Well do it live family guy

Well do it live family guy

Why write jokes when you can just remake a famous moment word for word.

Did he ever explain what the issue was? It seemed to me that he didn't understand what, "To play us off." meant.

Based on my understanding of the original video with knowledge from my degree in media1 a degree that has failed me:

The teleprompter had written "[Cut to a sting to play us out]" - to which Bill had a mental breakdown. They had never cut to a music video2 used the term "sting" before, at least while he was hosting. Nor had he heard the phrase "To play us out." He assumed that a sting was something he had to do or say and got upset for being "forced" to do something he didn't understand.

Edit 1: Shoutout to u/MaxPaynesRxDrugPlan for correcting me: A "sting" is also a graphic or animation that concludes a video.


1 I forgot what a sting was, thus making my degree oh so worthless. Sorry for the miscommunication! I promise I'm not jobless and depressed! mostly

2 It's being heavily debated if whether a sting was about to play, a video of Sting was about to play, or if they cut to Sting and they would play in the studio.

The joke is in the context. They could have had Brian do this bit, but they gave it to the literal baby. They took something real that was funny on it's own and gave it a second layer. This is a good joke.

edit: I didn't realize people took jokes so seriously. ;)

Are you a 9th grade English Teacher by chance?

Family Guy being a Fox show makes it even better!

Copied all his face movements too including the rapid wave of blinks at the end lol

Yes, it did. The cameraman's actual quote was, "Sting is going to do ― it’s a video, a Sting video." source

So did it actually have to do with Sting, the artist?

We'll do it live.

To be fair, that is a little confusing. A sting of Sting

Not enough biblical allegory in the explanation.

You're right.

Source: have a PhD in sting theory


Here you'll see an actor doing the same scene. He played it so well you don't even notice he is just acting. He must have studied family guy for a long time to do it so flawless.


you go friend

The problem with the teleprompter was that Bill O'Reilly was coked to the gills and blamed his inability to parse the phrase "to play us out" on everyone around him. The copy on the teleprompter was "Thanks for watching, and to play us out here is a cut off Sting's new album." He was raging because he didn't understand what it meant and felt that changing it "we'll leave you with..." transmuted incomprehensible gibberish into normal language. He was furious that his production staff was so incompetent that nobody else saw a problem with that, and he was being asked to read it.

It never occurred to him that the reason nobody else blinked was that the problem was entirely with him, because he's an irredeemable asshole.

man, people really hate family guy for no apparent reason

edit: these replies pretty much confirm my point. Plenty of things aren't funny, and that's fine. For some reason, this not funny thing gets absolutely shit on every time it is posted.

Like the comment section of Reddit, most of Family Guy's jokes are just quoting the source material verbatim.

Nope. Fox, Fox News, Fox Sports, and FX are all owned by the same company. 20th Century Fox EDIT: 21st Century not 20th. My B


Well I mean Family Guy is basically just 22 minutes of shitposting every time it's on anyways.

Rick and Morty redid a court case word for word, action for action and that got praised. Something about remakes through cartoons make it funny

Man, I am living in Germany, and I loved that bit FG but never even understood the connection. Now I saw the Bill O Reilly scene, and it is so much funnier now. Thanks!

fuckin thing SUCKS!

Guys I don't like family guy, aren't I cool and intelligent? give me upvotes now

Better than that was in the opening crawl to one of Family Guy's Star Wars episodes they ranted about how dumb 20th Century Fox was for handing over all the merchandising rights for Star Wars to George Lucas which ended up costing Fox a fortune down the road and that this was the same company that cancelled Family Guy twice. Basically they said Fox was run by morons.

Honestly? Truth is funnier than fiction. The satire writes itself


Meh. I think it's a lot funnier if you don't know Bill O'Reilly said those words. Then it becomes just a baby losing it as a TV host. But if you know that Stewy's entire joke is that he's a baby that doesn't act like a baby, and if you saw the original O'Reilly clip, it's just an inside joke so you can say "I know what this is from, I'm so cool!", which is fine. That's how memes work generally. But just copying the meme into the TV show word-for-word is basically shitposting on TV. Shitposting is funny, but there's a limit.

This isn't parody it's literally the same scene except with Stewie. Parody would require something to actually be written

simon was jesus

Original sauce for this parody?

