We've known since Season 7.

We've known since Season 7.

And the name in the back is "Marquez" as in Gabriel Garcia Marquez the author of Ted's favourite book "Love in the Time of Cholera" (EDIT: or at least an author/book that is recurring on the show) which, if you read the very interesting theory on here earlier today, is a story that roughly parallels that of Ted, Tracy and Robin.

I'm beginning to feel like we're idiots.

EDIT: The post in question: http://www.reddit.com/sub/HIMYM/comments/22d4l6/how_i_met_your_mother_is_a_retelling_of_teds/

HOLY SHIT. The mother was in Ted's teaching of Econ 305.

305 is Octal for the ASCII representation of Å, also known as Angstrom

Angstrom is not only an anagram of 'am strong' (how Ted and Tracy must convey themselves during her final days), but 'r amongst' (she's still with Ted in spirit) and 'sang motr' (olde Nordic for 'the mother is bass player in a band')

Holy cow the foreshadowing is good.

keller means tracy in spanish. Holy shit.

Holy shit I think you are on to something.

If you take 911, which of course is 11 when added up, and devide it by Tracy... you get "this is a sitcom" which, of course, we know is code for look deeper.

Holy shit.

Can confirm am professional Spanish

I just thought he liked the book. I haven't read it. Urgh, this is like 'The Sixth Sense', once you know the twist, you look for the clues.

I've been trying to make out the name, looks like the last name is Keller and the year of death is 1838

Another picture

I've been trying to make out the name, looks like the last name is Keller and the year of death is 1838

There was a less subtle hint in season 8, when Ted imagines walking up to Tracy's apartment. He tells her that even if he met her ten minutes earlier, it would be worth it because it would be ten more minutes he got to spend with her. I knew for sure then what would happen.

I think a lot of people, myself included, hated the ending because the pacing was horrible. The story would have been fine if it hadn't just been OhSorryMotherIsDeadLookTedIsWithRobinNowBYEEEEE!

I'm sure that there are way more "subtle hints" and whatnot that foreshadow events of the finale. Once people start seriously rewatching the series, I'm sure even more things will come up like this.

That happened in 2020 while she was still alive, so no.

Well, would you look at that. It's been in front of us for two seasons. If you're confused, look to the gravestone to the left of the image

Of course, the pro-Mother brigade tried to shut down anyone who said that. "It's just because he loves her and he's lonely!"


If only that was not exactly what this post is implying...


Or once you know the twist the clues become more blatantly obvious than they already were.

I really hope, no matter your thoughts on the finale, that there isn't an "anti-mother" brigade.

My words to the letter.

The most professional Spanishst I've ever seen

You do math funny. He finished his story in 2030 and they said the mother has been dead for six years so she died in 2024.

He is professional Spanish; can't you just believe him?

Maybe, under the name "pro-robin".

He is also the author of One Hundred Years of Solitude, the book Ted was reading on the train where he saw Jeanette reading the same thing.

No, any time his nose bleeds he gets an erection.

Yeah I didn't mean that it was literally her tombstone. She wasn't dead at this point in time. But I think that there's some significance to one of the front tombstones saying Mother, or maybe I just want it to be significant.

the part where ted asks where his wife is while high??

Youuuuuu sunnovabeetch.

god dammit, that took me way too long. You're an asshole. Well done.

Agreed. They should have got the wedding out of the way in the first episode and given us a whole season to love her with Ted.

What a valued opinion from someone who didn't watch the finale.

tracy means the mother in italo-finnish!

This was a really good post. You just wanted to say that because other people always say that on these subs. You're unoriginal, kid.

In the exploding meatball sub episode, there is a flashforward to the future with Barney pretending to be on his death bed and the whole gang is there. Neither Barney nor Robin are wearing a wedding ring.

It's not her actual grave. It's a foreshadowing. ..

Assuming people didn't understand it is silly. They told us the moral in giant neon letters. Explaining it won't make people like it. It'll just insult them and then they'll make an indignant reply like this one.

