Welcome to Greenland

Welcome to Greenland
That's the kind of attitude you get when your country is living a lie

That's the kind of attitude you get when your

Plus, there's the whole Iceland is green and Greenland is ice thing...

Scandinavians are the original shitposters.

I found him!

Unfortunately, he's blurred out now.

I also found what appears to be a 2-seater mobility scooter.

This is one repost I saw already. Have I finally become a true Redditor?

America weaponized it

I like how you tastefully waited at least a week to repost this. Here's hoping you catch that sweet karma train.

Japan perfected it

They invented the toilet

North Korea wants it

No, not until you become filled with righteous indignation over having to look at the same thing twice enough to the point where you backtrack the original post years ago and troll through OPs history to the point of shaming them into deleting their post.

Probably got a while longer to go, I'm not there yet either though.

Australia reversed it.

Great find. Those are rare.

In America we just call that a scooter.

Canada Apologized For It

Does the <3 mean that it's a person you love, or are there less than 3 people you keep in close contact with in Greenland?

France surrendered to it

TIL Vikings invented Fake News.

Don't worry. Soon Greenland will be green. Thanks global warming!

Yeah everyone knows there's 10 days in a week.

Germany made it more efficient

You are freaking me out.

England quietly judged it

Switzerland managed to stay out of it.

Galls-Peter projection

I hate you.

In America, a one seater can actually fit 2 non americans

And Joe Rogan is confused by it?

You made it? I made it.


It was very much a calculated and deliberate deception to name it Greenland. They figured it was easier for settlers to move to a place called Greenland over a place called Vast Land of Snow and Nothing Else.

It's only been 7 days. Not a full week.

This was literally on /sub/all a few days ago though...

Belgians made it into a delicious waffle cookie then covered it in toffee.


"If anyone is out there looking at me right now, FUCK YOU!"

I made it.

The video is reversed. They started with the guy and then zoomed out.

Expect that shot was from street view, which is taken from a car.

A globe. That said there are many that are significantly less fucked that the Mercator (most common). https://xkcd.com/977/

Man, front page cycle time is getting really short.



That depends on what you mean by "accurate". The Mercator, for instance, has accurate relative direction (if you know where you are, you could draw a straight line to where you want to get, and travel along that heading in a straight line to get there - something not true of other projections). This makes it great for navigation, which is what it was originally developed for, and it also maintains shape pretty well, but it's terrible at representing area.

Other projections are more accurate at depicting area, but have to distort shape and/or position to do it. The Dymaxion, for instance, does a pretty decent job of maintaining area and shape, but position is sacrificed, e.g. Madagascar is sliced in two, and Australia appears to be extremely far away from Antarctica.

There is no projection that can maintain accuracy in all three elements of position, shape, and area. Different purposes lead to different elements being more important than others, thus the variety of projections.

I'm almost positive that the "when it was green" is the popular myth, it was named by Vikings and Greenland definitely wasn't green thousand years ago. The version I have heard is that it was named Greenland to make it sound more interesting for new Viking settlers.

Contrary to popular belief (to fool invading armies you know, because people ARE TOTALLY going to invade viking colonies), Greenland is believed to have been named during a time when it was actually Green (just happening to be cold) OR more commonly believed that its name was an intentional tourist scam to try and get colonists in this frozen wasteland which was comparable to Northern Scandinavia (a place NO ONE wanted to live in)

I already have breasts as well, but this doesn't seem to modify sodium levels. There's still a lot we just don't understand about what triggers a casual reddit user and transmogrifies them into a true Redditor (eyeballin' you /sub/centuryclub)

its a repost from /sub/gifs

China made a shittier version

Except Gall-Peters is a terrible projection too. It pulls everything at the equator and squishes everything at the poles.

Robinson is a much better projection.

Or if the shape of continents really concerns you you can always get a globe.

China imitated it.

me too, thanks.

No, there is no way to accurately represent the earth in 2D. The general problem is called "dimensionality reduction" by mathematicians, or projection in the mapping world, and it is (generally) not possible without loss of information.

I guess they just really hate Google.


The Vikings knew!

Next order of business. Why does Greenland got the Green name?

Go fuck yourself

You can still see the gesture in his shadow.

It's worth pointing out just how fucking big Madagascar is. It's bigger than Baffin Island in Canada (which mercator maps would lead you to think is significantly larger than India) and more than double the size of the UK (which is about the same size on maps)

"Fuck you, space telescope."