But they are still essentially independent organizations. The same way local Fox affiliates can report on the same stories as Fox News but in a completely different manner.

I don't think they first sting theory is right. I think the teleprompter just kept going out and he couldn't improvise the missing words. The only 'sting' mentioned is the artist

Yeah, what was the point of this anyway? This wasn't a parody. It was the exact same thing that happened in the O'Reilly clip.

Did you just insult my 12 year old child?

Honestly though they could just post a video of Justin Roiland taking a shit on camera, title it Rick and Morty season 3 and people would still love it.

Yeah, what was the point of this anyway? This wasn't a parody. It was the exact same thing that happened in the O'Reilly clip.

It's like found object art - the value is in the context.

If you've ever seen Don't be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood, the Wayans Brothers actually reproduced some of the scenes of Menace II Society shot-for-shot, line-for-line using the same no-name actors (Korean store keeper, Kaine's eventual murderer) . There's something about couching those ultra-faithful reproductions of performances in a comedic context that is incredibly funny.

I thought this clip was hilarious.

For those who haven't seen the original.


It's a baby playing Bill O Reily...

Sucks to your assmar

No, that's raw footage, perhaps from the satellite feed. Over the air you would have been seeing commercials during the first freak out and they cut to the Sting video before he freaks out again at the end.

From what I could hear, I'm pretty sure they were referring to Sting the musician the whole time in the original. The producer explains "We are gonna do Sting, yeah" and then "Sting is gonna do a video...for the credits" and then Bill's final version is: "That's tomorrow and that is it for us today. I'm Bill O'Reilly thanks for watching and we'll leave you with Sting and a cut off his new album." I don't think he would say the word sting to his audience if it was for a graphic or animation.

Regurgitation of the same thing over and over again. It has its moments. The first few seasons are good and then it just repeats itself with the same shock humor. Easily digested.

"remember that time when Peter and x and x happened?" queue ridiculous scene with random celebrity

If O'Reilly were just confused and handled his confusion rationally none of us would have ever seen the video because it would be pointless.

The reason the video is infamous is because of his reaction. It's nice that some people provided context/explanation to the teleprompter issue but it's not really relevant to what makes the video popular.

People do stupid, weird, incorrect, unexplainable things all the time. The way people react is often a lot more interesting than the thing they are reacting to.

Nah man you don't understand Reddit's vastly objectively superior sense of comedy.

I love it too. Family Guy was funny, not sure why Reddit hates it.

Seth Mcfarlain is a great voice actor, and this material is quality. What's not to like.

It's even more funny Oreiley has got his comeupance (sp?) .

inaudible yelling at crew

When did parody become a non-valid form of comedy? Weird Al would like a word with you.

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been somethingsomething jackdaws and Loch Ness Monster, McNugget sauce, Morty, buuuuurp, need that Mulan dipping sauce

But they're the same in that they're owned by the same parent company and thus won't sue eachother.

But they didn't exaggerate anything. It's literally just a TV character reenacting the O'Reilly video.

Actually he has a masters in Public Administration and went to Harvard. I don't know many 12 year olds with that level of education.

Which accounts for a third of Family Guy jokes and 90% of a Wayans brothers film.

I think Fox News is a different company unrelated to the entertainment network.

edit: I have been thoroughly informed that they in fact are under the same parent company, although different networks.

It wasn't actually a part of R&M, just a comic-con panel with Justin Roiland.

A R&M fan animated it later on though.

But they did. Consider that the character, Stewie, is a product of comedic writing. He did't exist until the writers created him. His being cast as Bill O'Reilly in this skit is the exaggeration. It suggests that Stewie is an accurate replacement for Bill in this scene, which still works because his character is an unhinged baby. That level of commentary only adds to the joke and is a great way of pushing the barriers of parody. Family Guy gets a lot of hate, and sometimes the jokes don't work, but it's got a lot more 'validity', if that's an actual thing in comedy, than folks are willing to give it credit for.


I think this is the best version of this:

Dont call o'reilly a homo

I'm not a fan of Fox News, but credit where credit is due: Fox Broadcasting seems to give a wide berth to shows for hand-biting humor.

Your attack on /u/JBrad0322's position is clear and polished. I like your style, would you like to become one of Reddit's jackass squad? We roam the threads looking for people saying something that we dislike and then just trash them.

I thought it was a music video by Sting from The Police.

