What an idiot

What an idiot

It has an extra chromosome due to flame vaccines

It's not word for word but I was talking about my fire pit gloves and I said they're flame retardant and my friend goes just be careful who you say that around it might be offensive to some. That was to much to put in a meme though

I don't want to believe that anybody actually said this. it's kinda funny to think someone was this dumb. good made-up dumb thing though.

Yeah, they must be retarded or something.

Just to be completely anal, your gloves would be 'flame resistant' not 'fire retardant'. Fire retardant describes various chemicals used to contain or extinguish fire (like in a fire extinguisher).

But yeah someone thinking that the phrase fire retardant could be offensive is ridiculous.

If something makes something else slower then it is a retardant. If a person has an IQ less than 70 then they are literally retarded. She is merely figuratively retarded.

Please tell me you explained what "retardant" means.

They have shots to prevent homosexuality?

It has an extra chromosome due to flame vaccines a lack of oxygen

It has an extra chromosome due to flame vaccines

I think the gloves are +3 flamer resistant

As an adjective, fire retardant means not susceptible to fire. Your definition refers to the noun.

"are you retardant?"

Heck, I used to work with the mentally handicapped and, on their paperwork, it literally said MR client. Mentally retarded. No one found it offensive. It wasn't being used in a negative way. It was used in a clinical sense. People need to learn the difference and the true definition.


So like if you wore them while you jerked another guy off that wouldn't be gay? Right, right guy?

Counterfeit fire retardant glove manufacturers