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Russia hacked it.

That's what she said.

Can confirm, https://m.warhistoryonline.com/vietnam-war/its-true-a-toilet-was-used-as-an-aerial-bomb-during-th...

Do you blame him? It's a confusing ass toilet.

is there an accurate map of the world where the sizes aren't fucked?

edit: I'm not stupid I know what a globe is, I meant one that doesn't have some sizes distorted from actual sizes

shouldn't the colors be switched around there?

Replace 'Snow' with 'Lethal Sun-blasted Death hazards' and that name is acceptable for Australia

But I has boobs...Surely that elevates me already

It was just a really low flying aircraft

Goddamn drunk vikings.

Fastest repost I've seen to hit front page. Last one was 6 days ago.

is believed to have been

more commonly believed

Translation: you don't know.

Reposts are really getting out of hand.

Its not THAT much I dont think. Maybe suicidal thoughts but not attempts.

EDIT: Holy shit your right. Damn...

More Facts on this:

Greenland basically is a big clusterfuck due to shitty colonial history. The Danes really screwed up the way of life for most Greenlanders by forcing them out of most small settlements and into large consolidated one. For example a family living in a village of 20 people would be relocated to Nuuk and put in a tiny apartment. These people were often seen as outcasts in the "cities" for their "strange" way of life. This kind of stuff ultimately lead to insane depression rates, alchohal abuse, suicide, and about every other social problem in the book.

Greenland today is basically 3 parts. Nuuk, the capital which is modern and where most jobs & oppourtunities are. The other cities where there are usually huge social problems and not that many oppourtunities. And then there's the small villages which keep declining but live a more traditional way of life but are still full of social issues. Its a strange but amazing country.

Seriously, wasn't this posted like a couple of days ago?

Dont listen to the neysayers! You actually hit jackpot buddy. The problem comes from the fact that you cannot bend a piece of paper along both the X and Y axis at the same time, therefor a flat square map would never represent real sizes. 

Tearing the stickers of a globus and placing it on the table would be accuracte tho


Dont listen to the neysayers! You actually hit jackpot buddy. The problem comes from the fact that you cannot bend a piece of paper along both the X and Y axis at the same time, therefor a flat square map would never represent real sizes.

Tearing the stickers of a globus and placing it on the table would be accuracte tho

You become a true Redditor when you finally realize that you are the only one on this site, and everyone else is just bots.

Mighty Ducks 2 taught me the truth

I'm done.

I just got more stupid by reading this comment.

It does actually mean straight, in exactly the same way up means away from the earth's centre and down mean towards it (your reference point changes with perfect synchronicity to the ground you are currently standing on) - a.k.a. language doesn't mean the same thing as you might expect if you live your life based on that <relevant class> you once took.

Unless of course you think when the GPS says 'go straight' it's expecting you to take an infinitesimal divot out of the road while doing so - or worse, that you need to counter for the movement of the various galactic bodies that give us our frame of reference and suddenly move towards the Leo constellation at 390km/s (less a combined vector of the current speed limit towards your current heading, of course).

Thank you for this... This scene is really wonderful

My repost is becoming popular?


Becuase he is kind and gracious to his people who do need to do such a lowly task. REJOICE.

India dosent have it

Wow, it's actually pretty big even when you look at it this way.


India ignored it.

How do we know it's not a really fat middle finger, or a wiener?

All I know is that I learned that Greenland is icey and Iceland is green from the Academy Award nominated movie D2: The Mighty Ducks.

There was quite a bit of arable land back then. There were farms there for a few hundred years, IIRC. Then the climate cooled down.

Now it's warming up again. I guess they will start farming again pretty soon.

the other 0.1% is covered by the "and Nothing Else"

I'm most impressed with the precision of the googlemaps user

This again?

Welcome to my downvote.

I fell into a vat of radioactive material. When I came to, I found I had the power to frontpage. And so it began.

Because you can't stick a globe on a classroom wall or show an entire globe on a screen / page.

Yup, showed it to my friend either earlier in the week or last week.

that butterfly map is pretty neat tho

Fun fact:

1/5 to 1/4 of Greenlanders attempt suicide atleast once in their life.

Why would someone who doesn't need to poop invent something for pooping?