Welcome to your new church-police state. Alabama Senate committee approves police force for local Church

Welcome to your new church-police state. Alabama Senate committee approves police force for local Church
Welcome to your new church-police state. Alabama Senate committee approves police force for local...

If this doesn't demonstrate, without a fucking doubt, that christians have ZERO faith in Jesus and do NOT believe in the concept of winning the cosmic lottery when they die....I don't know what does.

To paraphrase Capt Kirk: What does a church need with a police force? Especially if they have the power of prayer and Jesus will protect them?

Can't wait to see their reaction when local mosques ask for approval to create their own police forces.

Knock Knock Knock....." Good morning maa'm, we're your local church police and we have a warrant to search your house for illegal dildos, anal beads, condoms, cock rings, and any literature from mooslums, Richard Dawkins, Charles Darwin or anything not christian. Please have your king james bible and weekly 20% tithing ready for inspection. Here's your maga hat.... god bless you!"

Or Satanists!

The same reason churches have lightning rods on the steeples... lack of faith!

And once again Satan comes to the rescue!

KISS – Kops In Service of Satan

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And building codes. But also lack of faith.

The juristiction of the police force would be limited to the church grounds.

Still, it's probably unconstitutional.

Years ago there was a church in Waco TX that had a police force too. Can't remember what happened to them. Probably turned out fine.

The juristiction of the police force would be limited to the church grounds.

If you think they'll be satisfied with that, and that the Alabama senate won't give them more power if they ask, you are sadly mistaken.

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday approved a bill that would authorize Briarwood Presbyterian Church to employ its own police force. The bill now moves to the Alabama Senate.

Let's hope the Senate stops that.

I wonder what Satanic police uniforms would look like?

A local church here had its steeple blasted by lightning twice, most recently a few years ago, and still doesn't have a lightning rod. It's almost respectable.

Church administrator Matt Moore told the committee that the Sandy Hook school shooting "changed everything" in terms of concerns about security.

so how does a police force increase security more than just security?

Anyone else perturbed that they reference Sandy hook and not the Charleston church shooting.

I grew up going to a church with roughly 6000 attendees a week, and they still didn't need a police force. 3-4 private security guards for the whole building on a busy Sunday morning, and cops from the local pd volunteering to direct traffic. This is some creepy bullshit going on

But they don't check Backgrounds of Pastors So that's faith. BAd luck for the children, but there ya go

What's the matter? Afraid of a little Smiting?!

In Alabama? Good luck

This bill is about sheltering child abusers from the law.

Those churches don't need guards, they need their fucking tables flipped.

SHARIA LAW!!!!!!!!!!

Also, towns like Colorado City have this where fundamentalist sects of the LDS church have their own police forces.

It's worked out great.

If they don't take that opportunity if it arises, I'm going to be REALLY disappointed.

This is about keeping drug problems quiet. This church operates a pretty big private high school, and there was a pretty big drug ring a few years ago. As soon as that happened, this started getting proposed. They want to be able to "handle" issues at the school while keeping it quiet and without the publicity

The things aren't mutually exclusive. None of those people should have been killed, the government completely mishandled it, but they were still a cult. Cults are generally worrisome and reports of child molestation etc need to be investigated. But letting things get so utterly out of hand was the feds fault.

this is not the first time this bill has come up, it was defeated last year. This time it just happens to be getting some publicity

Isn't this the kind of slippery-slope argument we're usually against?

Yeah, but Mormons are crazy. Obviously it'll work with more legitimate religions like Christianity.

I really wish I could be there to see the looks on their faces when Islamic-hardliners eventually start up Sharia Police Forces, which is essentially the Islamic version of what they are pushing for.


Further, oh.

I live in Birmingham. A few years back, there was a large drug bust and the school did their best to cover it up as much as possible. A lot of information, (i.e. number of students expelled) is still unknown because the school is private.

This is just an extension of their efforts to keep to themselves.


