Weather Update

Weather Update
Weather Update


holy fucking shit. maybe aluminum pan man is returning.

"Fuck your sunny day" - Zeus

Usually I'd agree but the comedic timing on this one is perfect. We get a freeze frame of her pants-shitting terror face.

the frozen expression of sheer terror was the best part.

Thank you so much 🤧

Oh, I thought it was someone wiping a tear away

There was literally no other good part. It's the only thing that's funny


What is that? Is that a sneezing emoji? Edit: yes it is cause it popped up as a suggestion when I wrote sneezing 🤧 Did the subreddit make you sneeze?

Pan man is kill

He die?

Where the fuck is Twitter to video bot?

liar 🤥

We'll Be Right Back


"Weather update: It's raining rocks from space."

Why does it always have to cut off at the best moment...

Probably taken on Snapchat and she took her finger off the record button when she was spooked

Can people please start posting the Streamable link to begin with? Twitter is an abomination of a media hosting platform, especially on mobile.


Did you watch it twice?

(He survived)

streamable mirror

Someone turning into titan form

"Fuck that place in particular".

0:14 Went from 0 to Ravenholm instantly

😢 to be fair these guys don't have noses

It says he didn't in the description

Imma firen' mah lazar

he's clearly eating cauliflower

ya 10 inches deep in ur mom

Are you kidding? That means he can do stupid for us once again.


Weather update: those rocks might've had water inside them and now there's hot steam in the sky.

Probably snapchat and released the recording button when she jumped

Now that you mention it, I bet that's exactly what happened.

It was much better on Twitter than it would have been on Streamable.

Streamable automatically loops, which ruins the effect of the video ending. Twitter freeze frames at the end, which is perfect for this video.

You did good OP.

/sub/abruptchaos is about videos which end midway through some screaming or shouting. I'll try to find the original thread which inspired it.





Weather update: cooler temperatures today and the floor is no longer lava

Then how is my dude blowing air out his nose? 😤

Were you the pan?

freeze frame

We'll be back in a moment...


👃A U L 👃 E N I N O

Pan man is death process

Chaos is a ladder ~

the closure i needed. thank you.

sorry, mirroring to streamable didn't cross my mind at the time of posting, and i just wanted to post the original tweet to credit it, but i guess i could've just posted a streamable link and put the original tweet in the comments.

Weather update:

It's raining.

where were u


/sub/instantbarbarians is much bigger and very similar

it was kind of funny when she lowered her imaginary mic because she realized it looked stupid to be holding her fist in front of her chest...

u da real mvp

i was sat at home eating smegma butter when pjotr ring

I'm sorry but this is the dumbest thing I've ever read.

Wow, we've got a couple of geniuses in here!

Judging by your names you two should hook up.

Another interesting sub


*He's clearly refusing to eat the cauliflower