Well, that was awkward.

Well, that was awkward.

So what she's saying is that his newly acquired white privilege makes perfectly formed men want to blow him. Racism.

Incidentally, this is worth reading on why all the SJWs are idiots about skin tones in fanart.

Absolutely, with the Greek deities I wouldn't be surprised if that led to my death from a vengeful God.

ITT: half the people didn't even read the explanation

Uhh…that last image isn’t from the Aladdin film…It’s from a porn comic. It’s been cropped, in the full image he’s being blown by Hercules.

Would you turn down the opportunity to have a greek hero go down on you?

This is almost as good as the horse dildo/burnt arm thing...

Probably didn't follow the link because RES and thought they had the whole story, missing the joke entirely.

Facts and reasoning have no place here, fecalmarquis.

How dare you try to bring in something to the conversation that's clearly represented and well thought out‽

Plus, with how much they get around, its almost guaranteed VD.

How am I supposed to enjoy this if they use those awful fonts for text?


why do your own research and make a valid argument when you can just post reactively and assume everything that pops up on your dash is true?

Does anyone have a link to the porn comic? You know, for science?

You'd be surprised at the number of bull and goose STI's going around Olympus these days.

Funny thing is that was an actual argument a tumblrina used in response to the thorough explanation post by Bryan Konietzko. He/She/It didn't give a fuck that he actually provided RGB values for the skin tones, and comparative pictures showing different effects of lighting and color comparison. Kya's skin tone was obviously lighter in some scenes, therefore whitewashing. The fucking cognitive dissonance in that episode of tumblr was staggering.

"I didn't do it myself, I just publicly endorsed it!"

Huh, that's some fancy pubes.

it's not their fault, they never posted it in the first place just reblooged it (yes i have heard this argument from SJWs when they get called out for misinformation)

Who got the bright idea of using that text. They may as well have used wingdings.

Avian gonorrhea is not a joke.


Well, Hercules did have some male lovers in the actual mythology...also explains why the vest is barely on.

Thank you. Science was done today. Glorious, glorious science.

I'm pretty sure in the actual book aladdin is chinese. Lemme go ask wikipedia.


Yep. Chinese. Way to make him brown and white respectively Disney and unnamed pornographic artist. Shitlords everywhere.

if you read the reblogger's reply he claims it's actually a still from a porn comic

either way, lighting is most definitely the correct answer

How could this trick anyone? Canon Aladdin doesn't have nipples!

Prince Ali, glorious he, Ali Aba-bwaaa

Genu-flect, show some respect, get down on one kneeeee...

I wasn't sure it was in English at first glance.

You know you've spent too much time on the internet when you see two Disney characters having gay sex and think "wow, that font is terrible"

I used to do that all the time... I'll admit it

I wish the mods would add an "RES fail" flair to links like this to remind people to actually read the post.

I think in 1952, VD was victory day.

Aladdin getting blown by Greek demi-god Hercules?

Guess you could say he's a true... demisexual.

And why Aladdin has nipple which were not in the movie. He has a Ken chest in the movie.

Good plan. Crotch Crickets it is.

But do you look whiter while getting blown by Hercules?

I didn't. I just Google Image searched for "Aladdin Hercules blow job" and this was in the first page of results.

Bird flu is all Zeus's fault

It is annoying that RES opens the picture. I forget that it's from a Tumblr SJW sub and I have to click on the link to see what's actually funny.

Thanks, now I need some eye bleach. This reminds me of Amsterdam's erotic museum, with Disney Hansel and Greta porn. The witch was milking penis shaped mushrooms... Grimm.

Well, never getting those two seconds of my life back. Dat font choice tho.

Maybe not in video format, but if you're going to make a comic strip then clearly you were going for some degree of a story. A very slutty story with very OOC Disney friends, but a story nonetheless.

Based 100% on that wikipedia article, it seems its a middle eastern story loosely set in china. So its in keeping to become a western story loosely set in the middle east.

Uhh…that last image isn’t from the Aladdin film…It’s from a porn comic. It’s been cropped, in the full image he’s being blown by Hercules.

AMAZING. Thank you OP for sharing.

The fucking cognitive dissonance in that episode of tumblr was staggering.

i actually read a post in which some said something along the lines "he should have known that we wouldn't know that and explain it sooner if he actually cared about this issue!"

if he actually cared about this issue!