Police in Satan's Service

The bible literally says god helps those who help themselves.

Actually, it doesn't. Not literally, not at all. It's one of many things people like to say that the "good book" says, when it doesn't. It's most often seen in contexts when a Christian would prefer to reserve charity for "the deserving."


Christian Sharia Law is where the South is headed. Some of these peoples are straight up scary.

are the USA becomming New Saudi Arabia? Cause this kinda feels like it.

they are afraid that Zeus will be proven to exist.......

And how that staff will be paid for is.... by other people, the Alabama taxpayer!

And the church doesn't pay taxes, so it gets to suck at the public teat for free!

To be fair, this church has 2 schools and 4000 members if I'm remembering correctly. That's a lot of people who could be affected by this.

Piss Off(icer)!

Yup. No difference if given enough time. Next, removal of women's rights. Oh wait...

The entire reason for this happening is that there was a drug ring going on in the school, and they want to be able to keep it quiet/internal next time it happens

ya how is any different from a sporting event, there is a big church near me, they have a handful of security guards for the grounds and pay the police (the officers do this in the off time for extra money) to direct traffic, thats all this place needs they don't need a police force

So basically a little Purity Patrol like they have in Saudi Arabia. But we better kill all the Muslims before they force their religion on us.

Yes, sex toys are technically illegal in Alabama (there's an exception for "health issues", so every sex shop here sells them as medical devices)

What in the fuck?! This is so fucking backwards. Literally church and state

Id like to see the interview. Isnt a police force a public entity? So can the church discriminate and non christians?

A good portion of my family thinks that exact thing: "Islam is a religion of violent barbarians who want to rape your daughters", and Christianity is this beacon of light and morality.

They've been less zealous around me, though, ever since Wikipedia released a mobile app. Something about two thousand years worth of genocide in the name of Jesus Christ really makes them uncomfortable.

A police force with the authority of the state. Run by the church. You don't get how that's unconstitutional?

Indifferent to the morality, inconvenienced by the legality.

Islam is a religion of violence though; Christianity is super chill. Totally different scenarios /s

Generally speaking, private security personnel are just for show. People like you might find at a mall or large department store have no legal authority to detain or really even try to stop someone committing a crime. Corporations would really rather merchandise gets stolen and get insurance money back then have their employees try and grab a guy a risk getting shot.

Actual police officers can make arrests and carry weapons. That's the key difference.

It's probably more indifference than faith.


They'll also need detectives for their police force. Could call them...the Inquisition. Yeah, that sounds good.

This is a basic grasp of the concept of power.

For those that were out of the loop like me:


Depending on the state, some security guards carry weapons and have the same arrest power as a private citizen at the very least. This varies by state on what they can arrest a person for.


What Briarwood is seeking to initiate is synonymous to the School Resource Officer (SRO) concept, which is what most schools across the country currently utilize. SROs are sworn law enforcement officers employed by a city or county police entity who are assigned full-time to a school in its jurisdiction. Some school districts compensate the officer’s department for the service while some split the cost.

While this is Alabama it is also a Presbyterian church and that this is essentially about making sure they have an officer(s) available when needed and deals with how that staff will be paid for.

True. Police are funded by tax payers. If they volunteer their services, then it's fine, but, as I am aware, my tax money cannot go to the police to be security for any religious institution.

I'll just leave this here.

With respect, that's part of the pitch all believers make: "Trust and have faith in this god and it will protect you from all troubles and promise an easy life. Believe in the eventual improvements coming your way with this god's favor!"

Isn't this illegal? I can't see it passing.

So your poorly-communicated argument is everybody else's fault now?

There were concerns about the children, education, access to health care, abuse, neglect and unsafe conditions.

Otherwise, you're essentially correct, although you can't stockpile illegal weapons, even on your own property, and I think that might have been a problem.

And now you can add Alabamastan Police to that list.

So funny how you spin government officials as they very devil himself!

Awww, am I not repeating what you have been told to believe?

