What a difference 8 years can make.

What a difference 8 years can make.

Just a thought, and stick with me here:

Trump doesn't have to be reelected for it still to be eight years later.

Crazy, I Know

I never realised Trump's eyes were blue before. He's usually squinting so much you can't even tell. I had to go through quite a few images on Google to properly check if the last image was right and that he did have blue eyes.

Brutal... he came in guns blazing with the hillbot insult and the 5 stages of grief reference... and you tactically disarmed every word. Won't be long before he deletes the comment.

Bullshit! His hands cannot grow that big.

There are ten articles there for you to ignore and hide from.

I'm just here for the Karma.

But in all honesty if they get Trump it will be on financial charges. Otherwise I dont think they will.

What do you mean EIGHT years?!

Hey, maybe we should be nice to him. He's only been on Reddit a month and Russian is his first language.

If we’re being honest:

Sources: Mueller has evidence Cohen was in Prague in 2016, confirming part of dossier


Here’s some explanation and sources for you, per /u/poppinkream

Confirmation of the trip would lend credence to a retired British spy’s report that Cohen strategized there with a powerful Kremlin figure about Russian meddling in the U.S. election.

The White House has been telling its allies to go on television and call for the President to fire Rod Rosenstein - an attempt to obstruct and put an end to Special Counsel Mueller's investigation.[1] The rhetoric to fire Deputy AG Rosenstein has increased substantially since Rosenstein signed off on South District New York State led raids on the President's longtime personal attorney, Michael Cohen.[2] Moreover, the manner in which a search warrant on an attorney's office being granted would require extraordinary circumstances. It would require signing off from a federal judge that would need to be convinced that investigators are likely to discover criminal activity. The search warrants would require consultation from seniors members of President Trump's Justice Department.[3] The White House is gearing up to fire Deputy AG Rosenstein as they fear investigators seized tape recordings of conversations between Cohen and President Trump.[4]

President Trump wants to fire Special Counsel Mueller. President Trump asked an ally to go on television and call on the President to fire Special Counsel Mueller.[5] President Trump's former lead Russia lawyer, who recently quit,[6] called for an end of Mueller's investigation.[7] In June of 2017 President Trump attempted to fire Special Counsel Mueller, he was allegedly stopped by White House Counsel Don McGahn when he threatened to resign over the move.[8] In December President Trump wanted to fire Mueller and shut down the investigation again after investigators issued subpoenas for obtaining information about the President's business dealings with Deutsche Bank.[9]

These investigations into the President's closest confidants is not a "nothing burger". Former Campaign Chairman Manafort has been indicted, former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn has plead guilty and is cooperating, Rick Gates has plead guilty and is cooperating and several other campaign aides are cooperating with investigators.[10]

The searches open a new front for the Justice Department in its scrutiny of Mr. Trump and his associates: His longtime lawyer is being investigated in Manhattan; his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is facing scrutiny by prosecutors in Brooklyn; his campaign chairman is under indictment; his former national security adviser has pleaded guilty to lying; and a pair of former campaign aides are cooperating with Mr. Mueller. Mr. Mueller, meanwhile, wants to interview Mr. Trump about possible obstruction of justice.

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2) New York Times - Raids on Trump’s Lawyer Sought Records of Payments to Women

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6) CNBC - John Dowd quits as Trump's lead lawyer in special counsel Mueller's Russia probe

7) NBC - Trump's attorney John Dowd calls for end to Mueller probe, cites firing of McCabe

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Sir, please leave the attempts at comedy to the professionals.


He'd actually have to do some work fot his hair to go grey, that is if his fake hair can even go grey.