Amazing. I'm pretty sure the only people who give even half a shit about a cartoon character's skin tone are tumblrinas with nothing better to do than bitch about a cartoon made with preteens as the target audience. I doubt a single person in that target audience sits there thinking, "Man, I wish this shitlord had used the same shade for her skin as the other character." More likely their going, "Did you just see that bending technique? That was awesome!"

Reminds me of the famous "I RECOGNIZE THAT GAY BLOWJOB!" 4chan post.

I cant believe you automatically knew that was a horse dildo...

Did you just use the interrobang‽

lol, i can't believe they thought that was an arm. thanks bud.

I recall Tarzan as the first disney animated character to have nipples.

I legitimately didn't think someone would have the proof on hand.

I feel the same way about people with "science" or news articles they find on reddit.

It'll be a link on /sub/science like "Solar panel highways could save the world" and the article will just be like 200 vague words....and that's it.

And then people post that to facebook or something and it gets 15 likes and I have to come in and say "well, lets look at some logistics here" and all the sudden I'm a funsucker mean guy.


Was better in my imagination :(

This is like when they believed that horse dildo was actually an arm of a badly burned black person.

I'm quite comfortable admitting I don't have a horse dildo.

Since public health officials keep switching back between STI and STD, I'd rather just go with the one that was accepted for decades.

What was that?

If we're talking about actual mythology, in One Thousand and One Nights Aladdin was Chinese. I'm not sure how this fits in, but I'm pretty sure it means Disney is shitlords.

"I didn't do it myself, I just publicly endorsed it!"

yeah i saw that on a post where someone was arguing that "99% of rapist are men" and then the source was for people incarcerated for rape... when called out they responded with that, it different words but yes exactly that.

I could tell that just because Aladdin has nipples. He doesn't in the movie. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/7/75/AladdinDisney.jpg

I could tell that just because Aladdin has nipples. He doesn't in the movie.



spits lemonade all over laptop

Somethings simply don't require commentary. Tumblr isn't so much a forum for discussion as a social media site that encourages sharing things with people. Sometimes that includes your thoughts and opinions, but often it just means sharing that interesting gifset you found while browsing #pron.

Thanks for making me look at that again for the pubes. Damn greeks and their currrrls

i cant believe horse dildos exist

No you didn't.

Zeus is pissed that his son is getting all the action. But I'm pretty sure Hera is delighted that Hercules is in the "unmanly" position of being penetrated.

You know, that's one of those things you kinda blitz past. Or at least, never notice until it's pointed out to you.

Take a shot every time an argument boils down to "I don't need your filthy LOGIC".

no, i don't want to die...

Negro -> Colored -> Black, African-American, Of Color

Queer -> Homosexual -> Gay

Progressive -> Liberal -> Progressive

Don't be caught using last decade's words.

The horribly burnt arm in question.

Went to click, thought better of it. Feel like a good person now. Whew.

Wow... lighten up!

Outside of Tumblr, far fewer people are such massive Disney fans as to remember who had nipples, or figure out a well-done still frame is a forgery.

The real mistake here is taking something from Tumblr at face value.

I can't wait for Disney to do a story about a traditional Indian folk tale and see how they try to work with Bollywood's fascination with fair skin.

Thanks, Patriarchy.

I really did. I google 'interrobang' and it's in the first result. Copy/paste.

in the full image he’s being blown by Hercules

Oh... o...kay.

Yeah, I didn't even realize what sub I was in at first. I thought it was an /sub/funny post that wasn't meant to be taken seriously and I laughed.


Actually, I probably look redder.

Eh, no one watches porn for the story, right?

As if that's not still sexist.

Gay sex is misogynistic, because it rejects women from actualising their sexuality.

oh god no... no no no lol.... wow...

i cant believe that is a real thing

You can't just say something like that without linking.

I probably don't want to see that link, but I think we need it, for science.

SnapShots: 1, 2, Readability

... I don't know why I clicked that.

I always notice if male characters have nipples in any animated work, only because it's such a rare occurrence.

No really.

Jesus is that in Hebrew or just a weird font?

Dude, it's not like I said I tripped over a gold ingot. I spat up lemonade. Really not that exciting.