The Bible says God helps those that help themselves? Where? Hint: It doesn't.

I never understood why slippery slope couldn't be used. There's a huge difference between making wild assumptions vs simply looking ahead based on current facts and recorded history.

It's literally the foundation of all civilization.

Granted, slippery slope causes issues when factors aren't considered, or in Fox news' case... Completely omitted or blatantly lied about.

I remember Dr. McCoy saying "what does God need with a Starship?" in the fifth TOS movie, but can't think of where Kirk said anything to this effect

Edit: it was in fact Kirk who said this. I don't know if I should feel bad that I got that wrong, or that I'm admitting that I remember something from The Final Frontier...

I can see this being struck down as unconstitutional, they can hire a security force just like any other private entity.

So, first off, I wanted to thank you, as I had to reread up on this to ensure my memory wasn't off.

Second, The ATF was there because they had a warrant for illegal weapons and explosives. If you're curious as to what they had, here's a list. It's...pretty damn extensive. 61 M-16's, 61 AK-47's, 34 AR-15's, and a whole lot more. To quote:

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms investigated David Koresh for conduct involving: the illegal manufacture of machine guns and the illegal manufacture and possession of destructive devices. The FBI report provides evidence that the Davidians' arsenal did indeed include weapons unlawfully manufactured. The weapons listed include semiautomatic firearms illegally modified to fire in full automatic mode, as well as grenades and silencers. All of these weapons were unlawfully possessed.

Third, if it walks like a cult and talks like a cult...

Koresh acknowledged on a videotape sent out of the compound during the standoff that he had fathered more than 12 children by several "wives" who were as young as 12 or 13 when they became pregnant. ("Why Waco?," by James D. Tabor and Eugene V. Gallagher.)

Koresh taught the young girls that it was a privilege for them to become old enough (i.e., reach puberty) to have sex with him.

But whether it's a cult or not doesn't really matter, as it's unrelated to possession of illegal weapons.

Fourth, in the end, it wasn't the ATF that was responsible for the killings:

Although several of the surviving Branch Davidians insist that they did not start the fire, a panel of arson investigators concluded that the Davidians were responsible for igniting it, simultaneously, in at least three different areas of the compound. Unless they were deliberatley set, the probability of the three fires starting almost simultaneously was highly unlikely, according to fire experts. Furthermore, the videotapes show the use of accelerants that strongly increased the spread of the fire. Although one Branch Davidian stated that a FBI tank had tipped over a lantern, videotapes show that the tank had struck the building a minute and a half before the fire began. Also some of the surviving Davidians' clothing showed evidence of lighter fluid and other accelerants. In addition, FBI listening devices seemed to establish that the Davidians were overheard making statements such as, "Spread the fuel," some six hours before the fires began. (Joint Hearing of the Crime Subcommittee July 1995.)

Medical examiners, Dr. Nizam Peerwani and Dr. Rodney Crow, have told FRONTLINE that many of them died from asphyxiation when the intense fire raced through the compound. Others, particularly women and children who huddled under wet blankets in a concrete chamber, were fatally injured when debris collapsed on them during the fire, the officials said. Still others were shot to death, suicide or homicide victims in apparent mercy killings, they said. Both the coroners and some FBI sources have told FRONTLINE that the pattern of most of the bodies was not consistent with a theory of mass suicide.

So why did those 17 children have to die? I don't know. I mourn for all the people that died during that standoff. But whether the government could have prevented it...that's a difficult question to answer.

Ask the B.D.'s why they had gas/set fire all over the place so those kids had to die.

They want to be able to "handle" issues at the school while keeping it quiet and without the publicity

Well, yeah, drugs. But that'll also come in handy for the inevitable sex abuse scandals.

Smite me, oh mighty smiter!!

~ Bruce Almighty~

That happened years ago. They've built an even bigger statue* in its place, unfortunately. This one has a lightning rod, though, 'cause they don't trust God not to take another shot at it, and even they know that science >> God.

