What are your thoughts?

What are your thoughts?

Zoe Saldana played Nina Simone, because one drop is enough, can America just admit they like black people as long as they're not Too Black. I promise I won't get mad

I don't have the mental fortitude to worry about every little fucking thing in 2017

"I'm totally okay with -insert oppressed minority here-, they're fine. Just, I don't like when they get too -insert oppressed minority here-."

Plays have a long history of not casting due to looks or even race. Maybe that's not the case here but just historically it's never been a big problem in plays for actors with very different looks to play the same character and is one aspect of theatre that actors love. The performance is above all else.

who could say no to this?

Hell yeah, you're trying and that's what matters.

Brazil and blackness have some deep deep history/baggage and this shit so so f'ed up.

There are men and women who are Lupita dark and self-identify as White or Non-Black Brazilians despite being descendant from slaves.

The legacy of colonialism in south american was far more successful at making large swaths of POC dis-identify with their own heritage than it has done in the US (which is something else because I imagine we've all met a few Uncle Ruckuses...)

Now when movie execs make these calculated decisions on purpose it makes it even more difficult for dark skinned people to find acceptance in a very prejudiced society. Withint the context it's almost like culture vulturing in that it's shifting a factual entity (beyond the realm of reason) to fit the aesthetic of virtues "people" deem worthy of praise.

It's a god damn shame like.

Actually it's not, you have to be willing to make yourself uncomfortable, not flinch or get belligerent at compliments or touch, accept that you're not being preyed on any more than straight men prey on women, rn I'm watching Will & Grace and calling out worse homophobia, it's not waving a rainbow flag but I'm not there yet it's a gradient.

It helps normalize it, I won't feel so weird if I slowly lower myself in, TV Shows, then making friends of acquaintances, little things

I agree with the concept but feel that biographical works enter a different realm.

White Othello =/= White MLK y'know?


Brazil? I thought "Rio" was Rio De Janeiro

How you just throw millions of people you don't know into this dumbass assumption.

Just trying not to get nuked and eat on the regular ;_;

Mila Kunis knows Portuguese?

Same way I'm still homophobic, hard to work on

Exactly. Race issues in Latin America are a totally different from black American's. There are so many systematically brainwashed people in our countries. It's sad.

Most Dark Skinned African American Men

The Americas

That's a fair point. It would depend how big of a role race plays in the play/story.

Gay people are just people, not weird aliens who you need 'to get used to'. Will & grace DO NOT represent gay people/culture AT ALL. A gay person could be anyone, your best friend could be gay but still act exactly the same. That's why this is so funny to me

I don't know anyone who calls them just "America." The Americas, North and South America, but not just America.

Its not like they cast Taylor Swift or Uma Thurman.

Casting a latina woman to play a latina part really isn't the worst offense there is. Chadwick Boseman is lighter-skin than James Brown, but he played the hell out of that part.

LMAO WHY are you watching will & grace like that's the official gay show and will cure you of any homophobia

Seems like a pretty easy thing to work on.

Idk not all latina women are equal and latino media has been white washed for a very long time. And being the same race shouldn't automatically make these things okay. For example, Zoe Saldana being cast as Nina Simone. There are plenty of talented actors to cast someone who looks similar.

Yall must have forgot when Mya Rudolph played EVERY black woman character including Oprah for several years on SNL.

And yes i know her mom is minnie ripperton.

Okay, Brazilian and carioca here. That's fake news or really old news. Brazil is extremely racist, but right now the backlash of casting a white actress to play a black and very important figure to the black people down here would be very very big. The blacks are way more woke here, that kind of bs wouldn't pass. #peace

She will on her birthday.

She really doesn't tho, Kelly cute asf

Check your family check the relationships of the males you know and then check Black Males relationships and crushes outside the U.S. there's a reason Beyoncé surpassed Kelly Rowland and it's not just singing ability.

Lol, that analogy makes no sense.

100% agree because like you I think it's fantastic when different races/genders are introduced to stories because those decisions can enhance at best and have no ill effect at worst.

I've heard it mostly in the Spanish speaking world. In Spanish you have the term 'estadounidense' which is someone from the United States, and 'americano' which is a person from America.

Edit: and probably the portuguese speaking world as well.

There's nothing wrong with their preference, just don't come at me like I'm wrong

Categorically not truth, most Mexicans understand that when you say americano in the border or in relation to somebody from the United States, you are referring to a citizen from that country, but most Mexicans dislike the term used that way and prefer to reserve americano for people from the whole continent. In Spanish, we say Estadounidense for people from the US.

99 cent store Mila kunis

This may be an unpolular opinion but I don't think there is anything wrong with playing another race as long as it is done respectfully. Everyone is like "we're all just people" but then get pissed when races switch. That kinda kills the umbrella of everyone being the same

This is some bullshit, perhaps they should re-cast please.