What if Mueller catches Trump — and it isn’t enough?

What if Mueller catches Trump — and it isn’t enough?
What if Mueller catches Trump — and it isn’t enough?

Then we’ll either take to the streets or passively accept that this country is beyond redemption.

Edit: I hope it’s the first one.

Then, quite simply, America is done as concept and a country. We were founded as a nation of laws, not men. The great American experiment will have ceased due to failure. And it will have deserved its death.

Unfortunately the dying throes it goes through will most likely reverberate throughout the world... but that's possibly a lesson for everyone else to learn: Never let one nation gain this much power again. For it will surely go to their head one day, for it will cause every one, and every thing... great pain.

TL;DR: Shit's fucked, yo.

Agreed. If Mueller is fired or if evidence is so damning and congress does nothing I am taking to the streets.

People have given their lives for less gross negligence against democracy.

Then, like we say in France, on sort la guillotine.

Does the GOP really want to set a dictator prescedent for this clown. Really? Donald Trump? Really? This fucking dumbass spray-tan con man who throws everyone under the bus and just always says the wrong thing? In what fucking universe is he worth completely destroying the united states for? Get serious and get some priorities

You’re not alone. This whole presidency has been a complete disgrace to the history of this nation. Trump is a draft dodging, tax evading con man who has taken money from Russia money laundering schemes... the fact that ANYONE in America is willing to look past this is absolutely shameful.

I sill can’t believe that people who consider themselves Americans are willing to sink this low because they’re terrified of what progressive liberals want to do.

Congress is in active cover up. Both the house and senate intelligence committees are well aware of the Russian influence, campaign assistance, and financial assistance, they all benefited.

If you watched today, they are brazenly trying to discredit the FBI. All in lock step and in assistance with conservative media.

We have on tape Ryan admitting it a year ago. They know, they are covering it up, and they are aiding in obstruction of justice.

If Mueller is allowed to continue, more than the Trump inner circle is in trouble, half of the republicans will be charged for conspiracy.

No doubt about it, we are seeing an internal war and coup take place, and as the courts are stacked every week, we may lose. It'll all be in the hands of the corrupt congress and corrupt judges soon.

But Enon wasn't running the country with help from a complicit political party supporting it.

I truly hope that if/when Democrats regain some power, we're able to pass legislation that puts more checks into place, as well as puts into law some things that have previously relied on mere decency.

But I want it to be done by all parties. There needs to be a strong coalition of Congress, Judges, Lawyers, and Citizens, designed to significantly strengthen our democracy. Like the Founding Fathers, but something new and revitalizing. The Constitutional Coalition... or something. It needs to be by the people and for the people. Senate confirms all participants with a 2/3 majority. No lobbyists.

Otherwise, we will fall into this put again one day (assuming we ever climb out).

Edit: We could be living in an exciting time if you take a different view. A time of American rebuilding. We will have witnessed the near collapse of democracy and rule of law, only to scrape if back together and make it better and stronger than ever. From a global embarrassment to a global model.

Hey I can dream.

More and more the Republican party is looking like something you'd find in /sub/definitelynotrussians

Mueller took down Enron. If there's something there, he'll get him.

It’s not about Trump. It’s about the talking points. See, this downward GOP spiral began with mainstream conservatives bending to the worst of the frightened far right post-9/11.

I think it started as them appeasing what they thought was just a fleeting dust up of nationalistic fervor... but it spiraled, and right as we were on the brink of a Political sea change (2007), the bottom fell out of the economy due to their failed policies, and they were fucked.... but not entirely.

They had one sliver of hope to rise from the ashes. Pissed off, middle aged white people who were now even more susceptible to the amped up nationalism and latent racism that had fueled the GOP for the previous decade.

The tea party was born, and they shed the skin of the Republican Party. The leaders who made that first deal with the devil were now largely gone, and the monster took on a life of its own.

So now, it’s a party controlled entirely by talking points. Policy doesn’t matter. The incumbents know that if they don’t barf out the red meat these seething, slobbering SOB’s want to hear, someone else will gladly do it for them.

Sorry about your Olympic team, Dmitri. Hope you can still enjoy watching the athletes competing under the neutral flag!

"A man's rights rest in three boxes. The ballot box, jury box and the cartridge box."

-- Frederick Douglass, who's done an amazing job and is being recognized more.

Threatening to shoot people on the internet, good for you

as well as puts into law some things that have previously relied on mere decency.

Ah yes, the regular "Reddit, what rules do you have at your job because of that guy?"

Only "that guy" is an entire political party.

You're not going to let people take to the streets? As in stop mass protest? Good luck with that one

Don't waste it on Reddit anyway. They love Russian trolls because it brings in the drama and the ad dollars. If you had the money, spend it on something for yourself, or a donation to a worthy charity.

Clinton was impeached for perjury about a blowjob. That's the standard. Trump should face impeachment for anything more than that. And we all know Mueller will find more than that.

But I agree. It's looking less likely that the GOP will impeach.

If you take a swing at the king, you better not miss.

Nah, it indicates we'll protest for a short while, then go back to our lives.

Advocate for rational ideas in a persuasive manner. Vote. Encourage others to vote.

I wonder whether Mueller ever in his wildest imagination thought that the people trying their hardest to justify Russian election meddling would be Americans.

IT WONT BE ENOUGH. Take back the house and senate or we're fucked. No matter how guilty is, he will not be removed unless it's done by retaking the majority.

You think? We have a president openly colluding with our biggest international rival to overthrow the results of a democratic election, who openly brags about rape, tries to set up racist laws, doesn't understand a thing about international diplomacy, mocks disabled people, supports pillaging foreign countries, wants to torture people, and wants to kill innocent women and children civillians in war populations to "send a message", and an entire major party of the USA supporting literally all of this to give tax breaks to billionaires...

