Well Hello, What Have We Here?

My mind....

Her behind.

cause its fun and am free at the moment.

Why the fuck is OP rhyming every comment?

I like it and who the fuck did ask you.

they must have some athletic sex

My front.

How are you becky

rainbow snort.

then live in the moments. Sporange

octopussy squat.

That one was shaky

got any pot ?

conduit .

Half of these don't even rhyme.

10/10 for dedication

2/10 for execution

Here blowing you a kiss.


I don’t get these comments. Orange

Yes it does you pumpkin-face mime.

All along this bloody Jonty Knew.

How many hours have you clocked yet ?

Lmao what

hay not fair , purple does not rhyme with any thing I googled.

This isn't locked yet?

go watch a show by Bill Burr.

I’m upvoting him, because I’m into what he believes.

This is getting interesting. Continue...

I’m watching the OP getting downvotes to hell with every reply he leaves.

It was good fun guys and girls. Leaving for the day. See you later.

that is the fun of it

I give up on this god forsaken word.

He's a bot who's rhymes and is probably purple!

Thank you sir.

Oooo swing and a miss

I think your rhyming has gone askew.

Hey I did that once, not even a gif, just a pic, got butt load of upvotes.

Are you a bot?

That dog in particular.

Aw you dick. Silver

Been searching for a plot to build muh rath on.


they dont like rhymes which are sloppy.


Thats pretty derple.

snore binge.

He nearly smashed her lower back on the edge of the thing, but all is well.

and the tv replayed the Titanic sinking.

That's really quite atrocious.

and that makes us all happy.

Even the dog?

same pinch

You are the man , and make me so happy

Why rhyme one word when you can use an arrangement?


Doo bee doo bee doo

and have in there a frantic masturbating session

Wear a thong



OP is painfully bad at rhyming lmao

Take a bow sir.

door hinge

You got nice puppy.

shows nice ducks

If he wants upvotes, he oughtta just post gifs of Keanu Reeves

Give me something that rhymes with marathon

save it for your keynote.

boo that doesn't rhyme

That didn't rhyme you knucklehead

Pee binge.

and give his dick some monumental shake.

i think your doing great champ, never change

as long as I am here, I dont wanna fuck rue.

"not this shit again"

-that dog, probably

Sure derple rhymes with purple, we all know that, but..

Front =/= snort

What =/= squat

Mind does rhyme with behind, so that one pans out.

Am I missing something? lol

with some incredible tan


and like some thyme and read Miss Murple.

four inch

That's a nice stretch youve got going on over there..........

It'd be a shame if someone........

Boned you... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

OH you are too artsy

if its free, there's no harm.

missing dirt.


Show me a word that rhymes with pavement

Edit: Sorry you're all wrong. The correct answer is:-

And I won't kill your parents and roast them on a spit

who the fuck gives even two fucking hoot.

His shirt showed us his thought process.

I want to be like you!

Everything I wrote here had no other intention but having fun


This would be a great intro to a porno shoot.

G o o d b o y e doin a protec

you know what i want

slow cute slap.

all you need is press rewind.

and so lame if they drank some mountain dew.

Put it on a ring, maybe by engravement?

That playful 'I love you so much' push at the end. Makes me wanna fall in love.

And it's called: "The Aristocrats."

Is telling me nooooo


His shirt...