Well there she has it.

Well there she has it.

Hahaha nice. £Metoo

I always read it as 'number'

Same here

Hahaha nice. LbsMeToo

Renumber the Alamo!

"defines Millennials as born from 1981-1996"

Actually it is the mellenials that are doing both sides of the campaign.

We have a long way to go before they become 'too old' to keep up the campaign

Happy cake day.

Personally I’ve always used # as a number sign. It’s mainly the cooks that I know who use it with a lbs or pound meaning—likely because they use a lot of low increment weights.

Millennials are adults, and my hope is that they will fix the myriad of screw ups that the older generations have planted before them. This movement’s identity is largely from that generation and not the millennials, and so is the poorly thought out slogan.

Just imagine how funny it would be if it was instead #him.

Except the part where the “#metoo” crops up is largely in an environment where people understand the concept of the hashtag? Do people forget that millennials are now adults and not a bunch of teenagers?