Well I know what I'm doing this weekend.

Well I know what I'm doing this weekend.

The surprise emoji that someone posted seems to indicate that this is a big fucking deal.

RemindMe! Check out grandma's sick new profile picture

*wow react


Update. She changed her profile pic three times and didn't give anybody a chance to anticipate the update.

Update. She changed her profile pic three times and didn't give anybody a chance to anticipate the update.

ROFL (reacting on Facebook lots)

Glad Monday is Labor Day. I'm going to need an extra day after my excitement for this post subsides.

the hype is real

Old neighbor died last week. Lol (lots of love)

Crap. Now what am I gonna do with my weekend?

RemindMe! 7 days

I hope it's those little yellow ones. They are funny, those little yellow ones.

OP you better fucking update us

Go see U2 with grandma.

I forgot that I get an extra day of anticipation!

FB statuses are the mixtapes of the grandma generation.

RemindMe! 168 hours

The ! Goes before RemindMe

This was so much quicker than I expected, I guess my weekend just opened back up


Posts 4 copies of badly cropped profile pics of a mildly confused emotionless face

I love the Wow react because it's an easy way to show sarcasm when I'm too lazy to think of something to comment.

Hm well I still got the confirmation message so it must be interchangeable

Maybe it's known or suspected that there's been a dramatic change in the person's appearance.

...Oh, who am I kidding?

Those pickachus are so cute!

Prepare to be sued by the Fine Bros

Oh God. U2 tickets. Now going from the edge of my seat to the edge of the toilet.

I admittedly use the "wow" reaction to show support to friends on topics I know nothing about. You got fourth place in that hobby you do? Is that good, or were you totally robbed? If that's good, feel free to interpret it as "Dude! Wow!" and if it's not, then "uh...wow."


whenever I react with that emote, it's cause I'm meming

Probably because it was more than likely getting banned in subs.



"I made spaghetti. It was good."


Order more profile pics.

I'm not used to this kind of instant gratification. Milk, Eggs, Corn Flakes, Bread

I use wow a lot because I love the face ... sometimes it's not even bc of wow

ha, Edge.

Does it send you a pm nowadays? I thought the bot normally replies to your comment.

I hope it's a picture of CORN.

OP having her as a friend for no reason could almost be as cringe worthy.

Maybe it's family? Or a family-friend, or work-colleagues?

It's probably a profile that has existed for 7 or 9 years without any profile pic.

Please update us!!!

It's what the old people call The Minions. They seem to be unaware that the movie exists and rather believe that the little yellow ones make the funny me me's.

Who is yellow man?

I'm not sure which is worse at this point


you have friends? wow

Sorry to hear lol

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Those are just the teaser profile pics. The real deal is coming on the weekend, don't worry.

Hoping this is some sort of familial relation?

Hoping is some sort of familial relation?

HaHa!! Good one, can you have your mother bring a side dish tonight?


why are you spamming this link?


Man I already cooked all the food for the watch party and everything.

Ugh, I guess now I have to go to my fiancé's wedding.

Stay posted.

How does green bean casserole sound? Love Aunt Sue and Uncle Murphy

Just broke my phone with ads

harry Potter


Very relevant comment ending


The hype is real!

lol you're kinda an ass

Did you say shitty meme? https://i.redd.it/5418ju4dwkhz.jpg

Did you say shitty meme?

OH, no! Granny's sick again?


Actually Facebook let's you do it when you post a status. I don't know why so many older folks are drawn to it.

In the corner of the frame while obviously looking down at the screen.

LOL (Lots of Love)

U2 confirmed

It’s going to be a fucking life changing experience.