And I'm the one being dramatic?

Dude. If Trump doesn't go to jail, America is fucking over.

...and Enron wasn't able to rely on a friendly judiciary (in this scenario, that would be the Senate) to refuse to convict, which is what I predict will happen, even if the House votes for impeachment.

Me too. And it makes me so sad and furious at the same time.

I use to dislike republicans based on their ideology and social issues. Now, I despise these treasonous fucks with every ounce of my body.

Aux armes, citoyens!

You're assuming the election will be secured from tampering. Interesting.

It’s the way literally every revolution in history has started.

A question that's been plaguing my mind. Trump's skewing the law in his favour. His base is low now, but as history tells, that might not be for long. Does anyone believe conceal and carry is anything more than galvanising his base against 'meddlesome priests'? The one thing I would say is, before anything, try reason (and in it's absence, get creative). The Intelligence, police, even political forces are on the side of the people. For now, but not much longer.

Well I think it's pretty clearly laid out in the Declaration of Independence what the founders expected us to do, if that happens is a whole nother story.

What was Jesus' favorite kind of gun?

Nail gun

I'm right there with you. Enough is enough.

no it's not. If we catch his hand in the cookie jar and people SHRUG. then it's about his personality rather than rule of law. That's it. America as a nation that takes itself seriously is done. Perhaps we are there already.

What was Jesus' favorite kind of gun?

Born December 7, 2017. Look at the person pretending to be a big man making a throwaway to troll.

Flynn doesn't take a plea unless he's beyond screwed AND has something really significant on POTUS, Trump fam, Pence, GOP leadership, Sessions (or all of them). Otherwise, why not just get POTUS to give a pardon and get rich as a conservative darling?

Who's talking about her except you?

If the women’s marches and the science marches indicate anything, we will die fighting until the end.

We vote him out in 2020 and hope the DNC will reach out to rural Americans this go round...

We vote him out in 2020

It's really this simple.

But what if it isn't?

A poll found that 52% of people who identify as or lean Republican said they would support postponing the 2020 election to ensure that only eligible citizens could vote if it was proposed by President Trump.

Every time we think "there's no way that Trump could do that, it's so craven and obviously a violation of the law".

But then he does... and nothing happens.

I've been reading a lot about the rise of the mafia state in Russia. What facilitates these types of kleptocracies is that the people in charge just do it, and then beat back the people that object. They thrive in a country where everyone is too cynical to think that things could ever be better.

We may have already witnessed the last free and fair election in the United States. (Don't ask me which election that was, I don't know.)

Liberté, égalité, fraternité!

Hard to swing at 300 pounds of orange lard in a suit and miss.

Any misfire will be purely political and the people have a way of shutting that down. If we want to. If we need to. If we are willing and brave enough.

I hope we pass the test, should it come to that.

It won't be. We already know that. Even if Mueller finds a smoking gun as it were it will not be enough.

Why do you think the Democrats voted against articles of impeachment? At this point they cannot win that fight. Til 18 and ideally the democrats sweep all the seats (unless gerrymandering makes it impossible for them to secure enough seats regardless, which is a possibility at this point) then and only then is impeachment a viable possibility. Only then would Muellers investigation actually be able to accomplish anything.

The Republicans have already set their standard and at this point NOTHING will knock Trump down to them. He can practically do anything and not lose his supporters. They've hitched their wagon to him for better or worse. They are going to try to vote a pedophile into office for crying out loud. That should tell you everything you need to know.

see: Nazi Germany

You need to sign up for the protests that are pre-planned and queued up in the event Mueller is fired: https://act.moveon.org/event/mueller-firing-rapid-response-events/search/

Great post.

If McConnell wasn't raising my taxes, I'd give you gold.

Do you honestly think that only Trump supporters have guns? Or that everyone who supports this idiot would be absolutely fine with those of your ilk shooting up their protesting countrymen? I think you haven't the first idea what a "real American" is.

Reason will never work with people like Trump and his supporters, they create their own reality and believe everything else is fake, so you need to use strenght to force them to understand, sadly that's the only way i see if nothing else work.

Single most important amendment*

That’s literally your opinion and not fact.

Most perfect document ever created

That’s also your opinion, let me offer mine. It is not the “most perfect document ever created”. If it was indeed perfect at conception it would not be a living document and therefore would be out of date. If it is to keep up with the times so to speak, it would require amendments that change or improve the constitution. Why fix it if its not broken. You’re clearly a fan of the 2nd Amendment, did you know there are more amendments? Did you know it was originally not part of the constitution? Did you know that it’s widely scrutinized as “out of date”?

Rational ideas have their limits with trump voters and people like Trump, you need to realize that and quick.

reach out to rural Americans

yeah, that'll work

Can't obstruct impeachment when you've been charged as an accomplice

taps head

I think they also see Russia as their ticket to 2018 and 2020 power. If they haven't colluded yet they will be colludin' soon. They don't want the gig uncovered.

We burn this mother to the ground and start over.

Off topic (only kind of, this may end up being a documentary) but I would watch the fuck out of a movie where Bush and Obama are the leaders of a guerrilla underground resistance movement against the US government.

It hasn't even been a year and he has two indictments and guilty pleas of flipped assets. This thing is on overdrive.

I've thought this too. Really wish W would come out firing on all cylinders against this bullshit and where his party AND country have gone to show its ok to acknowledge we messed up. He's given a few quips of criticism but not enough for how bad this is. Hopefully soon.

Well not only that, but protesters just get beat to shit and arrested in this country.

Probably more productive to organize in other ways.

I would hope in that situation that a USSS agent would just put two in the back of his head.

Im pretty sure he's got Trump on tape commiting treason after today, they're just nailing down all the rats before they start the perp walks