*Edit: Actually, reading my own link, "Hug Me Jesus" is 10 feet shorter than "Big Butter Jesus" was. Still seems bigger to me, though, since Hug Me is full-bodied.

Well, now imagine proselytizing opportunities. Under that fucked up law that makes it a felony to yell at an officer. Also, what happens when one of these christ cops pulls you over and despite not doing anything illegal sees something in your car that is considered a sin...can they search your vehicle and detain you while they preach to you about correcting your sinful ways? Refusal to listen to them becomes resisting arrest...

Well there's not so much of a source that I can link to other than I live in the city where Briarwood is

No, litterally never means figuratively, however, sometimes it does mean emphatically, or emphatically evident. In the discussion of contents of a text, especially one that is often quoted, using the non exact meaning is wrong because it strongly implies that the exact text meaning is right.

Reasonable colloquial use is context dependent.

No, it's an understanding of the kind of place we're talking about. There are lots of places in the US where this could never happen.

Well, people who are indifferent don't work so hard to cover things up.


That was the captain who asked that question. The doctor was too torn up from reliving the memory of assisting his father pass on shortly before the cure was found.

how will alleged cases of child abuse be handled?

Quietly out in the woodshed.

secrecy surrounds drug bust at Briarwood High School

Satanists are atheists (mostly). A satanic police force would be awesome.

My question is then why don't they just employ actual police officers? Thats what my school did in lower Alabama, and they have to make enough off tithes to afford to. Unless they plan to just employ strapped congregation members on rotating shifts for free, "in the name of Jesus!" which is actually kinda scary to think about

I guess the answer is buddhism. Yeah, I'm gonna go with buddhism.

Thor is coming down to hammer your pathetic Jesus to the cross all over again.

And torture for the students that don't conform.

As someone in Alabama, churches will just buy up private community properties. Of course, most churches won't do any of this, but the large, fundamentalists ones just got handed a license for an Apostolic or Primitive Baptist equivalent of the FLDS. We already have churches that buy old shopping centers, converting them to have a church, school, clothing stores, Christian book/video stores, and salons to control congregants education, entertainment, and appearance.

The irony will be that the minute a mosque in Alabama uses the exact same law, "the sharia mooslems are taking over! Protect meh religions!" Will be wailed from the rooftops by the same morons who passed this law. I'd like to see every non-Christian "church" apply to have their own police. I'd love to see the Church of Satan get involved, just to see satanic cops give them the vapours.

Continued DUMBING of America.

That's what actual police are for. They go through training specifically designed to handle different situations. All they need is a security detail, they don't need the same power as the police... Because again, that's what the police are for. What possible reason could they need for this?

Nepotism in small Midwestern and Southern towns is insane. You'll not hear about it in the new because they control their local news.

Think of it like how Wal-Mart will fire entire stories and departments to shut up the talks of unions. In a small town if you go against the grain, the town will make it hell for you, your family and any of your friends.

It's illegal to equip or train or pay them.

That would mean they have a right to search cars on church grounds.

No, these cops wouldn't have any real jurisdiction beyond the church's campus. What I don't see addressed is What, if any, investigative, prosecutory and judicial powers granted to such an agency.

In other words, how will alleged cases of child abuse be handled?

You should b watching Star Trek regardless. :D It's an awesome Left leaning show that portrays a future where we appeal to our better angels (no pun intended). TNG is more closely aligned to Gene Roddenberry's vision. Picard's quotes on religion are even better.

There is no way that these officers are going to be paid by any tax money. Briarwood is in an unincorporated part of town, so there's no city to pay, the county already makes cities pay for sheriff deputies, and the state is broke

People like you might find at a mall or large department store have no legal authority to detain or really even try to stop someone committing a crime

That is not true. There are often provisions the law for retail establishments to "arrest" detain suspected shoplifters and others for a certain amount of time until the police arrive. Many malls and department stores actually have holding rooms for specifically this purpose.