Welcome back Andy

Welcome back Andy

Careful Moyes if you overload him too much with info he'll sprain his brain or something.

Fuck it I love Andy and never want to get rid of him

It's less funny cause it's true. :(

If he actually got a brain injury I'd be devastated. I've made myself sad from my own joke :(

Any chance you can really like the whole Arsenal team before Sunday?

When his contract expires we should give him. Pay as you play contract. Take it or leave it because that’s all any right minded other club will offer. He’s worth having for 8 games a season but only if he’s paid accordingly.

Just a random thought, but the players I really like to see playing the past years are Andy, Cazorla, Diaby and Pastore. They are even more injured than Carroll! Do I doom them?

Especially after this game

Andy. Head. ball. in. goal.

I like Carroll and love the moments he has gave us but I just want him to stay healthy so we can sell him in the summer. So if that means not playing him for the rest of the season so the risk of reinjuring himself is lower, then that is what we should do.