Well this is awkward....

Well this is awkward....

There once was a dog at a game

To steal my food was his aim

With puppy dog eyes

I gave up my fries

But now I have internet fame

What kind of savage doesn't order a good boy two rows up his own meal?


Thought the timing was odd since the Mariners aren't in the playoffs.

A lot of MLB and minor league teams have "Bark at the Park", "Dog Dayz of Summer", etc. promotions where dogs are allowed.

Good eye!


Just point in the other direction and say SQUIRREL!

"I'll trade hugs and kisses for your French fries?"

little does he know, I love to do both.

But he's sitting like a good boy

Ohio here :)

Welcome to Washington(? I think. Looks like a Mariners game to me.)

Edit: definitely Mariners game, Ichiro jersey a couple rowd down from the dog.

Ohio was a good place, haven't been in a while but the memories were good.