What do you like to do during the dungeon run loading times?

What do you like to do during the dungeon run loading times?

Personally I've decided to tour around China, currently settling in Shenzhen, might need to pop back to UK to play the next match soon though.

Quite good. My wife brought me dinner.

Before loading, I was not married.

I've decided to get even fresher coffee than normal and have bought a piece of farmland in Ethiopia, moved there, planted some arabica and currently waiting to see if the coffee beans or the dungeon run will be available first.

I'm playing my Dead Man's Hand Warrior deck on another device.

I just finished writing the next ASOIAF book, took a few years but it was worth it

I have conceived a child, his first day in middle school is monday

Man, you're loading times must be even worse than mine

Do tell when the coffee beans are ready, might head over there between the next round to sample your coffee, maybe we could some coffee shops set up in China with the links I've obtained after years of travelling?

OP asked what you do while waiting for a Dungeon Run to load, not what you do while waiting for the heat death of the universe.

You win this thread, friend.

Contemplate my life choices and make up an excuse for my financial manager on how i spent 1000$ on a card game.

Should have gone with Chad Media.

At first i wanted to ask you if you are truly GRRM, but if you say you've finished writing Winds of winter, then you cant be him.

Play? I've had no issues with the dungeons runs so far, all are 3 - 5 second loads (On PC in NA). Had to remove hearthstone from my phone awhile ago due to the growing size.

It's called a "wife" in layman terms

Ah so one magic deck?

Sound like a good plan to tap in to the growing middle class in China, I've also managed to set up an extensive export plan so we should be able to make enough money to buy a full golden collection at some point in time.

Oh good, It's not just me then. Thought Virgin Media were having issues.

A Pamphlet of Ice and Fire

With a budget that low he might have to make some tech choices though

a) Too confusing for new players

b) That sound is the spirit of the loading wheel

c) The technology isn't there yet

Wondering a) why Blizzard didn't put in a visible queue count for this, b) how I can mute this grating loading sound looping over and over and over, and finally c) why my only choice of cancelling and go to another play mode is to exit out of Hearthstone and restarting it.

I've been revising for a test which I probably wouldn't of revised for tomorrow without these load times. Thanks Blizz

I’ve constructed a 50-foot replica of the Taj Mahal from my toenail clippings.

Does it actually load eventually? I’ve tried a few times, assumed it’s completely broken and given up.

If you dont mind I would like to be part of your venture as well. I have set up a shipping company while waiting for the next boss. We are currently activated in 20 counties, and by the end of this run we expect to have full control of all shipping lanes.

Me neither. I haven't had any issues at all.

Edit: Playing in an iPhone 6 and not having issues either

Yeah just wait. It takes 2-5 minutes each game for me...

GRRM, but if you say you've finished writing Winds of winter, then you cant be him.

Opening my old scars here. I honestly dont get how somebody can be this slow at writing. Unless the book ends up being 5000 pages.

Turns out to be 230 pages.

Been playing all morning and haven't had any issues. just timed it and i was around 8 seconds. Doesn't seem very long to me with a mediocre computer

i studied buddism and became enlightened, then was reborn in a new life, currently living a less exciting life in which i spend my time waiting for the dungeon run

Based on your name, I guess you are Furiously Fapping?

Nothing because they only last 5 seconds max so I just wait

Oh fantastic. I'm a partner at a large shipyard based in India. Since I've started the dungeon load time I've commissioned and received three oil supertankers and two commercial supertankers. I say we go big or go home. With my fleet we can import the ever living crap out of coffee to the Americas.

A lot of us appear to be getting 2-3 minute load times. Somewhat frustrating with the early bosses that don’t even take that long to beat

True, he really should be ready to play a second game before the dungeon run.

I've been playing on my iPhone 8+ and have had zero issues with dungeon runs. NA here.


Same here. Playing right now. It's pretty fun.

50 pages, mostly bullet point lists of major events.

With 200 pages describing food of course.

Because he no longer wants to write. Not really, anyway. He feels bad about it, but writing is hard work, and his life is way too good for him to muster up the willpower needed for it.

Paying him for GoT before the books were finished was a huge mistake. It's probably the biggest reason why the series will never ever wrap up.