Futurama summed it up best: Twelve laughs a year.

Family Guy is the McDonalds of TV animation. It's there, it does its job, sometimes you really crave it and you can always rely on it. But it isn't exactly doing you any good.

A "sting" is also a graphic or animation that concludes a video.

yeah that's what everyone does why would you need a club for that

None of it was actually live. When he says 'live' he basically just means he'll ad-lib it.

Of course. Bill has a huge ego, and when something like this happens and he doesn't understand, he feels like he's being tricked or made to look like a fool. No doubt that his anger is why the tape even exists. I'm sure there's a zillion videos of show hosts going ballistic but this one sticks out for a lot of reasons. Giving the crew grief, the glorious use of 'fuck', the hair bobbing around, his ability to fix the final take to what he wanted...it's gold. Video gold

Yeah you can hate the guy but calling him stupid underestimates him. It's like George W Bush- all the idiot jokes frustrate me because the guy is genuinely intelligent. You want to respond to people you dislike, take them accurately into account.

It's a lazy and completely meritless joke. Stewie is a baby that acts like an adult -- an evil one. That's his thing. That's what we've come to expect of him. And that's exactly what he does here too. There is no particular 'context', no 'layers' of subtlety. This is just Stewie reenacting O'Reilly freak out, because the writers of Family Guy have stopped caring a long time ago and settled for being random but still unoriginal.

Still laughed though.

for no apparent reason

Just because you ignore all the reasons doesn't mean they're not there.

Was that aired live? The whole thing?

It reminds me of the Futurama episode where all they do is make veiled references to the execs who canceled the show.

So what happened with that lady? How bad were her injuries? The sound she makes is genuinely funny, but I still feel bad for her. :/

Edit: Nvm, checked it out myself. Apparently she broke a couple of ribs and was hospitalized for a few weeks.

Such a insightful comment! Wait... a comment like yours is usually said in every family guy thread, so are you the one that's shit posting now?

I sincerely apologize.

Parody is imitation with exaggeration. This is that.

I think the juxtoposition is supposed to be:

Bill O'Reilly is an adult that doesn't act like an adult Stewie is a baby that doesn't act like a baby

I was thinking of Sting from The Police playing them out with a music video.

Hell, like most of reddit "original content"

This is a great rendition of what happens if you're totally deaf.

Yeah Bill was recreating one of his favorite scenes from Family Guy he is such a cad isn't he?

I still don't get that connection.

Seth puts it in whenever fox forces him to cut a joke without a good justified reason. It's a protest joke and it's hilarious.


I like Charlie Brookers version

and that i assume is where the confusion from bill comes in, he thought they were referring to the industry term sting he couldn't understand why they were ending the piece with a random logo.

Once they explained it he understood but still kept fucking up and got more and more frustrated.

Thanks, that is about what I figured. Whenever something checks that man's ego it always turns into fucking gold.

I personally preferred American Dad, but it really is a matter of taste. Family Guy is like a newspaper comic, the story logic only exists within the episode you are watching. Characters tend to stay the same from episode to episode, but can act dramatically out of character in service of a joke. Peter can afford whatever silly thing would be funny. The cutaways are the highest form of this. They exist just to be funny, and then disappear. It makes it very light and superficial, just like a newspaper strip. Good for a laugh, quite fun, but ultimately only a handful are memorable.

American Dad doesn't lie on the opposite end of the spectrum (that would be something like Bojack Horseman) but it is more consistent and grounded. More of the humour derives from the characters rather than the situations. The story of the show does flow from episode to episode consistently (even if there is no grand plan), and it allows for jokes that rely on that consistency.

I personally prefer that, but that's just taste. There's no accounting for taste. The two shows are really quite similar.

Damnit Dad.....well done.

And with each subsequent comment, my fuck up stings just a bit more.

that's funny cuz it's the same exact thing as the original video. so funny.

Yeah sure. A totally unrelated video with just Roiland voicing the script with some storyboarded animation totally compares to redoing word-for-word an event without ANY spin or alternate take that was aired as part of the main show


show has a talking baby and dog time travel on the regular

They were having problems with the teleprompter or something.

The curtains are fucking blue

They do this all the time


I love it when /sub/squaredcricle leaks


Didn't really enjoy, but I appreciate you sharing what you think is funny.

What episode is this from?


Haha that sound.