblind mode on Tahm Kench's gray health. I made this for another comment in this thread using a script I have to automate checking images for gross colorblindness-negligence. I imagine Riot uses some automated checks to ensure there are no absolutely terrible color choices, and then uses play testers with slight to moderate colorblindness for further testing.

Edit: just refreshed the page and saw the /u/RiotBrightmoon replayed to you.

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TIL this is a thing, brb downloading


How would he know? He is colorblind.

Nah, that's for frogs not humans.

Does she only have one lol? I don't play her just against her.

What's weird is that in game for me his poison trail isn't blue or green, it's purple. I play with color blind mode on. But watching the video its very obviously blue.

Yes I didn't see any difference in almost every comparison.

Old but gold

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I just realized that I have f.lux on my computer, and I watched this on my phone, which is probably why it happened.


that the entire elementalist lux lineup is... extremely unimpressive

Ain't even colorblind but i still think its just chromas with voice-lines

Ugh what about Project Ashe. Brutal

Ah gotcha. Yeah the simulations is what i see.