'What just happened?'

He might as well accept the fact that he will forever be clowned every time he goes back to the gym.

This mans running home to pack his shit and move cities, gotta rebuild his life after that.

1st degree murder.

Source with sound.

I love how he just runs away

Some say he's still running away to this day

You know it's a good video when the camera starts shaking at the end.

I feel like Tyrone is going to be reminded of this every day for the rest of his life, his 1v1 match up against Dave at the rec center. Dave Day, they'll call it. People will be saying, "Hey Tyrone, remember when you straight up schooled that guy Dave, and he ran off the court?"

The moral of this story: White people can be named Tyrone too.


He didn't know where to go, but he knew he had to go

One of those mormon kids again

Sound makes it so much better

It's national now. Dude has to move to a country where technology is sparse.

I wish I could hear the audio for this

I love the scream and run black people do when they get excited. Never gets old.

Love how the cameraman does too!

We learned that in the 1930s and somehow forgot recently.

Without his Jordans, which were left in that spot


Fixed that for ya.

Nope. White cop. Black “suspect”. /s just in case you never know with reddit

Michael J Fox's videos must be great from the start then.

Overreacting is fun as fuck

Ask and you shall receive.

The classic Maury exit.

I loved how they made their backstage a maze so the fleeing individual would inevitably end up heaped in a corner in some weird dead end hallway. Every. Fucking. Time.

"You can't fall for that dummy!"

How do magnets work? Nobody knows!

I heard that North Korea will take any basketball player.

From the YouTube comments

the son of man didn't come to be served, but to serve

I learned something valuable today

I think fucking around at work and the rise of the gif are somehow related.

"Hit 'em with some yum yum sauce!"

The chalk outline at least.

Why is this a thing? I see it so often in videos and I don't understand why.

I’ve always wondered why black people start running in every single direction the second a good punch line is dropped or something cool happens.

I came into this thread with my own personal prejudices, and feel that I've left a better man.

I could hear this gif

Suddenly remembered that he had to go home and study

I love how the game shuts down for a considerable amount of time after that dunk.

Oh shit

Can’t say he’s not dedicated to his art

Seriously one of my all time favorite videos!

Police brutality.

A good breakdown https://m.imgur.com/gallery/IVMpc

That just means God saw it too. Bruh can't even go to church no more.

I thought it was illegal to own black people.

Mormon missionaries are prohibited from playing full court basketball by the church. Only half court is permitted. The more you know

I am fucking dying at “bloingk.”


Oh shit this is the Howard County police department. I used to live in Howard County and it's the same department from this basketball video

White people be like "fuck, that was cool". Black people be like they just saw David Blaine pull a card they picked, right out of his penis vein.

"Unarmed black kid runs from cop shooting."

Mormons have a super power where they just crush on everyone in full court basketball, and to submit someone to such a crushing defeat isn't very godly. So, unfortunately they are prohibited and must only play half court.

Like how they react to street magic.

"Ohhhhhh SHIT!!!"

The fact that’s the first thing he does after getting played like that and not looking back makes me laugh.

This is sort of fucking terrifying

Can respect a man that Tyrones up to his mistakes.

I needed this video, although I knew exactly what I was going to hear when I saw the gif. “Oooooooooooooooooooooh!”

I would do that little dance every single time I see him.

Looks like a cop.

Do not play full court basketball.

Do not play basketball in leagues.

Do not play basketball in tournaments.

You may play half-court basketball.


Pretty fly for some white guys.

Did those heathens finally accept Jesus after incurring all that wrath or what??

"Bloingk" may be the purest form of a basketball onomatopoeia I've ever read. Thank you.


But he just got schooled...

How exactly is a Rainbow made? How exactly does the sunset? How does the posi track rear end on a Plymouth work?

It just does!

That's police brutality if I've ever seen some

Relevant Image

The guy recording chased him all the way outside the building. I wish he would've turned around and seen the cops reaction.

Paid leave.