Tombstone on left says mother

Hindsight is always 20/20. Everybody who said that seems stupid now, but expecting the mother to be dead back then was a bit of a stretch.

I mean the show did just have its finale. So people are gonna be talking about the ending. You can't go into a bar and get mad because there's drinking...

That was in 2020 according to the episode. If Ted met the mother in 2013 and they had at least a decade together, the mother wouldn't be dead at that point.


No, anything that makes it into a shot is deliberate. Someone had to design and sign off on the sets and everything in them, and since they had this ending in mind from very early on this is definitely an Easter egg of sorts.

No one picked up on it because, as /u/dakboy said, it's not exactly uncommon for a headstone to read "mother."

I'm not doubting you, but that's a damn shiny modern gravestone for 1838.

Seriously. Guys !!!

I gave you all the upvotes I could, which is one.


Major hint!

...HL3 confirmed?

The whole season, episode after episode, kept repeating time and time again how Robin slowly realises that Barney hasn't changed and that she should've ended up with Ted

The continuous "just what a bride wants to hear on her wedding day" The episode with Robin's mother The episode when Barney escapes and Ted spends the night with Robin (there's only you, etc) The locket Both her and Barney had cold feet, even at the altar, and would've both escaped if it wasn't for Ted and Marshal telling them off.

The season was about three things: Ted moving over Robin, Robin appreciating Ted, and establishing the mother with the gang.

If you weren't satisfied with the ending I think things like this should change that. They tried letting us know much earlier on and we didn't realize.

I must be missing something here. Anyone wanna help?

I realize because it's a television show that the headstone is shiny because it's a prop, but some people place money in a trust to cover headstone expenses and care. A popular example I can think of is Lizzie Borden who placed $500 in a perpetual trust to care for her father's grave at her passing. If the original stone were to be broken, the trustee would choose a replacement.

I mean yeah...the mother dying has been planned all along. We knew that. But the story still just doesn't fit. It seems like this would have been cool if the story had actually been written well. Like I said, we already knew they knew the mother was going to die so this isn't very shocking. What is shocking is that they included this, yet did not develop the characters in such a way to make the finale feel adequate. (I don't care about arguments of "that's not how life really is" --to me it was supposed to be a sitcom, not an accurate depiction of life)

Ditto transformed into /u/mcoal3

well seeing how Ted keeps pining after Robin. The story was clearly about them getting together, the fans just didn't want to believe that. We assumed we were being misdirected. People are strangely bad about this sort of stuff. They can be told exactly what is happening, but they'll assumed they're being lied to if its not what they want, even when they're being told the truth. In all truth there was no twist to this story. The story was very straightforward.

Because Ted lives in the moment

We rest our case.

Well that's the least she could do after the whole axe misunderstanding...

wow how did we all miss this!? The Mosby Boys would have done better, fucking Teddy Westside...damn I really miss this show, Ive watched the finale 4 times now.

RIP in peace /u/sXcInsignia.

We've also known the name of the mother since season 1 episode 9 with the stripper.

"I'm Amber."

"I'm Ted"

"Actually, I'm Tracy."

"Still, Ted."

And that, kids, is how I met your mother.

There are so many little things like that hidden throughout all the seasons.

Yeah, but let's remember that people also tried to project some bullshit about how Ted's mother dies from Vesuvius. That was a stretch.

Mine as well.

Márquez also authored Chronicle of a Death Foretold which is kind of a major hint


Can you link me to the theory?

It would be McConnell, not Keller.


Rest in peace in peace.

My thing with that is, in season 1 and season 4 (or 3, I forget) it was possible that Victoria or Stella could have been the mother. Their names weren't Tracy. I think they just used that as a fun bit to tie that scene to the finale.

Because instead of going from 2030 you went from 2013 and added a decade which is wrong since they've been together for 11 years technically. Don't get so bent out of shape, Jesus.