And there's always a couch in said corner for them to awkwardly do a semi-squat on.


Teacher or mormon?

It's like a positive feedback loop for hype

WHY ISN'T THIS HIGHER UP. So much better than the gif, I can't stop laughing.


Reggae plays



They were howling at the moon, man. I watch that whole video every time its posted. also rewind on each dunk a couple times.

Shut it down. Go home.

All we know is, he's called the stig

That's some bad juju, fam. The oddness isn't in black people running away. It's in white people not running away.

Steven Colbert's middle name is Tyrone

Bonus fact, Tyrone was one of the kingdoms of ancient Northern Ireland

You call that shit, and your ass will get beat by everyone, including but not limited to your own teammates

Shoes off he ded

Little late but I have a quick story for you that kind of relates to this.

When I was 12 years old, I started boxing and stuck with it till I was about 20 years old. I had a real good friend (who would later turn out to be my best friend) in the gym. We were both pretty good. Very fast hands. I had a nasty left hook and right cross. He was more of a complete boxer than I was though.

Anyway, one summer when we were 16, we had a guest trainer who was going to be training us for two months. He was living in his summer home for that time. He trained pro fighters in California. His two grandchildren were staying with him for the summer as well and they came to the gym with him to get a workout in.

The kids were around 12 and maybe 15. Tall, lanky, long hair, skinny white boys that both wore glasses. I say white boys because that’s just how we thought back then. Just like these guys in the video said “we thought they was just some white boys” (They can’t play ball)

Anyway, we get done with a quick 3 mile run and speed training, circuit training and the usual deal to get us all tired out before some of us spar. Then we get to it. Who was going to spar one of these dorks and try not to seriously hurt them? My best friend got the call to suit up and get in there with the 15 year old.

Now, my friend is no push over. He was golden gloves, pretty damn quick and could sure handle his own.

Before they start, I heard the guest trainer tell his grandson something the effect of, “Now take it easy in there. I don’t want you going all out. Remember, control.”

And that’s when it hit me. Being a bunch of dumb ass kids and not being able to see passed our own inflated heads, we didn’t realize that these skinny little bastards were cold blooded fucking killers in the ring!

Yeah! The same guy who trains pro fighters, and was now training us for the sport of it, has been training these kids since before they could say their first words. And they were good. I mean, really fucking good! It almost wasn’t even fair. That’s how good they were. Very advanced fighters.

This kid was cutting the ring. Throwing ghost punches to make his opponent fade the other way, then catch him with the opposite hand. Pivoting and ducking so fast that it was impossible to keep up with him. I saw my friend get toyed with. Like a cat toys with a mouse that it caught , right before it kills it.

I thought to myself (Fuck that shit!) and spent the rest of that hour trying to not make eye contact with the trainer so I didn’t get called on. I’m pretty sure everyone else did the same thing that night.

TLDR: Never judge a book by its cover. You just might be humbled.

Edit: OK, maybe not the quick of a story.

Shit goes down at 1:05...

Honestly he reacted the best way possible. If he would have just died inside and stood there defeated, it would have been way worse. He clowned himself and ran around with everyone. It’s all gravy. He’ll definitely be reminded about it though haha

60.) Never be alone. well shit.



AND1, the good old days

He died?!

Fine. Onomatopeiat.

I don’t know if he can ever go back to that gym

my dream is to one day do something that makes a group of black people scream and run in excitement.


For that last question, I’d like to call up an expert in the field of general mechanics

For that last question, I’d like to call up an expert in the field of general mechanics

Damn now I want to have a lil white baby and name him Tyrone "little feather" Nguyen.

I love the whole cameraman chasing the murder victim down to antagonize - there should be a subreddit dedicated to this - probably already exists...

I like when they run all the way to the couch and then collapse on the floor in front of it.

I don't even know what this was referring to but it's awesome

Incoming title when this gets inevitably reposted:

UnaRmEd BLacK MaN GeTs ShOT oN bY PoLiCEmAn